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Regular Bonus: 100% / $500

Bovada Poker

If you get a feeling of déjà vu when you look at the Bovada Poker software, you’re not alone.

Bovada Poker is the new Bodog skin for U.S. players. It’s the same operator and the same network that’s been around since 2005 but Bovada Poker is now exclusively for Americans while serves players elsewhere in the world.

Is Bovada Poker Legal?

So, before we even get into what features, games and perks Bovada Poker offers players we should clarify right off the top: Bovada Poker is NOT a licensed poker site in the United States.

Not in any of the current 4 licensed and regulated US states. In fact it's not even currently licensed in Kahnawake, where it was previously licensed.

So you are, without a doubt, taking a risk by playing online poker on Bovada and its network (PaiWangLuo). You have no guarantees or assurance from an overarching governmental organization or advisory board that oversees it operations, payouts or RNG.

That being said ... the uncertainty under the law hasn't stopped a lot of US poker players (at least in the 43 states where Bovada does offers its poker games, casino and sportsbetting) from putting their money on Bovada and having a go.

Compared to some of the other much shadier options for US players out there, Bovada looks good. And its extensive history (online since 2004) is reassuring to many players.

So despite its lack of license traffic at Bovada Poker is very steady and the games and tournaments do see quite a bit of action, especially on weekends. You are not breaking the law per se to play on Bovada in the US (online poker has never been illegal in the US) but you are risking your money won't ultimately be seized by the US government.

So far - at least since 2017 when Bovada returned to offering its games to US players - that hasn't happened. And US players report relatively fast and easy payouts and deposits.

Bovada Poker Review

With that out of the way, on to the Bovada Poker review.If you do decide to jump into the Bovada Poker mis you'll find the same set of features that endeared players to the original Bodog Poker skin and appeal to players around the world on


Those include:

  • Intuitive one-click lobby
  • Rabbit cam
  • Anonymous tables to protect against seating scripts and HUD
  • One-click access to sportsbook and casino
  • Very slick mobile app
  • Reasonable variety of poker games including No-Limit Hold’em, Limit Holdem, Pot-Limit Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo.
  • Jackpot Sit & Gos and fast-fold Zone Poker

Bodog was always one of the better-looking poker networks and Bovada Poker certainly shares its sense of style with a black and red VIP theme.  You don’t need a super computer to run Bovada Poker either as the site is one of the least resource-heavy poker sites we’ve found. It’s also pretty snappy with new tables opening up almost instantaneously on your screen.

In its prime Bodog was one of the fishiest sites on the web and we’ve found Bovada Poker continues that trend with some very bad players. One of the biggest reasons for the soft games is the in-client casino, which continually funnels big casino winners into the poker games. 

Bovada Poker has been growing steadily over the last while and is making a serious effort to crack the top 10 biggest online poker sites even without being licensed and regulated.

The site has been offering a great deal of motivation to new sign-ups with thousands of dollars in freerolls every month and a big sign up bonus. Over the last few years the options for U.S. online poker players have been severely limited and Bovada Poker has emerged as one of the only options in states where online poker is still in limbo.

100% Up To $1,000 Regular Bonus:
100% / $500

Bonus Code and Promotions

Bovada Poker Bonus Code

The Bovada Poker bonus for new PokerListings players in the US is:

  • 100% match bonus on any deposit up to $1,000

That's double the standard Bovada Poker bonus of up to $500. And means if you make a $1,000 deposit you can get up to an extra $1,000.

Minimum deposit for the match bonus is $25.

Bovada Poker Bonus Code for PokerListings Players: No code required.

Just click the "Get Bonus" link above to be instantly eligible for the full bonus.

Bovada Poker Bonus Payout

Getting your Bovada Poker bonus is very similar to every other poker site's match bonus terms and conditions. The more real-money poker you play, either in tournaments of cash games, the more points you'll earn. When you pass certain points thresholds, your bonus dollars are released into your account.


As you can see from the table below the first $50 is very quick to access while the rest takes a bit more play.

15 Poker Points = $5
85 Poker Points = $20
185 Poker Points = $25
500 Poker Points = $50
1,500 Poker Points = $150
5,000 Poker Points = $250

Players earn 3 points for every $1 in tournament fees. Cash games pay out points in relation to the size of the pot. If you play Bovada's fast-fold poker variant, Zone Poker, you'll unlock your bonus the quickest.

Bovada Poker Rewards Program

Bovada Poker's rewards program is also very similar to the industry standard with a VIP program that rewards you for frequent play. Among the perks you'll receive as you rise up the ranks:

  • Exclusive cash rewards
  • Weekly deposit bonuses.
  • Personalized customer service
  • Free expedited payouts

and more. Check the Bovada Poker VIP program for all the details on sign-up.

Bonus Details

Bonus Bonus Requirements
Max Bonus $1,000
Regular Bonus $500
Match Bonus 100%

Tournaments and Freerolls

Like virtually every online poker site Bovada Poker makes its tournament bones on Sundays with 3 big tournaments in the line-up:

  • $100,000 GTD with $150 buy-in
  • $50,000 GTD with $250 buy-in
  • $30,000 GTD turbo deep stack with $50 buy-in

While the $100k buy-in might seems pricy it's possible to qualify for just $ via satellite during the week and the payouts are justifiably big to take a shot at it. Most Bovada tournaments draw anywhere from 50-800 players.

For the more active daily player there are usually 4-6 good ones running per day including:

$25K GTD
$10K GTD Bounty
$4K GTD Deep Stack Hold’em or Omaha H/L

It’s not just multi-table tournaments on Bovada either as there are hundreds of Sit & Gos available every day for poker players highlighted by the Jackpot Sit & Gos.


Bovada Poker Jackpot SnGs

If you're played PokerStars' Spin & Go's or 888poker's Blast SnGs you'll know the format for Bovada's Jackpot SnGs. Jackpot Sit & Go’s have:

  • 3 players
  • 3-minute hyper turbo blinds
  • 500 chips
  • $2, $7, $15 and $30 buy-ins
  • Prize pool multiplied 2x, 5x, 120x, 240x and 1,200x the buy-in randomly before tourney beings
  • Winner take all

It's also important to know you can play the Jackpot SnGs on the Bovada mobile app, which is a big deal. Topping out at 12 minutes they're the perfect way to get some lightning quick games in on your phone.

Bovada Poker Freerolls

At the time of writing Bovada also offered two massive $7,500 freerolls every month with a number of qualifiers to get in but you can also just buy-in directly for 1,000 Player Points.

Software and Graphics

The Bovada Poker software, like sister site Bodog Poker, has a very contemporary look to it with a futuristic black and red theme and lots of customizable features that poker players will love.

Nice little details like your hand written out in words, rabbit cams (where you can see what cards would have come) and multi-table views are all great but when it comes right down to it the Bovada Poker software earns its stripes for:

  • Anonymous Tables
  • Quick Seat
  • Zone Poker

Bovada Poker Anonymous Poker Tables

If you're a casual or recreational poker player the anonymous poker tables at Bovada Poker are a godsend.

All online tracking software like HUDs are banned and every player is just a number at the table which means fair games, level playing fields and fun times. No one can track you or hunt to down to wait for a seat at your table, making online poker the relaxing and spontaneous games it was meant to be.

Both cash games and tournaments are all anonymous so you can confidently play where you want, when you want and never fear walking into a meat grinder again.

Going even one step further Bovada Poker even wiped out lobby stats which showed the average pot size and players to the flop. Instead it incorporated the Quick Seat feature which allows you to pick only your game, table size and buy-in.

Players are then seated randomly at a table that meets those specifications and can never hand-pick or "bum hunt" players they want to exploit. If you've ever wanted to play your online poker completely and totally anonymously, Bovada Poker is your oyster.

Bovada Poker Zone Poker

Another godsend for the casual poker player? Fast-fold poker, which was introduces as Rush Poker on Full Tilt Poker back in the day but has since been adopted and launched as its own product on all the major poker sites.

Bovada's fast-fold games are called "Zone Poker" but play the same way - as soon as you fold your hand you're immediately taken to a new table with a new hand.

No waiting around for hands to play out and no unneeded timing out from players not paying attention. Click "auto-fold" and it'll move even faster.

You don't get any reads on other players but you do get a ton of hands in per hour - especially important if you're single-tabling on a mobile phone - and you're never shy on action. Zone Poker runs at the following limits:

  • 2c/5c
  • 5c/10c
  • 10c/25c
  • 25c/50c
  • 50c/$1
  • $1/$2

Bovada Poker Mobile App

You won't find it in the App Store or Google Play but Bovada Poker does indeed have a mobile "app" and it's a treat to play.


The design is simple and intuitive and you can access:

  • Zone Poker
  • Cash game tables

Bovada still doesn't have tournaments (or multi-tabling) available via the mobile app but we imagine they'll be coming soon. But you'll likely be more than satisfied with the Zone Poker games which get you a ton of hands in, fast. 

Bovada Poker No Download

To access the Bovada Poker app you don't actually need to download anything. Just sign in to your Bovada account on your phone or iPad. Click "poker" and you can launch it from there.

That'll take you to the url where you can play from any browser. It's a nice shortcut to play on your Mac if you don't want to download the software.

Bovada Casino & Sportsbook

If you're a sportsbetting and casino type of guy (or girl) Bovada is a good choice as you can access all of its casino games and the sportsbook right from the poker client. Just look under the list of poker games open to you and you'll see the casino games.

If you're really into sports you can even customize your table felt to look like a baseball diamond, football field, etc, which is a cool (if unnecessary) touch.

Soft Competition

If you’re looking for soft games then you'll like what you'll find on Bovada Poker. Bovada also happens to offer a casino and sportsbook and everyone knows it’s a perfect storm for soft games when gamblers decide to try their luck at poker.

From our experiences playing on Bovada we found numerous players who didn't understand even the fundamentals of the game. Every now and then you’ll run into an experienced grinder but for the most part it’s easy to avoid serious competition by practicing game selection.

As with most sites the competition gets a little stiffer as you move up through the stakes but we found some good spots in the $1/$2 games. If in doubt just stick to the $.25/$50 and below games and you should be able to grind out a nice little profit.

Given the uncertainty around online poker legislation in the US a lot of players don't keep particularly big bankrolls on the site so play a bit fast and loose with what cash they do have on hand. It's a win-win if you're looking for some quick profit.

US players welcome!

  • Poker tables fully integrated with sportsbook and casino
  • Anonymous tables and quick seat to prevent tracking
  • Nice mobile app with fast-fold Zone Poker


Hits and Misses Hits
  • Slick customizable table graphics
  • Reliable operator online since 2004
  • Weekly $100k guaranteed tournament
  • Fully anonymous play

  • Not currently licensed in USA
  • No tournaments on mobile
  • No access to full games and traffic

Software & Graphics
Ring Game Traffic
Tournament Traffic
Soft Competition
Game Variety
Sign-Up Bonus
Loyalty Bonus
Financial Security
Deposit & Withdrawal

Support Quality
24/7 Support:
Web site FAQ:
Support Features:
Phone, email
E-Mail Confirmation:
NETeller Payout Time:
48 Hours
Withdrawal Smoothness:


Bovada Poker (or Bodog) was one of the first online poker sites to offer 24 hour a day customer support by phone and it still does to this day. 24/7 phone support is available alongside a clickable live chat function in the software and email support. Response time for phone and live chat are very good but it did take awhile for our emails to get answered.

Deposit & Withdrawal

Here's where Bovada has earned its stripes with US players. Over the years payouts from Bovada have been consistent and fast with its payouts and deposits even throughout all of the confusion in the US market over the years. 

Again, we can't guarantee its payouts and deposits as they are unlicensed, but anecdotal evidence has made it seem reliable. 

While Bovada does still accept major credit cards (along with a 5.9% fee) it has optimized its deposits and withdrawals by accepting Bitcoin, which is probably the easiest way to get money on and off the site.

If you've yet to delve into the cryptocurrency it's a decentralized blockchain driven currency you need an eWallet to transfer and process. It's relatively simple, though, and you can can an account up and running in a short time. Another upside is there are no fees from Bovada for using Bitcoin.

Deposit options: Credit Cards, Bitcoin

Withdrawal options: Bitcoin, Check by Courier (7-14 days), Wire Transfer



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