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If you’ve spent any amount of time perusing online sports betting sites or sports betting forums, you will have undoubtedly come across accumulator bets. In fact, you’ll often find many betting providers offering interesting promotions relating to these betting types.

The accumulator betting system is hugely popular today with regular bettors looking for ways to make big profits across a wide range of markets and sporting types. The beauty of an accumulator bet, is that it allows you to combine several different bets into one single total bet. For this reason, accumulator bets are also known as combination bets and are often referred to as ACCA’s or Combi’s, depending on which sports betting provider you happen to be visiting.

But, how well do accumulator bets actually work in a real-world sports betting situation? Are they practical or profitable enough to justify consideration? If you’re new to online sports betting, can you create an accumulator bet and apply it easily enough? What are the advantages or disadvantages to accumulator bets? We breakdown accumulator bets in this easy to follow betting guide to see if accumulators are the ideal bet for you.

Accumulator Bet Quick-Facts

  • Combines several single bets into one.
  • You can have as many as ten or more combination bets per ACCA.
  • Potentially high profits possible.
  • Great for sports where many markets are available.
  • Works well with smaller combinations.

Accumulator Bet Breakdown

The accumulator bet is a very interesting option which you will find at most good online sports betting sites. In order to create an accumulator bet, you will need to have at least two bets to add to your accumulator bet calculator. The big advantage here is that you will be able to bet on more than one event at the same time, creating a convenient and exciting betting option. Accumulator bets help to increase your odds and can even combine bets from different sporting codes altogether. However, it should also be noted that accumulator bet tips will also increase your risk profile since the only way to win an accumulator bet is to get all of your predictions correct.

Example of accumulator bet

Getting started with accumulator bets is very easy to do and is an option that is available to all levels of experience. How you go about setting up your accumulator bet will depend on how your chosen sportsbook chooses to do things. Some sports betting providers will already feature the accumulator option, while others will give you the option to go for an accumulator within your betting slip. In this case you can choose to either combine bets or place them as singles.

Considering the odds for each proposed bet is very important when putting together your accumulator or ACCA. Unlike single bets or 2 way bets where the final odds are stated, accumulator bets are calculated as a total of the odds of each single bet entered into the accumulator. This also gives you your total potential profit, provided all your bets come in.

Let’s assume for the sake of this guide you decide to stake 5 euros on a 4-leg accumulator with decimal odds of: 1.5, 1.4, 3, 5.

  • Your total returns would be – 5 Eur * 1.5 * 1.4 * 3 * 5 = €145
  • To work out your total profit for this accumulator:  Total profit = Total Returns - Initial Stake = €140
  • If you prefer using fractional odds for your accumulator bets:
  • Total Returns = €5 * (1/2 + 1) * (2/5 + 1) * (2/1 + 1) * (4/1 + 1) = €145

Points to Consider

Accumulator big winner in UK

One of the most important points to consider for your accumulator betting strategy is the risk involved. While it may be tempting to get carried away with the excitement of combining different bets into one big combination, with every addition, your risk rises as well. This is why it is always important to pick value bets that make sense and would be good as part of a combi bet. To minimize your risk when putting together accumulator bets:

  • Do as much research as you can into each bet as you can.
  • Keep your accumulators as small as you can to minimize risk.
  • Avoid using the same tip over multiple bets.

Some sports betting providers will also offer accumulator insurance as part of the promotions. This can be a good opportunity to still win, even if one of your legs ends up losing. You will often find acca insurance promotions with football (soccer) markets as well as horse racing, dog racing and one or two other sports.

Accumulator Bet FAQ

  • What is an ACCA Boost?

    Some sports betting providers will offer a type of bonus to encourage their players to take accumulators. An accumulator or combination bonus may kick in if you take more than three or four picks in your accumulator. This can include a 5% boost on your winning profits or similar bonus.
  • What is ACCA Insurance?

    Accumulator insurance is offered by many top sports betting providers as part of their bonuses or promotions. Insurance is usually offered on at least a 5-pick accumulator and, if one of those picks loses, you will get a return, usually in the form of a free bet.
  • Where do I find accumulator bets?

    Most good sportsbooks will offer some sort of accumulator bet. Depending on the betting provider, some will refer to their accumulator bets as combination bets or ‘combi bets’. ACCA is another name for accumulator bets which you may also come across.

Final Thoughts: Accumulator Bet – Combined bets = High Profits

Accumulator bets can be a fantastic way to make a bundle very quickly. One of the best features of the accumulator bet, is that it provides you the opportunity to combine a wide range of interesting bets over a number of different sports. This is ideal if you happen to be the type of bettor that enjoys different sports or, follows multiple games within the same sport.