Top 6 Online Poker Sites You Can Play On Right Now

Published On: 3 August 2016 / Modified: 9 July 2018
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6 poker sites

The online poker landscape has changed considerably since the halcyon days of the early 2000s. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t great poker sites that you can play right now.

In fact if you haven’t played for awhile you might be surprised to find that poker software has improved exponentially and there are now more poker variants than ever before.

It’s also easier to deposit than ever and many of the glitches and rough patches of the online poker experience have been smoothed out. 

In short: It’s a great time to jump back in or try out online poker for the first time.

Although there has been a great deal of consolidation in the online poker world, the biggest sites are still aggressively recruiting new players and there are significant rewards for signing up for a brand-new account.

Here’s a look at six sites that you can sign up for right now (depending on where you live):

1. 888poker

888poker online

While the rest of the online poker world may have trended down over the last five years, 888poker has rocketed up the charts.

Thanks to a software overhaul several years ago 888poker (originally known as Pacific Poker) went from pretender to contender and is now a favorite of poker players around the world.

888poker offers a compelling package that includes good software, bad players and some exceptional value in the form of promos and a revamped rewards program. The site also remains one of the industry’s biggest innovators with new games like BLAST poker appearing regularly.

888poker is also one of the only sites that instantly gives you cash just for making your first deposit. For more information check out our 888poker review.

Good for: Value-packed promos, mediocre players and solid software. 888poker is a great place to build a bankroll.

Bad for: Players looking for lesser-played poker variants like Seven-Card Stud, Razz and Triple Draw.

2. Tiger Gaming

tiger gaming poker

There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of Tiger Gaming but the Chico Poker Network skin has been making waves with value-packed promos and pillow-soft games.

Tiger Gaming is one of (if not only) only sites that you’ll find obscure games like Chinese Poker and Big2.

It’s not a site for hardcore grinders. This is where recreational players go to take a spin at the tables.

If you used to play and got burnt out by all the hardcore players with their HUDs and add-ons then Tiger Gaming could be the perfect place to try out online poker again.

Make sure you get a big deposit bonus when you sign up for Tiger. For more information check out our Tiger Gaming review.

Good for: Casual players who have had enough of serious grinders. The games on Tiger tend to be significantly easier than competing sites.

Bad for: Volume. Tiger Gaming is still a relatively small site and can’t compare traffic wise to the big players in the online poker industry.

3. Full Tilt Poker

full tilt poker online

Some people might be surprised to learn that Full Tilt Poker is still around and kicking.

The former #2 has been relegated to skin status on PokerStars but it remains a fantastic bargain for people just getting into online poker.

In case you’re just getting up to speed, PokerStars finally made the decision to migrate Full Tilt onto its industry-leading network in 2016.

What does that mean? Full Tilt players now have access to the biggest player pool in the world in addition to arguably the best software in the business.

The old Full Tilt isn’t completely gone, however, as you’ll find the familiar Full Tilt look when you log in as well as the popular cartoony avatars.

Full Tilt is specifically targeted towards recreational players, which it offers a little more value for FTP players in the form of The Deal. For more information check out our Full Tilt review.

Good for: People who loved the look of Full Tilt Poker and want to play on the biggest poker network in the world.

Bad for: Poker players who are looking for an entirely unique, independent site.

4. PokerStars

pokerstars online

You can’t write about modern online poker sites without mentioning PokerStars.

While pretenders come and go, PokerStars remains the premiere destination for online poker. It offers more games and opponents than any other site.

PokerStars also offers cutting edge software that has served as a template for the entire industry. The incredible software and unmatched traffic comes at a cost, however.

PokerStars is a prime location for serious grinders and there are plenty of people that make a living on the site. As you might expect the level of play can be quite a bit higher than some of the smaller sites.

If you’re looking to get good, however, there’s no better place to play. For information check out our PokerStars review.

Good for: The biggest online poker experience around with more games and tournaments running than any other site.

Bad for: Easy games. PokerStars is notorious for attracting sharks.

5. PartyPoker

party poker online

The former #1 online poker site has made a huge comeback in the last few years. PartyPoker is bringing players back in droves with a keen eye on recreational players and innovative promotions.

Every month the site offers a ton of promotional events like The Summer of Grind or Sit & GO HERO that provide a serious boost to your efforts to build a bankroll. Not to mention the big sign-up bonus.

PartyPoker also revamped its software several years ago and the new version is sleek, minimalist and snappy. The site also created anonymous tables, which makes it much harder for the sharks to overfish the site.

For information check out our PartyPoker review.

Good for: Anyone looking to build a bankroll with value-packed promos and wants the benefit of anonymous tables while they are learning.

Bad for: Diversity. PartyPoker is pretty much just Hold’em and PLO these days. You’ll have to look elsewhere for great Seven-Card Stud or Triple Draw games.

6. PKR Poker

pkr poker online

Ready for something different? PKR is a suburb spot to start.

The only site that utilizes a 3D software client (reminiscent of video games), PKR looks completely different than any other side.

Once you log into PKR you’ll take a seat at a virtual table that includes customizable 3D avatars and interactive emotes.

Sometimes when you’re playing PKR Poker it feels more like a video game than an online poker client. Fortunately PKR Poker also offers some very lucrative incentives for new players with €10m in prizes every month.

If you’re ready for a change you might want to check our PKR poker. For information check out our PKR Poker review.

Good for: Gamers or anyone looking for a brand-new poker experience.

Bad for: Action junkies. Multi-tabling is difficult on PKR poker and the flashy graphics take some time to load.


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Jonathan Lehmann 2016-08-19 06:52:44

I would like to know which is the most famous site of Poker?
I meant both playmoney game and real money.
Thank you

over23under18 2016-08-10 09:39:16

I'm sorry to say it but online poker is just too risky. It is just too susceptible to collusion in my opinion. How do you police a couple of people conversing over the phone while they play? Then there are the bots and computer programs that allegedly exist and whether they are there or not when I go all in with pocket pairs and someone calls with Jack, eight suited and they flop a flush I'm always wondering if I just experienced a bad beat or was just nailed by a cheater. Perhaps I am paranoid but it sure looks vulnerable.

Peisistratos 2016-08-04 10:04:08

It is true that online poker has made severe changes tha last years.

The competition is ferocious and shady, crappy sites with poor software, support, safety, etc (small or big) got hammered and vanished. Only top-class professional companies will be able to survive.

There is the information also that Ongame will shut down all poker at the end of September.

Apart from the above mentioned sites, I would say that there are a couple of others that have a credibility and trustworthiness, like Willian Hill, Betfair, BetFred, a couple of sites on the iPoker network or some smaller sites but with huge potential like Thunder Poker.

Conner John 2016-08-04 03:43:49

Online poker has drastically improved over the past and is almost hard to keep up with these days.

iPoker has seen some great improvements in both playerbase and the software which makes it a great place to play at.

William Hill is my favourite and is based on the iPoker network. I find that omaha games are so juicy there at 0.10c to 0.20c stakes and are definatly worth playing.

I personally think the top three in the list have to be PartyPoker, PokerStars & 888Poker. They have an abundance of weak players on the lower limits in both cash games and tournaments.

Whatever room you decide to play at just make sure you receive the full deposit bonus as it will give you the best chance of chipping up.

Good luck and see you at the tables : )




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