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Daily 3-Bet: Doyle Unheros Jenner, Rousso Gets Zen, Derkx Dilemma

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is an open mind, a welcoming heart and a growing need for afternoon poker news love and understanding.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Doyle Brunson losing a lot of respect over his views on Bruce Jenner, Vanessa Rousso moves on from PokerStars and a man wins the EPT Deauville Ladies Event.

1) Doyle Tweets About Jenner

Normally we'd give a poker player with a strong viewpoint on an issue outside of poker a wide berth, as that's not really our concern, but given the protagonist here it's hard to ignore.

Very hard. Also: very hard to make sense of.

Poker legend Doyle Brunson took to Twitter over the weekend to make his feelings known about Bruce Jenner transitioning to be a woman:

I can't believe Bruce Jenner is trying to become a woman? He was a hero of mine since I was involved in track long ago.#Sayitsnottrue— Doyle Brunson (@TexDolly) January 31, 2015

@KaraOTR Kara, this man was an Olympic champion that set all kind of records. That's a woman? My hero? Come on!— Doyle Brunson (@TexDolly) February 1, 2015

@KaraOTR Bruce's transition to a woman was confirmed today. He may still be some peoples hero, but not me.— Doyle Brunson (@TexDolly) February 3, 2015

Thankfully a wide swath of poker players quickly dressed Dolly down - many in fact saying they've likewise taken Doyle off their own list of personal heros.

Whether or not he'll hold to those feelings after some reflection or listen to the justified dismay from his peers, it's a sad day for poker when one of its legends shows his spots.

2) Lady Maverick Out On Her Own

Vanessa Rousso

New venture for Lady Maverick

As one of Team PokerStars' longest-standing pros, Vanessa Rousso's off-kilter PokerStars hat became a ubiquitous part of the poker tournament landscape.

After five+ years under the PokerStars umbrella, though, Rousso is moving on to new adventures.

No official announcement has been made but as of today Rousso's image has been removed from the Team PokerStars pro page and all references to her membership in Team Pro removed from her personal sites.

With Rousso spending less and less time on the pro poker circuit over that past few years, and with her burgeoning interest in music and other ventures, it's not much of a surprise. Given PokerStars' contraction of its pro team and marketing focus outside the US, it also makes sense.

Still, it's yet another sign of the changing poker times and always a little disheartening to see another player who did a lot to help grow the game move on.

Rousso doesn's seem to be leaving poker, however, as she's teaming up with Brian Rast for a new Zen Poker Mentoring series. Best of luck to the Lady Maverick in all her future endeavors, poker or otherwise.

3) Man Wins Ladies Event in Deauville; What Happens Next?

As you may or may not already know, a man won the Ladies event played over the weekend at EPT Deauville.

yes its the ladies event

Yep. It's a Ladies event.

In fact 22 men played (out of 84 total), 7 made the final 14 and Thierry Derkx - the Director of Sports Etudes De Paris (SEDP) - won it.

Because of French discrimination laws a "men's event" was also offered to keep things even (which some women did enter), but the overwhelming buzz was of course about why these "douchebags" can't stop ruining things for women just trying to get comfortable playing poker.

The WSOP has found its way around the "men entering ladies events" dilemma by boosting its buy-in to $10k ($1k for women), but either way it feels like we're careening to a tipping point on Ladies events.

Should they stay or should they go? Is it time to just offer open events for everybody? Should even more (and more exclusive) Ladies Events be on the schedule?

Do men just need to stop being douchebags? Do women just need to get better at poker? Stay tuned for an editorial to come on PokerListings. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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