How to Pick the Best Online Poker Games For You

When you log in to your favorite poker room, there are countless different types of poker to choose from.

There are tournaments, sit-and-gos, full-ring cash games, short-handed cash games, and more.

So how do you decide which to play?

Today's most popular online games is six-max No-Limit Hold'em. It is a short-handed game dominated by aggressive play and fearless players.

Short-handed No-Limit is an action junkie's game. Players tend to play far more hands than in full-ring games and to be much more aggressive. This can be intimidating at times.

Each Poker Game is Unique Monster

It can be tempting to want to jump right into the most popular games and stakes, but there's no reason to dive right in. The beauty of online poker is that all the games are offered in a variety of different stakes.

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You can play $1 tournaments or $2 buy-in 1¢/2¢ No-Limit. You can try out all the poker games online at the smallest stakes and find out which game suits you best.

The trick is to find whichever game you are comfortable with and play that, at least to start. If you are more used to casino play you should probably stick to the 10-handed games.

If you're more used to playing small tournaments with your friends try your hand at the sit-and-gos. As you accumulate online experience, you can try out more of the games and see what works for you.

It sometimes surprises new players that the winning style of play varies from game to game. Most newbies believe that poker is some cookie-cutter game where one play is guaranteed to dominate.

This couldn't be further from the truth. Each game is a unique monster unto itself. They often require the same base skill set, e.g. calculating odds and outs, adjusting play for position, etc., but they each have their own subtle nuances.

It is up to you to decide which game is best for your style and your needs. As a new player you should be studying poker almost as much as you play it. It is a game that you will never master; there is always more to learn.

So read, play, and read and play some more. Focus on making the best possible decision every time the action is on you, and it won't matter which game you choose because you will ultimately be a winning player.

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