Cards and Craic: Inside the Unforgettable Irish Open 2024

Cards and Craic: Inside the Unforgettable Irish Open 2024

The Irish Poker Open is about to start on March 25th, and players from all over the world cannot wait to set sail and join fellow poker players in the capital city of Ireland. European oldest, and most entertaining poker tournament on the calendar will expect dozens of notable names to arrive, all chasing that honorable Main Event title.

The 2024 Irish Open boasts 35 exciting events, including 11 Championship trophy tournaments. Notable highlights from the schedule include the €1 Million Guaranteed Main Event (buy-in €1,150) running from March 27 to April 1 with four starting flights and a single re-entry per flight. Additionally, the €500k Guaranteed Mini Irish Open (buy-in €200), spanning from March 25 to April 1, offers nine starting flights with unlimited re-entries.

Other standout events include the €350 Championship Heads-Up tournament on March 26-27 (online registration recommended), the €5k Championship High Roller also on March 26-27, the €250 Championship Ladies Event on March 28, the €3k Championship High Roller on March 30-31, and the €350 Championship Liam Flood Memorial Turbo on April 1.

Catching up With JP McCann

JP McCann is the Tournament Director and Host of The Irish Open, as well as owner of the JP Poker Card Club & Casino. He has been a key figure in the poker community, particularly in Ireland, for many years. JP McCann has served as the Tournament Director for the Irish Poker Open, one of the longest-running and most prestigious poker tournaments in Europe.

Under his direction, the Irish Poker Open has continued to attract players from around the world, maintaining its status as a major event on the international poker calendar. McCann's expertise and dedication have contributed significantly to the success and reputation of the Irish Poker Open as a must-attend event and surely will keep on increasing over the next years as the ambition of JP McCann is just endless.

McCann: ‘’As one of the oldest events on the European Calendar, the Irish Open has made big steps. Since we took over the concept, we aimed to have 2000 entries within five years, people were laughing about these ambitions. Excluding the Covid period, we have met our expectations, and last year we had a total of 2491 entries, accumulating a prize pool of around 2,5 Million.’’

The Irish Open is not just about poker.  Side activities are equally valued and JP explained they wanted to make the event different from others.

McCann: ‘’Poker is almost a side event if that makes sense. A live event is like a concert almost, with free entertainment for everyone. This year we will add more fun stuff to the schedule such as Horse Racing, a sheep shearing contest, dog races, beer pong, live music and a DJ as well, and shuffleboard. People are coming from all over the world, with Canadian players coming in big numbers this year. I've hear a very nice expression about the event: It's just one big Home Game’’

Things to Consider When Visiting the Irish Open

The Irish Open keeps innovating every single year, all led by intentions of making the event open and achievable for poker players all around the world. When asking JP McCann what things players should be considering this year for The Irish Open, he came up with the following:

McCann: ‘’Last year was the first time in the current location at the Royal Dublin Society. Last year, we had 133 tables altogether, whereas this year we increased that number to around 175 tables. We not only increased in tables but also poker staff, with a total of 450 staff members working on the event this year.

This time, we are making use of the PokerLens software, which is connected to the K-Holdem software we are using for running the event. Players can not only register themselves for tournaments, they can also register for the Cash Games. Not only that, the app will keep notifying you once there is a free seat available, allowing you to enjoy other things in the meantime.’’

To Register for All the Irish Open Tournaments With PokerLens, Follow These Steps

  • Download PokerLens:
  1. If you have an Apple iOS device, download the app here.
  2. If you have an Android device, download the app here.
  • Set up your profile: Once downloaded, set up your profile on the PokerLens app. Follow the instructions provided within the mobile app to complete this process.
  • Link your profile to KHold’em: Your profile on PokerLens will be linked to the KHold’em registration system. This integration streamlines the registration process.
  • Arrive at the event: When you arrive at the RDS (Royal Dublin Society), head to the registration desk.
  • Show your unique profile QR code: Present your unique profile QR code from the PokerLens app to the staff at the registration desk.
  • Pick up your seat assignment: Once your QR code is scanned, you'll receive your seat assignment for the tournament.

By following these steps, you'll be able to register for all the Irish Open tournaments smoothly and efficiently. Additionally, using PokerLens will help reduce waiting times at the registration desk and streamline the process for both players and event organizers.

Other Registration Methods

To register for Irish Open tournaments, Luxon Pay offers a convenient online solution. Simply log into your Luxon Pay account, ensure you have sufficient funds, and navigate to "Shop" where you can select your desired tournament and complete the purchase with a few clicks. Luxon Pay users also gain entry into a daily €100 Luxon Pay Raffle. For re-entries, you can easily repeat the process within the same day.

If you prefer alternative methods, registration is also available via, PokerStars, Paddy Power, or on-site with cash or cards. Luxon Pay streamlines the registration process, making it hassle-free for players.

What Can We Expect From the Irish Open in the Coming Years?

The Irish Open stands for lots of poker action, and endless entertainment to make sure not just poker players will be able to enjoy their ‘time off’, but also travel partners who perhaps are not so much into poker, will be able to enjoy themselves. With the glance of the Irish culture, for sure this is never going to be an issue to keep improving these aspects.

When asking JP McCann about the future of The Irish Open, he had the following to say:

McCann: ‘’Our brand is known for great poker tournaments and cash game action, as well as everything around poker. Despite big numbers turning up every year, we are looking into it to bring the event more towards the people who might not be able to travel to Ireland.

One of these examples was the event in Cyprus beforehand. We are looking for venues outside Europe, in for example Australia or Canada. Will it have the same numbers as our event in Dublin? Probably not, but the plan always has been to make The Irish Open, the biggest event in this buy-in range, so we want to make it more accessible to players from all over the world.’’

Notable Names to Visit Dublin

We are confident enough that many big players from around the globe will make their way to Dublin. Not only in terms of players, but also with staff members such as James Hartigan, Joe Stapleton, and former Main Event Champ Griffin Benger, who will be taking care of the live streams.

Where current hype of the poker scene, and newest member of the PokerStars Ambassador Team, Barny Boatman, unfortunately is not able to make it this year, names such as Vanessa Kade, Steve O’Dwyer, Fintan Hand, and Benjamin Spragg, will be amongst the players attending the event.

>> Find the Official Tournament Schedule of The Irish Open 2024 HERE!

We would like to wish the staff, the players, and everyone else involved, good luck for the event this year!

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