Annette_15 Wins Poker Tournament w/o Looking at Cards (VIDEO)

Annette Obrestad
Annette Obrestad defeated 179 other players without looking at her own cards.

Annette Obrestad won the WSOP Europe Main Event but according to the Norwegian, she's even better known for the time she won an online poker tournament without looking at her hole cards.

Now, in the second episode of's new series Best Poker Moments, you can watch Obrestad reflect on the legendary accomplishment.

“Every time I sit down at a live table and someone starts a question like, 'Is it true that ...' I know what's coming,” said Obrestad.

“They're going to ask about the blind tournament.”

Obrestad was a pioneer in the ultra-aggressive, position-based style of poker that's become more common in recent years, and you can watch it in action as she steamrolls her way to victory in this tournament.

Obrestad admitted to peeking at her cards in one hand when a short stack had moved all-in and she was deciding whether to call. She swears the rest of it was completely blind.

The entire tournament was posted using the PokerXFactor hand replayer to show the times Obrestad folded big hands like pocket kings because she wasn't looking at her cards.

Annette Obrestad
"It's not really about the cards.”

“It was so different not to have any other reads, just bet-sizing and how people had played before,” said Obrestad.

“The more I played the more I realized you don't really need to see your cards all the time to pick up on stuff.”

Blind Win Proof Poker is a Skill Game

There are still those who oppose the idea of poker being a primarily skill-based game. According to Obrestad, winning this tournament blind proves that while luck plays a role in poker, a superior strategy will always win out in the long run.

“Basically what it comes down to is that poker is a game of reading people,” she explained.

“The more you play the more you understand how the betting patterns work and how people think and once you can get into people's heads you can understand how they play.

“That's what you have to do to become a good player. It's not really about the cards.”

Watch the video below to hear Annette Obrestad explain how she was able to beat 179 other players without looking at her own cards.

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