American Express & Poker Sites That Take AmEx Deposits

Making American Express poker site deposits can be a smooth and easy process – as long as your bank is fine with making online poker transactions.


If your bank accepts transaction to and from Online Poker providers, making a deposit is as simple as pulling out your card and typing in your numbers. Unfortunately, for poker players both inside the US and out, it’s not always quite that direct.

American Express – Accepted (Almost) Everywhere You Want to Be

If you live in a country where online poker is licensed and regulated you may be able to use your American Express card as a poker deposit method. It doesn’t get much faster to deposit on an online poker real money site than with a credit card as you simply have to find the logo in the cashier, enter your digits and the proper security code, the amount you'd like to deposit (as long as it's not over your credit limit, of course) and click "deposit." The deposit arrives instantly in your poker account and you can transfer it immediately to any kind of poker game you like. In short, you'll be at the tables within seconds.

If it doesn't accept straight AmEx deposits, however, you can still purchase pre-paid cards or fund a third-party eWallet via AmEx and use those funds to deposit to your poker account. As an added bonus with American Express you can take advantage of the many perks of being an American Express credit card holder. Among those perks, depending on the card you have, are cash back payments, travel points and impeccable fraud and security protection.

Note: Some banks will consider a deposit to a poker site a “cash-like transaction” and treat it as a cash advance similar to money orders, wire transfers and travellers’ cheques. If so you’ll be responsible for any fees related to a cash advance. In other cases it’s simply considered similar to any online purchase and you’ll face no additional fees.

Advantages of American Express Poker Payments

  • Quick and easy online payment transfer methods with top-of-the-line security and safety
  • No wait times for deposits from eWallets or pre-paid cards
  • Poker sites will waive fees if they accept AmEx poker deposits
  • Very easy to deposit via a poker site’s mobile app
  • Bank info never shared with the online poker site
  • Currency exchanges are automatically calculated

How Do I Make an American Express Poker Deposit?

If you’ve already used American Express (or any credit card) as an online payment method you’ll know how simple and effective it is. For making an online poker site deposit, it’s equally simple.

  1. Log in to your online poker account (or register a new online poker account if you’ve yet to make one)
  2. Navigate to the “cashier” page or click any “Deposit Now” link
  3. Select “American Express” from the drop-down menu or click on the AmEx logo
  4. Enter your cardholder details (name, card number, expiry date and 3-digit security code)
  5. Enter the amount you’d like to deposit (within your own American Express card’s limit and the poker site’s deposit limits)
  6. Click “confirm payment” and you’re done!

If your poker site doesn't accept American Express credit cards you can instead use it to purchase a pre-paid Visa or Mastercard or fund a third-party eWallet (Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, etc). More on those deposit options via the links below.

American Express Poker FAQs

  • How Do I Get an American Express Card?

    American Express is one of the most popular credit cards in the world and is used in over 130 countries worldwide. AmEx is renowned for its customer friendly policies including top-notch refund and fraud protection. It also offers its cardholders plentiful perks including AmEx travel credit and 5% cashback for a certain amount of purchases. You can go directly to your bank to apply for an American Express card or register for an American Express credit or debit card online at www.americanexpress.com. If you live outside the U.S. there are quite a few international banks that have partnered with AMEX so you can likely still register for a card.
  • How Long Does It Take to Process an American Express Deposit?

    If you have an AmEx card and your deposit amount is within your current credit limit on your card, it should only take a minute or two. Poker sites that accept American Express deposits have all the proper online verifications set up to have your deposit processed immediately. It’ll likely show up in your poker account instantly but it can take a minute or two sometimes. If there’s any delay you’ll be able to access the online poker site’s customer support team in real-time and they’ll help make sure your deposit gets through. As mentioned above an American Express deposit may be considered a cash advance so be sure you know what any extra fees might entail.
  • Which Poker Sites Accept American Express?

    It changes from time to time but currently just a few poker sites accept American Express credit cards as a deposit method. If they do accept it, though, you can be guaranteed it’s fast, secure and protected from fraud or phishing. If there’s any confusion over your deposit being processed be sure to contact the poker site’s customer support right away and they’ll be able to sort it out for you or recommend another online poker deposit option for you. If you live in a country (Eg UK, Malta, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Italy, France, etc), where online poker is officially licensed and regulated, your chances of getting an AmEX deposit accepted are much higher. Currently major poker sites like 888poker, PokerStars and partypoker are not accepting American Express deposits. But if you have another major credit card - like Visa, Mastercard or a Discover card - or a pre-paid credit card, you'll be fine.
  • Can I Use American Express on Mobile to Deposit to My Poker Account?

    Absolutely. If your online poker site cashier includes American Express you can also likely deposit via AmEx via the mobile app. In fact the process should be virtually identical – even easier via mobile in some cases.
  • Are There Any Downsides to Using American Express?

    As mentioned above if the poker site views an American Express deposit as a cash advance you will likely pay a higher interest rate and fees for it. You are also subject to your own personal AmEx credit limit and must make your minimum payments to keep your card active. It’s not very likely you’ll be able to process a poker site withdrawal to your AmEx card. On the upside, though, most poker sites have waived any extra fees for depositing with your American Express card.
  • Do I Need to Worry About My American Express Card Being Compromised?

    Nope. Chances are very, very low your credit card will ever be compromised with an online poker site deposit. All major poker sites use high-level encryption and standard credit card security measures to ensure all transactions are safe and secure. AmEx also provides its cardholders with very good refund and fraud protection to safeguard the transaction. With first-rate customer support any questionable transaction will certainly be rectified quickly. A lot of people like to auto-save their card details or keep their credit card on file for future deposits but that’s up to you to decide. It’s also up to you to keep your American Express card details private outside of any online transactions.
  • Are There Deposit and Withdrawal Limits with American Express?

    The minimum deposit level with an American Express card is typically $20-$50. The maximum deposit will depend on both the poker site and your own AmEx limit. As of right now it’s very unlikely you’ll be able to withdraw from a poker site using American Express but you can always consult the poker site to see if it’s possible. Withdrawal limits will also be in play for both the poker site and AmEx.
  • Will I Get an American Express Online Poker Bonus?

    You might. Poker sites like to run special promotions from time to time where depositors get an extra 10-15% bonus for using a particular deposit method. Check with your preferred poker site to see if they offer any incentives to make an American Express deposit. Any standard online poker bonus you qualify for is independent of deposit method so you’ll be sure to receive the bonus no matter what.
  • Can I Use American Express for a US Poker Site?

    There are two types of US poker sites players can access these days: 1. Legal poker sites you can play on if you live in one of the 3 US states that have legalized and regulated online poker (New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware). See all USA real money poker sites.. 2. Unlicensed “offshore” poker sites that offer services illegally to US players. As of right now, none of the regulated sites like PokerStars or 888poker accept American Express. They do accept Visa and Mastercard (both credit and debit). A variety of other good poker payment methods are available as well including third-party eWallets like Neteller and Skrill. See each individual site for more detail. We recommend against playing on any unlicensed sites (like Bovada Poker) offering services to US players as both your deposits and play can’t be guaranteed. Many players have lost their money when the site went offline or bankrupt. Some of those sites will accept American Express deposits but do so in questionable ways, such as allocating your deposit to a false transaction (eg. toys).
  • Can I Use AmEx on PokerStars?

    As of right now, no. We don’t know of any local PokerStars sites that accept AmEx. You can, of course, use your AmEx to fund a third-party payment processor (eg Paypal or Neteller) or to buy a pre-paid Visa or Mastercard card which are accepted by PokerStars. See PokerStars' real-money information page and cashier page to see what options you might prefer
  • Can I Use AmEx on 888poker?

    See above. No direct deposit via American Express is possible but you can use your AmEx to fund other payment methods.
  • How Many People Use AmEx as a Payment Method?

    It’s not the most accepted credit card at poker sites but you will be able to find some sites that do take AmEx deposits. If you’re dead set on using your AmEx to get the points or benefits from spending on the card your best bet is to buy a pre-paid debit card accepted by your preferred poker site.
Daniel wayne Hewett
2021-03-11 02:33:40

Can I use my PayPal account don’t have the debit card just have my account in the app on my phone for deposit

Debbie from PokerListings
2021-03-26 11:20:22

Hey Daniel,

If your card has already been synced to your PayPal account, yes, you can just use the app.
Here are the Poker rooms that accept PayPal: https://www.pokerlistings.com/paypal-poker

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