Top 10: Starter Poker WordPress Themes

Published On: 25 January 2010 / Modified: 17 July 2018
Created By: Sean Lind
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Ok, the top 10 is a completely subjective term, and the theme you use really depends on the type of blog.

If you’ve ever typed “free WordPress themes” into google, you’ll know that there are approximately 18 million free WordPress themes out there. This might seem like a good thing, but unfortunatey for you 99.9% of those themes suck.

To save you some time, I’ve thrown together a quick list of 10 themes that I’d be happy to use myself. Since I like to think that I’m totally awesome, this must mean these themes are rad.

NOTE: Just about every free WordPress theme out there requires you to leave the theme’s footer intact exactly as it was when you downloaded it. The links and text in that footer are the fee you pay to use the theme.

1) Silver Cards

Silver Cards

This is one of my favorite poker themes for a few reasons.

Firstly, the banner picture is a little larger than I would like, but it’s badass and holds the main horizontal nav next to it.

The whole theme is clean with decent contrast and a lot of style without being distracting.

2) Sleek Poker

Sleek poker

This theme is heavy on style, but slightly low on contrast. It’s pretty simple, but looks sharp. Same as Silver Cards this theme has two left-hand colums for links, with your content in a right-aligned box.

I must say that I’m not really a fan of white text on a grey background, but this theme gets away with most of it. I’d remove all bolded white text, and replace it with something a little more pleasing to the eye.

3) The Poker Blog

green reg

I’m not sure if this theme has a better name, if it does I can’t find it. This theme is slightly dated, but still works for a very functional, professional-looking site. It’s clean, straight forward, and easy to read and follow.

Unlike the themes above it, this one puts your content on the left side of the page. In North America we naturally view a webpage from the left to the right. If you want your content to come first (rather than links and ads), then this sort of theme is a good choice for you.

Unfortunately if you look at the column headers on the right, you’ll see that the text overruns the black container. You’re going to have to fix this with shorter titles, smaller fonts, or some CSS modding.

Download it here

4) The Joker

Joker Poker

The joker theme is easily one of the best poker-themed options you can go with. It’s clean, looks professional, has a bit of flair and rocks a color scheme which I must say I’m a fan of.

It boasts a normal floating-page design, horizontal main nav, standard blogroll layout and a links column on the right.

There is also plenty of room for advertising, if that’s your thing.

If you’re looking for a pre-fab poker theme for Word Press, you really can’t go wrong with the joker.

Demo and Download here

5) Go Online Poker

go online poker

From the same people that brought us the Joker theme offers this one. The main blogroll is clean and professional, with many resemblances to the joker.

The theme gives you a slightly larger right hand column with link headers, spots for widgets and a nifty rss feed top logo.

The main banner’s a little bit more busy than I’d usually like, but it’s done pretty well. If you’re looking for a site with a little more flare, like a business man in a grey suit wearing a bright yellow tie, this one might be the best choice for you.

One of the ways to tell if a designer knows what he’s doing is to see how the banner/main container stand out from the background. This theme has a bunch of little touches, such as the angular main nav edges, which give it a truly professional feel.

Demo and Download here

6) The Green Girly Theme

green girly

Themes Junction have a whole series of poker themes available. They’re all mostly the same theme with new colors and banner pictures. This one is one my favorites.

It’s a little bit girly, with the butterflies and all, but there are a lot of great female poker bloggers out there who might want to look it up.

Or there are guys who like butterflies… and the color green. Either way, it’s very clean and professional with a solid layout and a content focused design.

7) Silver Royal

grey royal

Here’s another Themes Junction theme for you. This one looks really slick, and is just as professional looking as the one above, but with one little issue.

The right banner pic fades out into the sidebars, which I kind of like. But on this one the right side loses all contrast with the background, making it look as though the banner is too wide.

I’d change up the background color, or add a subtle pattern to clean it up a little bit.

Other than that, it’s good to go.

8) Street Ace

grey ace

This is the last theme I’ll throw up from Themes Junction. This one has the same background and border mistake as the last one, but it’s a pretty nice layout.

For people looking for a more laid back, casual feel to their blog, this one’s not bad. I like things to be crisp, clean and hyper simple. This theme fits the bill nicely.

9) Silver Ace

Silver Ace

The banner for Silver Ace is lame, but if you’re able to spif it up yourself, the remainder of the layout is actually pretty nice. Really, all the banner needs is a new font to make it work for you.

I included this one on the list for people who like a hyper simple theme. This one is simple without being boring.

Although it would never be my first choice, it might be one of yours.

10) Poker Dev8

Lots of Text

This theme is perfect for anyone who likes their blog to be very text focused. The main content box is huge, without any post distinction, other than headers. If you like to write, this could be a great theme for you.

The right box is geared for links and ads and you can put header links at the top of the page.

Clean, simple and easy.

Bonus Theme - Full Tilt Rip-off

Full Tilt Ripoff

You might recognize the picture of this theme from when you saw it at the top of the page. Or you might recognize it because it's a direct ripoff of Full Tilt's homepage.

I’ve included this on the list, simply because it cracks me up. If you want your blog to look like a complete rip-off of Full Tilt’s homepage, then this is the theme for you, Phil Ivey stock photo and all.

To be honest, I actually like the design of this theme more than the Full Tilt home page. Since the name of the theme (Poker Spades) is included as a banner image, I assume you’re going to need some image/logo designing skills/software to use this one.

Unfortunately, you need to pay to use such a quality piece of blatant creative theft. This theme costs $70, which means the only reason you would ever want it is if you’re trying to scam people into thinking you have an official Full Tilt blog.

Otherwise, there are many free options out there that look just as pimp.

What Not to Do Theme - Poker Challenge

bad example

I’ve included this theme for one reason: To point out what a really bad theme looks like.

I’m pretty sure this theme was created as a result of Microsoft Frontpage getting raped by the devil. It’s a poker theme but the person who made it clearly knows nothing about poker.

They have a red spade and club bookending the logo. Maybe they’re trying to be ironic here, or maybe they didn’t know that the two remaining suits actually are red. Then we have our main nav below our logo, above a second banner. That’s right, this theme has two banners.

This second banner is something to behold. We have a casino table game, a guy (who looks like an evil Kevin Spacey) playing five card draw, and rolled up kings (all face up). Then we have a bunch of nice stars and mysterious bubbles. Just brutal.


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