Daily 3-Bet: 2-Out 8-Ball, WSOParty, Poker Eddie the Eagle

John Hesp3
Man of the poker people.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a patchwork blazer, a Panama hat and all of the heart needed to capture all the afternoon poker news feels.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a stunning 2-outer for Bryan Piccioli, the Main Event gets in the spirit and Yorkshire's John Hesp soars like the Eagle.

1) Bryan Piccioli Gets the 8

What's it feel like to be on the brink of elimination in the late stages of the WSOP Main Event, get it in ahead, watch your opponent flop trips, need a 2-outer on the river to survive and get it?

Well, like this:

O.M.G. Something tells us Piccioli and his family will be toasting that moment - and the number 8 - every July 17 for the rest of their lives.

Not only did Piccioli survive to make the final nine after doubling up his 8m chip stack, he built it up to 33m and enters the final table 4th in chips.

After finishing 84th in the Main Event last year Piccioli has now secured himself a payout of at least $1m and possibly way, way more. Needless to say, he felt pretty good about it afterwards:

Piccioli feels good about 8s

2) ME Lets the Good Times Roll

PokerListings Editor-in-Chief Matt Showell is covering his 12th World Series of Poker this year and, after watching the Main Event play down for yet another year, tweeted this:

If you were watching the action yourself on ESPN and PokerGO you likely got the same impression. Players were having a good time. The rail was electric.

Scott Stewart
Scott Stewart: Out, but in grand style.

Amateur John Hesp was charming his way to a huge stack. 13th-place finisher Scott Stewart ordered - and chugged! - a beer.

It was everything we've come to love about poker - fun, social, entertaining, complex, challenging - and it was happening on the biggest platform imaginable.

Major kudos to all involved - the players, the fans, the commentators, the production team - for putting on a spectacular show that highlighted the game of poker in its best light. Can't wait for Thursday!

3) John Hesp is the Hero Poker Deserves

A central component to all of that joy and good spirit? 64-year-old Yorkshire retiree John Hesp.

From his colorful attire to his charming personality to his surprisingly effective poker game, Hesp has been a delight to watch as he not only survived to make the final table but built up a massive 85.7 million-chip stack - second only to Scott Blumstein.

John Hesp 2

Some have called Hesp Moneymaker 2.0 but the UK's Mirror might have called it even better:

"It's an Eddie the Eagle story at it's finest."

If you're too young to remember who/what an "Eddie the Eagle" is/was, just watch this.

Edwards didn't win an Olympic medal, of course, but he did survive those treacherous jumps and became a global icon in the process.

As Phil Hellmuth put it, poker needed Hesp at this final table. And it got him. Now we can't wait to see if Hesp sticks the landing on his WSOP Main Event.

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