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Cyberghost VPN for Online Betting & Poker

In this Cyberghost VPN review, we’ll explain everything it has to offer. From military-grade encryption to a unique NoSpy data centre, you’ll find out how it keeps your identity private at all times. 

cyberghost review

Playing and betting at regulated and licensed online sites means  . Even though our recommended online poker, casino and sports betting sites are extremely secure, you can make them even more secure with a virtual private network (VPN). By adding a betting VPN to your arsenal, your bankroll will be covered from every angle.

Imagine leaving your iPhone unlocked on a table free for someone to access your personal data. Apple packs their smartphones with security features but you also need to help yourself. The same applies to playing poker and betting online. If you don’t protect your device, any security features offered by the operator are insufficient. Therefore, as part of your arsenal, you need a virtual private network (VPN).

Cyberghost has the power to encrypt your data, reroute your IP address through secure servers and make you completely anonymous. Becoming a digital ghost allows you to unlock geo-restricted websites, increase your privacy and stop people viewing your location. You can access online betting sites outside your region, but we don’t recommend it. It’s illegal and can cost you your bankroll. This Cyberghost review will also point out weak points, compare with other VPNs and explain how to use it. 


AES 256-bit Encryption

6,700 Servers in 89 Locations

7 Devices Simultaneously

Unlimited Bandwidth and Traffic

DNS and IP leak protection

Automatic Kill Switch

No Logs Recorded

45-day free trial (money-back GTD)

Cheaper than most of its peers


Dedicated IP costs extra

Slower Connection speeds

Few simultaneous connections possible

How Cyberghost VPN Works

Devices:Android, iPhone, Mac, PC Windows, TVs, Routers
Key Features:ID Guard, NoSpy Data Centre, AES 256-bit Encryption.
Unlimited Bandwidth:Y
P2P Traffic:Y
Includes Kill-switch?Y
Trial Period?30 days (Money-back Guarantee)
Price:From $2.25 per month

CyberGhost is affordable, easy to use and packed with features. Like all the best online gambling VPNs, it allows you to connect to different servers around the world. In fact, it has more than 6,900 VPN servers in over 89 countries. This means you can reroute your connection through IP addresses in the US, UK, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Canada and more. Doing this allows you to access geo-restricted websites, surf the web anonymously and have all of your data encrypted. Put simply, you can become a digital ghost that’s able to go anywhere on the internet without being monitored, detected or stopped in your tracks. That’s great if you’re an online player or bettor.

As well as unblocking websites, VPNs give you an extra layer of protection. Yes, the top poker sites are safe and secure. However, it’s always worth being overprotective when it comes to your bankroll. This VPN will manage your connections in a myriad of ways to ensure you, your device and your money are safe.

  • One-Click Protection: Once you’ve used our CyberGhost download link on this page (GET NOW), all you have to do is create an account and install the software. When that’s sorted, you simply turn it on, select and VPN and you’re protected.
  • Apps: This company specializes in apps so you can install the service on various devices. You can have up to seven simultaneous connections and you can add the app to your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet, TV and router!
  • Offers and Discounts: Our “GET NOW” registration link on this page will unlock a 30-day CyberGhost free trial. Additionally, you upgrade your plan or add extras to your package at massively discounted prices.
Cyberghost VPN settings screen on windows or mac

Kill Switch

This VPN will automatically disconnect your device from the internet when a disruption occurs. The reason it does this is to prevent something known as DNS leakage. When a VPN is interrupted, your real IP is exposed which, in turn, could put you at risk. The CyberGhost kill switch ensures this never happens by cutting your connection the moment a fault is detected.

What’s neat about this kill switch is that it still allows your device to communicate with the system. That gives you the chance to find another VPN instead of waiting for the current one to be reactivated. Thus, you can cut down on the disruption to your online gaming sessions.

Dedicated IP

You can pay a little extra each month and get a dedicated IP address. In simple terms, the CyberGhost dedicated IP is your own personal connection. Only you connect to this VPN so you get complete control and, in turn, privacy at all times. In fact, when you order this add-on, you get a token.

This token activates the dedicated IP but doesn’t log it to the provider. You’re the only one that knows the virtual IP. For us, that’s a huge positive because it gives you complete peace of mind that you’re the only person using this IP. Now, it’s important to note that in general VPNs are just as secure. There’s no difference in this regard.


CyberGhost speed tests show that this isn’t the fastest VPN in the world but it is quick. When you perform a CyberGhost vs ExpressVPN comparison, you find that they’re almost identical in terms of speed. If you do a CyberGhost vs NordVPN comparison, it does lag behind (58 Mbps vs. 115 Mbps). But it’s important to note that an average speed of 58 Mbps across all connections is still impressive. It’s not the quickest VPN online but it’s still good enough for you to play poker and casino games or bet on sports in a more secure way.

Security, Privacy and Logs

  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • 2,048-bit RSA keys
  • SHA256 authentication

The CyberGhost app is all about anonymity. This product can unblock websites, encrypt your data, give you to access torrents and use streaming services from all countries. It does this by letting you connect to more than 6,900 VPN servers in over 89 countries. To ensure your connection is secure, using military-grade 256-bit encryption. This distorts the data flowing between your device and the internet so that no one can read it.

This VPN also has a no censorship policy that means it protects your identity at all costs. It never logs your activity. In practice, that means your log ins, searches and purchases within the VPN aren’t tracked. You can also get a dedicated IP if you want another layer of protection.

Finally, one of the main reasons CyberGhost is among the top VPNs online is its NoSpy servers. Unlike its peers, it has set up its own “NoSpy data centre” in Romania. As well as super-secure, high-grade servers that have been optimised for efficient browsing, the data centres location means it’s away from the watch of 5 Eyes. In fact, it’s actually outside of the 14 Eyes’ watch.

In layman’s terms, the 5 Eyes and 14 Eyes are intelligence alliances between countries. These countries collect and share data to make their tracking efforts more effective. Romania isn’t part of any alliances and doesn’t enforce data gathering or other mass surveillance tactics. Therefore, it can’t be forced by the government to give up information about its users. This isn’t something other companies can promise.

cyberghost vpn app for ios and android, windows, linux

Cyberghost vs ExpressVPN vs NordVPN

If you do a Surfshark vs CyberGhost comparison, there’s isn’t much to choose between them in terms of standard functionality. Connections and speed are average provided by competitors and it offers the same encryption as its peers. The amount of CyberGhost locations you can access is also right up there with the leading brands.

On top of all these features, you’ve got the NoSpy servers. By understanding the nature of mass surveillance and local laws, CyberGhost has gone a step further than its competitors. Having access to a data center that’s outside of the 14 Eyes means your data is basically never at risk and can’t be requested by government agencies. Unfortunately, there isn’t a CyberGhost free VPN, however this VPN is the cheapest among peers.

Average Speed Test*58 Mbps106 Mbps115 Mbps
Unlimited Bandwith
Max Simultaneous Connections756
Kill Switch (desktop)
AES-256 Encryption
Dedicated IP Included
Records Identifying Logs
Free Trial45 days30 days30 days
Monthly Cost (lowest)$2.25$6.67$3.71

*considering several global locations multiple times a day

How to Use Cyberghost

To get this app and secure your online connection, follow these simple steps:

1. Unlock 30-day free trial and create your account.

2. Enter your personal details, select a Privateinternetaccess pricing plan and input payment details.

3. You can play online via MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, Discover, PayPal, Bitcoin, Amazon.

4. Hit the Privateinternetaccess download button and install on your device.

5. Software will configure itself so that you get max protection instantly.

6. Log in, turn on the VPN and enjoy a secure online experience.

Cyberghost Alternatives

If this VPN isn’t for you, we’d suggest these top-rated ones instead:

ExpressVPN: It has servers in 94 countries and it’s high-quality privacy features take care of themselves.

NordVPN: Comes out on top in speed tests and the best part is that you can connect to The Online Router (TOR).

Surfshark: Jump from connection to connection using the MultiHop feature and different modes to adjust privacy settings.

Privateinternetaccess: Has 25,000+ servers in 77 countries and neat extras like free email breach monitoring

AtlasVPN: Cheaper security option (just $1.39 per month) and comes without any frills and thrills - but great for streaming (particularly 4K content).

Cyberghost FAQs

  • Is Cyberghost VPN safe?

    Yes. There are more than enough features to keep you and your data safe when you use it. As well as 256-bit encryption, secure protocols and VPN servers in 94 locations, this company has a no tracking guarantee.
  • Is Cyberghost a good VPN?

    Yes, it is. There are plenty of reasons to call this an elite VPN. However, the main reason we think it’s a world-class privacy tool is the fact it has a NoSpy data centre that ensures that your details can’t be tracked by individuals, companies or governments.
  • What is Cyberghost app?

    This VPN app protects your online identity. It can be installed on various devices, including computers, mobiles, TVs and routers, in order to mask youR IP and encrypt your data.
  • Is Cyberghost VPN free?

    Yes, if you use our registration link on this page you’ll get a 30-day free trial. After that, you can pay as little as $2.65 a month.
  • What is Cyberghost used for?

    You can use this VPN to play online poker, casino games and bet on sports. It’s encryption technology means your data is always safe. CyberGhost will also help you unblock restricted websites, have your IP rerouted through different countries and remain anonymous at all times.
  • Is Cyberghost VPN safe to use?

    Yes, it’s extremely safe. This online VPN is not only secure and easy to use but legal. All you have to do is follow our sign-up link on this page, install the software and connect to a VPN. This company won’t monitor your activity and your privacy is assured at all times.

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