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About Luckyland Slots Casino

Luckyland Slots Casino, established in 2018, is operated by VGW Luckyland Inc. and is based out of the US. Luckyland Slots is a Social Casino and complies with sweepstakes laws in the US. VGW also runs Chumba Casino and Global Poker – another social casino and a social poker app.

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  • Not Stock Traded

It's difficult, almost impossible for US players to legally play online casino games. However Social Casinos and Sweepstakes exist which allow you to play all your favorite games and redeem your winnings as cash prizes and gift cards.

We explain how this works and what you can expect from the biggest US Social Casino - Luckyland Slots.

What's a Social Casino?

If you play at a regular Online Casino you add money to your gaming account and play games with that money. If you win something you can redeem the winnings. Luckyland Slots does not work like that. While Luckyland Slots still offers games, the Casino uses the concept of Social Gaming.

This means, you don’t play with real money. Instead you purchase Gold Coins which you can use to play games. You receive FREE Gold Coins every day just for signing up and have more options to accumulate FREE Gold Coins. Purchasing them is the easiest way. Those Gold Coins cannot be transferred, traded or redeemed for cash prizes at all. They’re essentially like play money.

Luckyland Slots Casino 2021

When purchasing some Gold Coins players may also receive FREE "Sweeps Coins". These FREE Sweeps Coins can also be used to play games. Any winnings players make when playing Sweeps Coins Games can be redeemed for cash prizes and gift cards.

Sweepstakes are legal in the US and thus Luckyland Slots is able to operate in most US-States and accept customer purchases, as well redeem Sweeps Coins winnings for cash prizes and gift cards.

Luckyland Slots Casino Offers

Luckyland Slots casino offers the following offers for new players:

  • 7,777 FREE Gold Coins and 10 FREE Sweeps Coins on sign up.
  • 50,000 Gold Coins on your first purchase for just $4.99 (worth $10) and receive 10 FREE Sweeps Coins.

Meaning: Luckyland Slots offers a 7,777 FREE Gold Coin and 10 FREE Sweeps Coins for new players just by signing up. You only have to play through the offer once before you can redeem it. But please note that Luckyland has a minimum redemption limit of 50 Sweeps Coins. So if you want to redeem your Sweeps Coins you either need to be quite lucky and run it up to over 50 Sweeps Coins or obtain Sweeps Coins by other means. New players can also purchase their first Gold Coin Offer for $4.99 and receive 50,000 Gold Coins and 10 FREE Sweeps Coins.

Lucky Land Slots VIP Levels
Luckyland Slots VIP Levels

Luckyland Slots has a VIP club which has 300(!) levels. You automatically and quickly make your way through the levels by playing with Gold or Sweeps Coins. Currently the VIP level only affects the Gold Coins you receive when purchasing. Occasionally each player receives gifts in the form of free spins and a higher VIP level ensures you receive more free spins per gift.

How to sign up for Luckyland Slot Casino

  1. Head over to the website by clicking PLAY HERE on this page and click “PLAY!”.

  2. You can either sign up with your existing Facebook account or you enter your name and details to register.

  3. You need to enter an email address and will receive a confirmation email. Make sure to check your spam folder because many email providers accidentally classify Luck Land Slots as spam. (It isn’t.)

  4. Verify your phone number to receive 10 FREE Sweeps Coins.

  5. Start with 7,777 FREE Gold Coins and 10 FREE Sweeps Coins.

Lucky Land Slots Login
Log in with Facebook or create a new account

How to Find Luckyland Slots Casino

  • URL:
  • Facebook: LuckylandSlots
  • Insta: @luckylandslots
  • Twitter: @LuckylandSlots

How to Purchase Gold Coins at Luckyland Slots Casino

You cannot directly add money to your Luckyland Casino account. You can only purchase Gold Coins and you have several options available:

You can purchase using credit card, i.e. Visa, Mastercard or AmEx. The Gold Coins are for all intents and purposes play money which isn’t worth anything.

The FREE Sweeps Coins you may receive in most Gold Coin purchases on the other hand can be played with & winnings are redeemed for cash prizes and gift cards.

Redeeming cash prizes from Luckyland Slots: Here's how

Probably the most important aspect when playing Casino Games is winning and even more important being able to redeem your prizes. Here we explain how you can redeem cash prizes from Luckyland Slots:

Luckyland Slots Daily Login Bonuses
Daily Login Offers at Luckylands
  1. Before you can redeem winnings from Luckyland Slots you need to verify your account and your identity by sending in photocopies or snapshots of several legal documents (e.g. ID, driver’s license, proof of address).
  2. Once those documents have been verified you can redeem your Sweeps Coins. The only way to claim prizes is through electronic funds via a secure, verified bank account.

There's a minimum redemption limit of SC50 - and currently Luckyland Slots only allow US (except Michigan, Washington) players to redeem cash prizes.

Luckyland Casino Software

Luckyland Slots runs a very simple software which is reminiscent of facebook games from 10 years ago. It works directly in your browser. There's no need to download an app or install something on your desktop. However, Luckyland Slots offers an Android app which runs a bit smoother than the desktop version on phones. The casino currently has +100 casino games. Most of them are slots and the rest are scratch cards.

Luckyland Slots Casino game lobby
Luckylands Homepage

The lobby can be a bit overwhelming at first glance. It is convoluted with icons and information. But once you get the hang of it, it’s rather simple. You have an overview of your Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins, you VIP Level, can scroll through all the different games, see your gifts, and available offers. There’s also a ticker with the most recent winners and an events area where you can play slot tournaments against other players.

Luckyland Casino Games

Currently only slots and scratch cards are available at the Luckyland Slots Casino and the number of games is very limited. However, they do have Big Hit Black Jack and more table games are being released in the near future. Players can choose from +80 slots and all slots can either be played with Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins. There are +15 scratch card games which can also be played with Gold or Sweeps Coins.

Luckyland Slots Casino Atlantis 10k Ways

One game (Power of Ra) offers Jackpots which range up to 300,000 Sweeps Coins. All games are developed by Luckylands Slots directly. While the lobby looks a bit dated, at least some games have very decent graphics and sound effects.

Luckyland Slot Scratch Cards

Luckyland Slots Mobile App

Luckyland works perfectly fine in any modern browser on any smartphone or tablet. There is no need to install a special app. Albeit Luckyland has a dedicated Android App which you can download from their homepage. But this isn’t necessary to play the games. Simply browse to the Luckyland homepage. You can login or even register via mobile browser and all games run smoothly on any halfway modern phone.

Payment Options

The Luckyland Slots Casino payment options are very limited due to the fact that it operates only in the US. You can only make an instant purchase via credit card – Visa, Mastercard or AmEx - of minimum $0.99 (max $99.99).

Redeeming cash prizes are even more limited and you can only redeem if you have at least 50 Sweeps Coins in your balance. You can only redeem cash prizes to a verified US bank account. There are no charges but it may take up to 5 days to receive.

Luckyland Slots Casino Support

Luckyland Slots offers mostly email support which you can access via a form on their help desk site. The casino has an extensive FAQ section which details how the process of purchasing and redeeming winnings work and which explains the concept of social casinos. There is also a support phone number but it is a Maltese number and during our test we didn’t have any luck reaching someone there.

Contact Information Luckyland Slots Casino

JoAna Gee
2023-07-04 20:02:28

There has been an issue with my account my winnings have been taken away from me. I have been in contact with someone through email and they have the story all twisted. I really need to talk to someone regarding this issue

Jacqueline M Wyre
2022-06-05 21:52:55

I Am trying to regain access to my account but there has been a misunderstanding and it unfortunately is a lot to explain through messaging So I was hoping for a customer support phone number to get this issue resolved so I can go back to playing

2022-03-17 15:58:35

I have provided all of the requested information for redemption. I’ve had multiple requests from different people in their support team to update my bank account number to what “they think it is”. I’ve only had my account for 20 years, I think I know my account number by now. Chumba casino has been processing redemptions using the same information I provided with no problems. At this point, they either don’t know what they are looking for with the documents or are delaying payout, I’m guessing the latter.

2022-03-02 23:28:30

How is this reported for taxes? I have spent and won a lot and 2021.

Donald Wilson
2022-02-25 08:13:54

Is there a set range for the RTP with sites like LuckyLand since they are not technically considered an “online casino”? If so are they required to disclose the RTP if you ask them?

There is nothing on their site or within their rules that I have seen that mentions a return to player rate.

Lorraine Ramirez
2021-12-09 18:11:21

Awesome gaming

Ashley Ridgway
2021-11-11 18:33:25

I’m not so sure they even pay out this is getting frustrating im bout to put them out on blast if they don’t pay me

Manal Nassar
2021-11-15 09:04:18

Hi Ashley,

You can contact LuckyLand Casino’s support directly via email using their Online Form or by calling on +356 99088901.
Let us know should you need further assistance.

PokerListings Team

2021-09-24 09:18:22

Let’s get the Money

2021-07-20 07:49:12

big fun andpays pretty consistently, since i hate crowds and wont go to a casino,this is perfect

matthew tatarakis
2021-07-11 01:53:32

Well I just won 162,000! In the process of cashing it out. I’ll report back and let everyone know the end results.

Lori Lopez
2021-07-04 05:20:34

Clifford check back with their support team and go back to emails exchanged when submitting all of the requirements that you must provide to verify your identity, as well as assigning an account to receive the cash you win. All of that must be completed PRIOR to your first payout and is MUCH MUCH Faster and EFFORTLESSS ON SUBSEQUENT REDEMPTION, providing there are no changes in regard to your choice of account. Don’t give up, because it’s so worth it! I love this casino and have cashed out at $800 at one shot and it would have been more had I not kept cash to continue playing. Try the Power of Ra… I won $200.00 within two spins,(which I activated the 10 free spin feature) the first time I signed up, using their $10.00 promo back in March…Iv been playing quite successfully since. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors

2021-05-14 13:35:50


Teresa freeman
2021-05-04 22:01:44

If you win how do you report on taxes do yall send any tax paper what bout losses too

Crystal Robles
2021-04-17 04:42:55

I wanna win real money i love lots

Juan Martinez
2021-03-18 07:33:27

Can u cash out on lucky land slots

Debbie from PokerListings
2021-03-26 10:51:53

Hey Juan,
Given LuckyLand is a social gaming site, you purchase so called Gold Coins which you can use to play games, but these cannot be transferred, traded or redeemed for cash prizes – they’re like play money.
When purchasing Gold Coins, you also receive so called Sweep Coins as bonuses, which can also be used to play games, and any winnings from playing Sweep Coin Games can be redeemed for cash prizes. (Only in the US – except Washington and Canada).
Hope this helps!

2021-02-18 15:56:43

I have been playing on luckyland for about a month now. So far I have only hit small bonuses and got up to $35 from my initial $10 investment. I decided to let my Mom play for fun, and as forecast the money went down to $0. I do not consider myself an out of control gambler. I actually am quite conservative and play by my own system. I currently play on sportsbooks here in Illinois because they are legal now here (YAY).
I have been quite successful on sports betting and they actually send me a check in the mail and so far it takes 6 days after I make a claim.
Although Lucky Land is very easy to operate and they have some very cool games and promos, all in all I do not take the site seriously, like sports betting. Why? Lucky Land doesn’t show its customers that it cares as there is absolutely no loyalty rewards for each dollar spent, no slot odds listed anywhere, and there is no real explanation for slot tournaments. They do not show who won this week and who won today, but they do mention a name and a number, rather small promos for each if you can even remember it.
I have been in management for over 26 years now and if I had my expertise over some of these companies they would see their sales sky rocket in all directions because they wouldn’t be limited to one item. People would be very excited about winning a t-shirt or say, a carry bag.
Just a few thoughts on what could be a very huge success, instead of a temporary money making machine that doesn’t grow or change on the financial evolutionary chart.

Denise Lunsford
2021-02-03 15:45:51

I won quite a bit and loss quite a bit, how do I turn this in on my taxes. Do you send out a W2G form? If not I need all the information so I can do my taxes….address, phone number, federal ID number. thank you

Clifford Williams
2021-01-28 12:12:36

My name is Clifford Williams. I won $50 and cashed out. I gave all my information, and still as of yet haven’t gotten my winnings. Y’all debited my account to play, so why can’t I receive my winnings?

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