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Daily 3-Bet: durrrr Drifts, Jesus Lives, Poker Puzzle

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is three of the hidden Stones of Barenziah dropped right in your satchel on your quest to find the afternoon poker news elder scrolls.

Any suggestions for a future 3-Bet, feel free to drop a note in the comments.

Today in the 3-Bet we find Tom “durrrr” Dwan hinting at a future away from the poker world, Chris "Jesus" Ferguson showing life goes on even for the blacklisted and a poker puzzle taking its rightful place at the 2012 World Puzzle Championship.

1) Dwan: “I Don't Love the Game as Much as I Used To”

A poker world without Tom “durrrr” Dwan seems almost unfathomable.

The grind takes its toll.

A truly legendary figure in the arc of online poker’s history – not to mention the Full Tilt saga and televised poker cash games – the thought of durrrr not being a part of poker's impending return to the US even borders on blaspheme, really.

As he told us in London yesterday, though, there’s a definite possibility he won’t be around in the game forever. At the very least, the grind of a half-decade of poker is taking its toll:

TD: “I definitely don't love the game as much as I used to. But I think that if I was playing any other game for a living, I would have lost my mind long ago, so obviously I still think poker is a pretty awesome game.

“But lots of time I play three days in a row, and I play for 20 hours straight on the fourth day because the game is really good. And yeah, obviously I'd rather be sitting on the beach that fourth day, looking at the sun and all that, but well, sometimes I make trade-offs when the game's really good, so it's okay.”

PL: What else would you do if you didn't play poker?

TD: That's a conversation for another time, because I've got a few things on my mind.

Read our full interview with durrrr here.

Jesus lives.

2) Jesus Lives, Enjoys Andy Bloch’s Wedding

A few observations about this picture (see right) from Andy Bloch’s wedding sent out over Instagram this weekend:

  • 1) Looks like a very nice wedding between Bloch and his longtime girlfriend Jen Creason
  • 2) Chris Ferguson and Andy Bloch are clearly still good friends, as you probably don’t invite people you feel are fraudsters or Ponzi scheme masterminds to your wedding.
  • 3) Ferguson looks like he was having a good time, which is probably due for a guy being raked over the coals for 2 years now.
  • 4) Ferguson did not go the witness protection route and change his appearance dramatically to avoid discovery.
  • 5) Regardless of the final outcome of the Full Tilt saga, Jesus should seriously consider a change in his appearance.
  • 6) Kids in suits at weddings never look like they're having a good time
More than just a poker problem.

3) Poker Puzzle Featured in “Olympics of Logic”

Here's a poker puzzle for you - but not your usual type of poker puzzle.

This one was featured in the 2012 World Puzzle Championship - otherwise knows as "the Olympics of logic," according to the New York Times.

The puzzle (see picture on left to go along with text):

You have a deck of 28 cards: 8 through ace in four suits. Arrange 25 of these cards in the five-by-five grid so that the 12 named poker hands appear in the rows, columns and diagonals.

The location of some cards and suits are given.

Have it figured? You're definitely one better than us then. Unfortunately we can't confirm if you're right or not though -- the answer won't be published until March 18.

Check here for the full rundown.

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2013-03-13 06:27:09

Ac 8d 8s As Ts
9s Qc Qd Ad Td
Kh Kd Kc Jh Ks
9h 8h Qh Jc Th
Ah 8c Jd Js Tc

1/2 an hour. Using actual deck at end is helpful.

2013-03-12 19:43:43


2013-03-12 19:42:24



2013-03-12 17:46:47

Solved it! Took me like 3 sessions and probably 3 hours, but it’s possible!

Alexander Jas
2013-03-12 06:21:07

made a mistake………. the full house row doesn’t necesarrily have to have a king (not -KKKK, but KKK-K)

my bad sorry…. nice daily 3-bet btw, sad to see durrrr saying that

Alexander Jas
2013-03-12 06:17:35

the poker puzzle isn’t solvable….

the 4 of a kind on the right side have to be KKKK since the open “8” is a straight (meaning 8-9-t-j-q) and there is already an ace out so the 4 of a kind has to be kings.

you also have to make a full house with aces and kings, however all the kings are out….

Luigi Godal
2013-03-12 03:10:49

I care. Tens of thousands of other poker fans care. Tom Dwan will forever have his name etched in poker history, alongside Doyle, Ivey, Helmuth, among others. They all marked different poker generations deeply and their styles have been emulated by thousands of new players. It’s hard to find a poker table where someone’s name doesn’t finish in “rrrrrr” in honor to Durr. Tom leaving the game will be a sad day for poker and an hit to all the grinders who strive day and night so that one say they may become the next “Durr”.

2013-03-11 19:56:26

who the f cares if durrballs ever leaves poker guy is way overated

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