Best Online Betting Apps for Mobile Betting 2024

Sports betting has been around for ages now, ever since the first races took place, punters have had the opportunity to make a quick buck if they knew what to look for or had some insider information. These days, the life of the bettor has become significantly easier, due to the fact that mobile devices are able to run complicated online betting apps and receive data in real time. This has allowed you to place bets from just about anywhere at any time the fancy strikes. In this article we shall be taking a closer look at how it works and give tips for beginners who are just starting out. The convenience afforded by mobile sports betting and betting apps has changed the game forever and has brought the fun and excitement right into the palm of your hand, literally.

Important facts to consider when it comes to the best betting apps

  • Mobile betting is one of the biggest trends of the last years
  • Most sports bets are placed on mobile
  • You can place your bet while you are at the stadium or event
  • Normally you can use all functions from desktop betting on your mobile phone
  • Every bookmaker has a mobile website and/or a downloadable mobile app

How does mobile sports betting differ from placing bets at a bookie?

Sports betting live on mobile app

The name says it all, being able to place bets from anywhere in the world at any time you want is certainly the main reason for the exponential rise in mobile sports betting. As fantastic as it may seem though, there are a few downsides to the phenomenon. Punters can use whatever mobile device they have, whether it be a mobile phone or a tablet and all you need to do is download your chosen betting apps to get started. 

Your mobile’s screen is usually quite small, and it can sometimes prove to be quite a tedious task viewing stats and odds, especially if your eyesight is not the greatest. Another slight drawback has to be the fact that your device will usually not afford the same functionality as a desktop computer, most sites will be scaled down in order to provide a smoother and faster experience. This may not seem like such a big deal, but it does play a small part in the overall usability, this is another key factor when choosing which betting provider to use.

With mobile sports betting, the odds are constantly changing and being updated in real time. This means that players are able to instantly place new bets, whereas placing bets at the bookie will see you usually sticking to the initial bet parameters. This will change depending on what sport you have chosen to bet on so keep this in mind.  

How to maximise your winning potential with betting apps?

There are many tips and tricks out there by punters claiming they have a fool proof method, however, there is no guaranteed way to secure a win.

dollars and baseball glove

As any sports fan will know, the game is never over until the final whistle. The best way to ensure you maximise your chances of registering a win is simple, do the research. Experienced punters know this all too well, there is no substitute for knowledge. Make sure you have taken the time to get to know the teams you are betting on, facets such as previous performances, key players, injuries, and even whether or not the game is a must-win game for either of the teams.

Choosing a bookmaker site is another key factor, there are so many out there these days it can get a little confusing when trying to make a decision. Make sure they offer a few things before signing up:

Deposit Bonuses

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These can be a great way to get you started, all bookies will offer some sort of reward for first time users in the form of a bonus, so make sure you do some research as some offers can be brilliant. Keep in mind that there may be requirements that must be met prior to being permitted to make a withdrawal. 

Free Bets

Money offered

These are offered in two forms, either the bookie will give you an amount for free, it won't be a life changing sum, but it will definitely help you get started. Another way they achieve this is by reimbursing you. For instance, should you lose a bet they will give you back a certain percentage of your bet. This differs from site to site so make sure you're aware of the amount first. 

Cash Back


This is another great function that not all bookies allow, it is somewhat similar to the free bets but not really. The bookie will reimburse you a predetermined amount of a losing bet. Some will give you back up to 20% depending on the betting type. It may not seem worth it, but keep in mind that any amount reimbursed is good for your pocket in the long run.

Markets Serviced

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Yet another key factor is how many markets the bookmaker allows the punter to play in. Make sure they offer a wide variety of sports. Most bookies these days will have a substantial number of markets, but what really separates the good from the bad is based on factors such as, do they offer all the popular sports such as football, racing, and basketball?

Do they allow you to bet on the more obscure sports such as toe wrestling or maybe even rock-paper-scissors tournaments? Nowadays, Esports has become a massive industry so make sure that your bookie offers all these markets, this will ensure that you have a myriad of options meaning you will almost never get bored of them.  

Conclusion: There is only one way the mobile betting industry is heading, up!

Sports betting on mobile

As technology progresses, so will the capabilities of your mobile device. Right now, the industry is still in its relative infancy and there are still many kinks that are being worked out. Mobile devices are becoming just as powerful as your desktop computer and it is only a matter of time before they are on par. Yes, there is still the factor of screen size, but in terms of performance power and overall ease of use granted by mobile devices, it is still bound to dominate the market in the years to come. Do a little research before downloading an app, even though most bookies will offer a mobile friendly site, that doesn't necessarily mean that it is one of the best betting apps. There is no reason for you not to sign up and give it a go, especially if they offer a good welcome bonus, service a multitude of markets and provide you with an easy to use site. Always make sure you play with a level head and do not listen to what everyone has to say, you are bound to have your ups and downs so just remember to have fun in a responsible manner.