Three-Card Poker Rules & Game Play

Despite being two games in one, Three Card Poker is one of the simplest casino poker games you can play.

Flash Game Instructions: Choose a chip amount from the bottom right and place your bets in the ante and/or pair-up circles. Follow the on-screen prompts to play or fold.

Three Card Poker uses the name "poker" because it uses the standard poker hand ranking order with just one exception.

Because of the difference in odds from five cards to three, the order for straights and flushes are reversed. This means a straight is MORE valuable than a flush in Three Card Poker.

Other than this there are no changes to the hand rankings, except for the elimination of any hands that require more than three cards. When you take your seat at the Three Card Poker table you can play PairPlus, Ante and Play, or both.


Possibly the easiest of any table game you can play, PairPlus requires absolutely no decision making on your end.

  1. You place your bet (the bet must be between the table minimum and maximum bet amounts).
  2. Receive your cards.
  3. Get paid (or not).

The payout scale for PairPlus is as follows:

Straight Flush - 40:1

Three of a Kind - 30:1

Straight - 6:1

Flush - 4:1

Pair - 1:1

Ante and Play

If you'd like to have a little more control over what happens at the table, you can choose to play Ante and Play. If you wish you may play both Ante and Play and PairPlus, or you can choose to play just one or the other.

Here's a look at the basic game play.

  1. Place your ante
  2. Receive your cards
  3. Choose to fold (losing all bets) or raise (matching the ante)
  4. Get paid

If you fold, you will lose your ante and your PairPlus bet. This might seem like an issue, but if your PairPlus bet pays, you will have no reason to fold.

If you raise (by matching the size of the ante), then you must compare your hand to the dealers to see if you get paid.

The dealer must hold a queen-high or better to qualify.

  • If the dealer does not qualify the player receives 1:1 on his ante and is returned his raise bet.
  • If the dealer qualifies and the player wins, the player receives 1:1 on both the ante and raise bet.
  • If the dealer qualifies and the player loses, the player loses both bets.
  • If the dealer qualifies and ties the player, the player pushes: both bets returned.

In addition to the player versus dealer payout, players playing Ante and Play receive bonus payouts (regardless of the dealer's hand) for strong hands:

Straight Flush - 5:1

Three of a Kind - 4:1

Straight - 1:1

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