Boxing & UFC Betting

For Beginner
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Of all sports that you can bet on at top online betting providers, none are quite as exciting or as exhilarating as boxing or UFC betting. Both of these pugilistic disciplines require intense study of each opponent, making them the ideal betting ground for more serious punters. However, with plenty of betting options available, boxing/UFC betting is just as open to amateurs or casual bettors, looking to cash in on a hot boxing or UFC bout.

No matter your level of sports betting experience, our short but intensive guide to boxing/UFC betting is sure to get you set up for some fun and potentially highly rewarding betting sessions. From pre-match fixtures to in the heat of the moment live betting, we highlight some of the most popular betting types for boxing/UFC bettors.

Boxing/UFC Quick-Facts

  • Boxing/UFC provides a number of excellent betting opportunities.
  • Both boxing and UFC events occur throughout the year, making it an ideal go-to betting arena.
  • Boxing and UFC are both ideal for Moneyline and parlay betting options.
  • Pre-match and live betting strategies are available for UFC and boxing events.
  • Bet on boxing/UFC from your mobile betting platform.

Boxing/UFC – Essential Strategies and Bets

Boxing has always been a fixture with both real world and online betting providers, and is one of the oldest sports in the world. On the other hand, UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships) and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) are both comparatively new. However, if there is one thing that both MMA and UFC have managed to do, is to reignite the passion for betting on ‘the pugilistic arts.’

Boxing match Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor

As a result, you’ll find many more opportunities for betting on these intensive and unpredictable sports, with plenty of markets in both pre-match and live betting platforms.

While boxing has always traditionally kept a separate camp to the modern UFC/MMA crowd, contending that boxing is more of an art form, while mixed martial arts is more of a spectacle, a recent event changed all of that.

When UFC Champion Connor McGregor decided to cross into unknown territory to take on boxing champion Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather, the world of boxing and mixed martial arts collided like no one could have ever predicted.

In looking at some of the most popular betting options found in almost all combat sports, we’ll be using the McGregor Mayweather fight as an example.

Boxing/UFC Betting – Betting the Moneyline

Moneyline betting has been around for ages and you will find it in many popular sports including American football and baseball.

Moneyline betting also works well in boxing and UFC betting as well, since it is based on a basic 3 way betting system. In all combat sports, two fighters will enter the ring, but usually only one will leave as the winner. We say usually because, with three judges judging every fight, there is always the possibility of a draw result.

Moneyline bets in boxing and UFC events work in exactly the same way as they do in other sports. Each fighter will have their odds as favourite or underdog, depending on what the bookmaker has listed them as.

In our Mayweather and McGregor example, our betting provider has listed Mayweather as the obvious favourite to win. McGregor on the other hand, is listed as the underdog, and the odds reflect this:

  • Mayweather (-700)
  • McGregor (+400)

With Moneyline betting, what this essentially means is that, if you choose to bet on the favourite (Mayweather in this case), you will need to bet $700 in order to win $100. However, if you decide to take the risk (and based on those odds it is a substantial risk), you’re looking at making $400 for your $100 bet.

Boxing/UFC Betting Option – Can Totals Betting Work?


If you don’t feel that Moneyline betting is quite your cup of tea, or simply don’t feel ready for it, betting on a round totals is a great option. This is simply the same Over/Under bet that you would find in soccer, American football, basketball and a host of other sports.

In fact, boxing and almost all other competitive combat sports work beautifully with totals bets. Why? Because instead of betting how many points or goals will be either over or under the total line posted by the sportsbook, you’re betting on how many rounds will be over or under.

What Other Betting Options Work for Boxing/UFC Betting?

The above betting types are great examples of the most popular options you’ll find at most good sportsbooks, but what other markets are there?

  • Betting on a specific round: If you aren’t sure about betting on the over/under, you can always try to narrow it down a bit and bet on the round. In this way you can bet on when you think the fight will end, or if it will go the full number of allotted rounds. You can also bet on which round you think one or the other fighter will be knocked out.
  • Betting on the Method of Win: Since we are talking about combat sports, the method that one fighter uses to win the fight over the other is always interesting. This bet is a great side bet and may include betting on a KO, TKO, Decision (points), or in the case of UFC/MMA, submission.

Parlay Bets:

Parlay bets are very interesting betting options and are very popular in horse racing. With a parlay bet, you can parlay several separate bets onto one card such as Moneylines, round totals, method of win and so forth. However, for a parlay bet to work, your separate bets must be parlayed from different fights/events.

Boxing/UFC FAQ

  • What experience do I need for boxing/UFC betting?

    You don’t really need too much experience to bet in boxing or other combat sports. Our guide is a great place to start for useful betting tips. Be sure to check out some forums on the sports to get a better understanding of them as well as the fighters, stats and other useful data, before betting.
  • Can I bet on boxing/UFC live?

    Yes, you can. Boxing, UFC and MMA events are always popular with most live betting (In-Play) platforms and you will be able to find plenty of events and great betting markets.
  • What about mobile betting or live streaming?

    Our recommended betting providers all offer world class mobile betting platforms where you will be able to find great boxing/UFC betting markets. Live betting platforms will also stream important fights live and in real time.

Final Thoughts on Boxing/UFC Betting

Boxing, UFC, MMA and other combat sports are quickly becoming some of the most popular sports to bet on at top sportsbooks all over the world. Boxing is still the classic sport, and is great if you enjoy strategic betting and plenty of research. MMA and UFC are the new kids on the block and offer just as much intensity and challenging exciting betting opportunities.