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Betfred Poker is one of the poker rooms on the PlayTech iPoker network. The network took a hit with the U.S. poker player ban but is recuperating fast and has, through the purchase of another poker network and aggressive promotions, established itself near the top of the online poker world. Games are somewhat loose with lots of casino players and new recruits. There are often some very high-value promotions through both Pokerlistings.com and other channels, which continuously draw players to the site.

The software has a nice look, with colorful and attractive graphics. The functionality is good, and the early minor glitches in the software have since been fixed. Games offered include Hold'em, Five-Card Stud, Seven-Card Stud Hi, Omaha Hi and Hi-Lo in both ring games, as well as heads-up, sit-and-go and multi-table tournaments.

Betfred Poker also offer plenty of tournaments and freerolls with great value. The traffic volume overall is in the higher segment of the industry. Real-money player statistics as of November 2016 show 10000 ring-game players at peak hours, and 55000 tournament players at peak hours.

Overall, Betfred Poker offer relatively loose games and decent software that plays well, even though the game pace is on the slow side. The software is updated frequently to ensure safety and stability, with little downtime as a result.


$500 sign-up bonus at 100% match for all new players.

Promotions Summary

offer a lot of excellent promotions as they continue to increase their player volume. offer players a refer-a-friend bonus of $25, a $500 sign-up bonus at 100% match, monthly loyalty bonuses and a VIP scheme. In all, offer players a lot of nice bonuses and promotions.

Reload Bonus

does not currently offer any reload bonuses.

Loyalty Bonus

offer a player point system as part of their good VIP program. The player points earned every month are the base for a player's VIP level, with six levels running from "Iron," where all players start, to "Platinum Plus." VIP level then decides how many player points are earned for every raked hand. 

At the "Iron" level, a player earns 8 points per $3.01 raked from cash games, and 15 points per $1 in tournament fees. A "Platinum Plus" player earns 18 points per $3.01 raked from cash games and 40 points per $1 in tournament fees. Total points and VIP level are also the base for 's monthly bonus cash system.

Sign-up Bonus

sports a $500 sign-up bonus at 100% match for all new players.

Bonus Payout

Bonuses are paid in $10 increments and are converted to cash in the player's account as soon as each $10 is cleared. For each $10 of bonus, a player must earn 500 player points. Player points are earned when a player is active at a table, whether you play the hand of not. Depending on the rake taken for a hand at the table, players receive between one and eight points. The bonuses at are relatively easy to clear at any level. The bonus clearance progress can be monitored through the cashier in the poker software.


Max Bonus$500
Regular Bonus$100
Match Bonus100%


Tournament Traffic

Real-money player statistics at Betfred Poker show 55000 real-money tournament players at peak hours, as of November 2016.


Betfred Poker host many tournaments, with buy-ins as small as 55¢ and ranging all the way to several hundred dollars. The tournaments are well-populated, fast and have good structure. Play at any level is generally juicier and looser than at most other poker sites. Betfred Poker host a massive amount of high-value tournaments, such as a monthly $250,000 guaranteed, a weekly $100,000 guaranteed and many daily guaranteed tournaments. Betfred Poker also host satellites to many live poker tournaments, such as the WSOP, Pokerface, EPT and WPT. For players interested in sit-and-go tournaments, Pokerlistings.com highly recommends trying out Betfred Poker for a chance at winning big in their jackpot sit-and-go tournaments.


Software Summary

The software and player base are part of the iPoker network developed by PlayTech. The graphics are nice and clear, the functionality is good and the software is updated regularly without significant downtime. The software features a buddy-list function, game-history function, player notes, several options for sounds and graphics, good game variety, live floor managers and a massive amount of tournaments.

The games run smoother and slower than the standard due to the long time a player has to make a decision, which is ironic because the software is quite fast. [Review:RoomName]] offer play at up to eight tables simultaneously, which is very good. Overall, it is the opinion of that the software is quite good, even if play is on the slow side.


The data and statistics functions in software allow players to take notes on their opposition during play, and the lobby supplies vital table statistics like viewed-flop percentage, average pot size and hands played per hour. Players can also see their hand history in a nice graphic interface.


The latest version of the software supports play at eight tables simultaneously, and multi-table play runs smoothly and problem free. offer a mini-view function that allows four tables tiled at standard resolution to help players compete at multiple tables. The tables are relatively small and easy to grasp, and overall well-suited for multi-table play.


The graphics of the software are functional and well-matched. The software allows the player to choose from a list of 3D-looking avatars that actually don't look that bad at all. The table functions are easy to learn and well-oriented on the table. The software runs in a blue and red theme that is easy on the eyes and allows for longer play time before your eyes get tired.

Special Features

The software has a few useful special features not available on all poker sites, the most useful being the mini-view that allows for easy multi-table play.


Play at most tables is relatively soft. The greatest volume is in the No-Limit Texas Hold'em games, where the viewed-flop percentage is normally in the 40s or 50s. However, players will sometimes be able to find a full low-limit table with pre-flop percentages all the way in the 60s. The players are also quite passive, so it is easy for skilled players to be winning players.

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