Coming soon: the $450K Grand Prix Spring edition at partypoker

Coming soon: the $450K Grand Prix Spring edition at partypoker

With life being busy enough as it is, it might seem a little unnecessary to think about keeping a poker diary. However, real money online poker nowadays is such that we’re more than just spoilt for choice and, with most having limited time in which to enjoy the game, it’s not easy to make the most of it. Some poker fans have it easier than others when it comes to convenience and (poker) time management. For example, if you’re favourite format is Texas Hold'em or Omaha cash games, you’re guaranteed to find tables whenever you sit down to play, while Sit & Go games typically take minutes. But if you’re one of the many online poker tournament players around the globe, you’d be advised to plan ahead, given the number of interesting possibilities. Moreover, during a tournament series there’ll be certain events in the schedule that best suit you, and it would be a pity to miss out through lack of planning.   

The latest upcoming tournament extravaganza that’s absolutely too good to miss is partypoker’s great value Grand Prix Spring edition which, not surprisingly, will feature a bunch of juicy prize pools. Taking place between 16 March and 3 April, there will be 12 numbered events with $450,000 up for grabs, as well as literally dozens of side events - and these include plenty of affordable buy-ins.  

Low buy-ins, High payouts 

Not only do events feature buy-ins as low as $1.10 but - a great touch from partypoker - $55 is the highest entry level, and this is for the Main Event that will see at least $250,000 being won! To make events even more accessible, you can also qualify for bargain basement prices – start your quest with a $0.01 buy-in Centroll satellite!  

Meanwhile, the $33 buy-in Grand Prix Spring Opener PKO event on 16 March will have several Flights so that everyone is afforded flexibility and can plan ahead. This facility will be available across all Grand Prix Spring edition events!  

Here’s the numbered event schedule: 

Dates Event Buy-in Guarantee
Mar 16-20 #01 Opener PKO $33 $75,000 
Mar 16-20 #02 Mini Opener PKO $5.50 $15,000 
Mar 16-20 #03 Micro Opener PKO $1.10 $2,500 
Mar 16-Apr 3 #04 Main Event $55 $250,000 
Mar 16-Apr 3 #05 Mini Main Event $11 $50,000 
Mar 16-Apr 3 #06 Micro Main Event $2.20 $10,000 
Mar 20-27 #07 PLO8 PKO Championship $33 $20,000 
Mar 20-27 #08 Mini PLO8 PKO Championship $5.50 $5,000 
Mar 20-27 #09 Micro PLO8 PKO Championship $1.10 $1,000 
Mar 27-Apr 3 #10 PLO PKO Championship $33 $20,000 
Mar 27-Apr 3 #11 Mini PLO PKO Championship $5.50 $5,000 
Mar 27-Apr 3 #12 Micro PLO PKO Championship $1.10 $1,000 

Stay tuned for more information... 

Finally, broaden your poker horizons by taking advantage of the latest online poker bonuses and offers on our regularly updated info page. Good luck at the tables, and have fun! 

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