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Regular Bonus: $500

Betsafe Poker

Betsafe Poker is hardly the most well-known online poker site on the Internet but that’s not necessary a bad thing.

The site offers compelling promotions, functional software and, perhaps most importantly, some very soft games.

Betsafe is one of the only online poker sites that actually offers two different clients. One is Microgaming and the other is Ongame. The Microgaming client is referred to as Betsafe Black while the Ongame version is Betsafe Red.

Fortunately the Betsafe software is quite solid and comes with support for OSX and you can even play in Linux using the in-browser instant-play version.

Betsafe Means Bonuses

As with most smaller networks, the core volume is all in Hold’em, especially at the smaller stakes. Ongame actually has support for Omaha and Seven-Card Stud but it can be tough to find games running in those variants.

Unfortunately the software does tend to be a bit slower than some competitor’s sites. It’s not really a problem until you have more than four tables running. At that point it becomes a bit unwieldy but not unmanageable.

A large number of bonus hunters are drawn to Betsafe Poker as the site offers aggressive sign-up bonuses to new players.

Betsafe Poker is rather proud of the support they offer and have even guaranteed email response to questions within 15 minutes in the past.

€1,000 Regular Bonus:

Bonus Code and Promotions

Betsafe Poker Bonus Code

Betsafe Poker Bonus Code: No current code

Betsafe Poker Bonus Payout

To clear a bonus on Betsafe you just have to earn a set number of frequent player points based on the bonus you have. There are five different bonuses you sign up for when setting up your account. Here are the requirements for each level:

  • $50: Requires 400 player points to unlock the bonus. You have 90 days to clear it.
  • $250: Requires 2,000 player points to unlock. You have 90 days to clear it.
  • $500: Requires 4,000 player points to unlock. You have 90 days to clear it.
  • $1,000: Requires 8,000 player points to unlock.  You have 70 days to clear it.
  • $2,500: Requires 30,000 player points to unlock. You have 70 days to clear it.

Betsafe player points are earned at the rate of 3.6 per $1 in rake in cash games or tournament fees.

Betsafe Poker Promotions & VIP Program 

Betsafe benefits from the solid Ongame VIP program that has four different tiers including silver, gold, platinum and diamond with varying perks for each level.

Players can earn up to 40% cash back through its Poker Red VIP program if they manage to hit diamond status.

Bonus Details

Bonus Bonus Requirements
Max Bonus €1,000
Regular Bonus $500
Match Bonus 0%

Tournaments and Freerolls

While Betsafe isn't the biggest poker site, it’s growing at a rapid rate and there are plenty of tournaments to play. You may have to play slightly smaller stakes than you’re used to but Betsafe also runs a number of freerolls to entice new players. Be warned that Ongame isn’t known for its Seven-Card Stud or PLO games so you’ll most likely be playing a lot of No-Limit Hold’em.

Betsafe does offer its flagship $150k guaranteed Champion Chip tournament on Sundays, which is one of the softest big buy-in tournaments on the Internet. It’s definitely one of the best tournaments available on Betsafe.

Software and Graphics

The Betsafe software is surprisingly capable. While not as refined as some of the big online poker sites, you’ll still be able to multi-table, utilize a four-color deck, use betting shortcuts and re-size your table.

The software also has support for a variety of games including No-Limit Hold’em, Omaha, Seven-Card Stud and even Five-Card Draw Poker although those games don’t necessarily always run.

One great bonus of the Betsafe software is that it’s fully compatible with OSX so you can play it on almost any Apple computer. It’s the full client version too, so you’ll get all the features of the PC version.

Betsafe also offers in-browser software, so even Linux users can get in on the action. It’s not as good as the full version but there aren’t a lot of alternatives for Linux players.

Soft Competition

For some reason the players on Betsafe seem significantly below the average skill level of most sites. It’s obviously not a bad thing as there are spots where you can certainly take advantage.

As with many of the lesser-known sites there seems to be a group of sharks who frequent the higher-stakes games you have to watch out for. The low and micro-stakes games are definitely soft though. We’ve even found a few mid-stakes games that were surprisingly loose. The level of competition is definitely a selling point of the site.

Not open to US players

  • Large number of recreational players
  • Supports OSX
  • Tons of bad players


Hits and Misses Hits
  • Huge sign-up bonus
  • Compatible with Apple computers
  • In-browser version

  • Traffic is average
  • Software is a bit clunky

Software & Graphics
Ring Game Traffic
Tournament Traffic
Soft Competition
Game Variety
Sign-Up Bonus
Loyalty Bonus
Financial Security
Deposit & Withdrawal

Support Quality
24/7 Support:
Web site FAQ:
E-Mail Confirmation:
Very good
NETeller Payout Time:
48 Hours
Withdrawal Smoothness:


Betsafe’s support is a high point on the site with live chat, email and phone options.


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