Ali Imsirovic

Ali Imsirovic

About Ali imsirovic

Current ResidenceVancouver, Washington (USA)
BornJanuary, 1995
Birth PlaceZenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Total Winnings$18,697,121

Quick Facts About Imsirovic

  • He came to the United States in 1998 after his family moved from the fall out of the Bosnian War.
  • His original passion was basketball but gave up dreams of playing in the NBA because of ankle problems.
  • Fell one semester shy of graduating Washington State University with a degree in criminal justice to play poker full time.
  • He has 2 WSOP rings and 42 cashes in WSOP events, with total lifetime earnings over $18 Million.
  • He was named by multiple pros as being involved in cheating, ghosting, multi-accounting, using real-time assistance tools and involved in chip dumping and has been banned from some online poker rooms as a result.
Side Games5
Steam Control10
Against Strong Players8
Against Weak Players9

Cheating in real money poker has taken a front seat in the news lately and one name that has been mentioned multiple times in these reports is Ali Imsirovic.  Regardless of what you think of the allegations, one thing is for sure – Imsirovic has been successful in poker quite literally from the first day he played.  The 27-year-old was born in Bosnia has been playing poker since before it was legal for him to do so and the controversary around him has continued all through his poker career.

Imsirovic started playing online poker just before Black Friday happened. Even though Imsirovic was only 16 at the time and deposited $100, he found success immediately and when he was legal, entered his first live poker tournament at the age of 18 and cashed it for $1500. 

Makes His Mark in 2017/2018

Ali Imsirovic playing $10k.s.
10K Wynn Millions

Christmas 2017 marked the arrival of Imsirovic on the global poker scene.  He started by making the final table of the main event of the WSOP Circuit in Las Vegas for $84k in November, finishing 4th, followed by another 4th place finish at the $10k High Roller at the Five Diamond for $28k.  Less than 2 weeks later, he again placed 4th at the $3500 Cardplayer Poker Tour for $61k, and then breaking for the holidays, Imsirovic headed to the Bahamas for his biggest cash to date - $160k for winning the $10k PCA.  August, Imsirovic had racked up almost $1 Million in cashes and was quickly recognized as a rising star in the poker world.

Favorite Color Is Purple

If you had not heard of Imsirovic, you did when the Poker Masters were held in September 2018.  Imsirovic final tabled 3 of the first 6 events, winning 2 events back-to-back for over $1.25 Million and captured the Purple Jacket as the overall champion of the high roller series.  From there, Imsirovic was in the high roller circuit full time, heading back to the Caribbean for a $400k cash in the $50k Super High Roller, and placed 7th in the Super High Roller Bowl in December for another $540k.

2021 – Imsirovic Dominates but Was It Legit?

In 2021 Imsirovic dominated poker, winning 14 high roller events as part of the PokerGo Tour, which vaulted him to PokerGo Tour Player of the Year honors.  He recorded over 50 major cashes in 2021, 23 of which were 6 figures, capped off by a $695k victory of the $25k High Roller at the WPT Rock N Roll Open in November.  All helped Imsirovic captured the GPI Player of the Year.  But in April 2022 allegations started coming out that it may not have all been above board.  The most serious allegations were that Imsirovic colluded with players he financially backed at live tournaments. 

Pros accused Imsirovic of being involved in chip dumping to his horses in tournaments and doing what he could to maximize his returns.  He was potentially caught on stream looking at another player’s cards at the $250k Super High Roller Bowl – to which he responded silently by showing up the next day with sunglasses.  The issues were not only live – some of his horses have been questioned by a sudden change in style of play online, suggesting he was ghosting those accounts, and others have said that he used real-time assistance tools while playing.

Imsirovic – Public Enemy #1 at the 2022 WSOP

These accusations did not stop Imsirovic from playing in the 2022 WSOP Main event – where he ran deep, finishing 229th for $46k, but it will stop him from playing on GG Poker as he has been banned from playing there.  Social media constantly criticized officials from the WSOP from allowing Imsirovic – and other alleged cheaters – from playing in the series and some news outlets avoided covering those named in reports, but they had to when Imsirovic made day 5 of the main event, garnering even more complaints from those watching the event.

Imsirovic has not addressed these allegations directly and it remains to be seen if he ever will.  One thing that is known is that poker players and fans will always view Imsirovic’s success with an asterisk next to his name.

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