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Daily 3-Bet: Hellmuth Snaps, Phangle Shoots, PAD Back

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a heartfelt three-legged sack race around the poker news company picnic.

Any suggestions for a future 3-Bet, feel free to drop a note in the comments.

Today in the 3-Bet we find a classic Hellmuthian flip out at the LAPC, John Phan getting busted by the John Phan rule and the return of Poker After Dark to NBC.

1) Hellmuth Goes Full Poker Brat

The poker world loves a good Phil Hellmuth flip-out and he provided yesterday at the LAPC.

Phil Hellmuth
Old brats can learn new tricks.

As PokerListings editor Matt Showell reported, Hellmuth first got into an amazing sequence with Jeff Yarchever that culminated in Hellmuth calling the floor and saying:

“Is this for real? The worst f******g player in the world, pissing his chips away with pocket sixes!” and “He’s acting like some sort of lunatic. I need some protection!”

He echoed the same sentiment on Twitter after his bustout hand against Danny Illingworth.

Over aggressive donk, who I didn't win a pot from all day, raised it up, I call w Ah-10h: A-J-2, ck ck, 10, I bet 8k, he call w 5-4, river 3

So ends my poker nightmare, in nightmarish style. I looked at his hand in disbelief for a moment and asked, "Is this for real?" 5-4 off suit

Today's a new day for Phil though and he plans to lay off the baby act:

Looking forward to LAPC $2k buy in 8 game mix tourney today at 4 pm! I need to check that "Poker brat" whining BS at the door.

Watch for more from Phil on Twitter here.

2) John Phan Forgets John Phan Rule, Tries LAPC Angle

John “Razor” Phan seems to have forgotten that his signature move – asking the dealer to “see” the all-in button but not actually calling all in – is not a real move.

He’s literally done it so much in past events that it's called "the John Phan Rule," and he was reminded of it's non-moveness yesterday whe he tried it again.

John Phan
Razor burned.

From the WPT Live Updates:

Phan tells the dealer he is not going all-in, but he was wondering if he could borrow the button for the minute.

The dealer warily hands it to him and he begins to use it as a coin. He gives it a small toss in the air and it lands face-down right in front of him. He tries to give it another small toss and it nearly gets away from him.

On the third toss, Phan hefts it a little higher and it lands face-down on the other side of the betting line. There is a beat before Phan reaches in and pulls the button back.

"That's a call," Carson says. Phan does not seem to agree. A floorman is paged to the table to hear the situation and Phan pleads his case that he told the dealer he was just borrowing the button, not using it to move all-in.

The table seems to agree with Carson that it should be ruled a call.

Tournament Director Matt Savage is paged to the table and as soon as he hears that Phan asked for the button, he tells him, "You're all-in." Savage even adds that asking for the button is called "the John Phan rule" before walking away.

Phan had top pair, Carson had middle set, Phan went home, anglers never win.

3) Poker After Dark Returns with Cash-Game Episodes

According to a report from the Wicked Chops Insider, NBC Sports is unveiling some previously unaired episodes of Poker After Dark starting March 5th.

New episodes will feature shows shot in December 2010 and include 24 cash-game shows (4 weeks) and 6 sit-n-go episodes (1 week).

Let’s hope there are some very awkward Howard Lederer moments and/or more of this:

2012-02-28 09:51:02

Phan will never pull that stunt again… hahaha

2012-02-28 09:12:42

helmouth wouldnt be so popular nowadays if he was behaving himself. Sure hes a pain in the ar$e and many people love to hate him but his attitude is good for poker.. it gives us all a good laugh

2012-02-27 17:16:17

“I don’t know if I like you’re attitude, Phil.”

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