Record-Breaking Colossus is #1 When it Comes to #2

We’re past the halfway mark at the 2015 World Series of Poker and the numbers are rolling in at record pace.

In a recent press release, WSOP officials reported a number of records broken and increased attendance.

In the first 34 events attendance was up 48% from last year, putting the 2015 WSOP on track to be the largest in history.

A lot of this was due to The Colossus, which became the largest live poker tournament ever held after it drew 22,374 entries.

But that wasn’t the only record the $565 buy-in tournament broke. Aside from the “largest-live-tournament” title The Colossus beat seven other records.

The Records

Most unique players in any poker tournament: 14,284
Most players to ever cash in one poker event: 2,241
Number of countries represented in one event: 98
Largest prize pool for any event under $5,000: $11,187,000
Largest 1st place prize for a $1,000 or under buy-in: $638,880
Best single day attendance at WSOP: 12,172
Largest live re-entry event ever held: 22,374

A Missing Record

That’s just the tip of the iceberg though. Aside from the records mentioned above The Colossus also broke the record for most poop created in a poker tournament.

In total, the 22,374 entrants created an estimated 69,186.09 ounces of poop. That’s close to 4,324 lbs of dookie, about the same weight as a Dodge Charger. 

This colossal load is also nearly the same amount of weight the SpaceX CSR-6 mission took into space in April. The mission was powered by the Falcon 9 rocket, which has launch prices of up to $2,500 per pound sent into orbit. 

That means Colossus players could’ve sent their combined feces past the stratosphere for $10,810,325 and still have had $376,675.00 left in the prize pool to play for.

But players decided to flush their space slugs instead and play for the full $11.19 million.

Colossal Water Saving

While this may seem like a lot of water The Colossus actually helped save drought-ridden California at least 3,200 gallons of water. That’s enough water to fill a round, five-foot deep pool with a 5.2 ft radius.

Out of the 22,374 entries, 4,624 hailed from the Golden State. These Californians were responsible for 20.67 percent of all entries and feces created during The Colossus.

With the average dookie coming in at about 1 pound, Californians dumped and flushed an estimated 1,191 times at the Rio.

If we factor in miscellaneous toilet flushes, showers and sink usage, The Colossus could go down in history as the most environmentally-friendly, water-saving poker tournament in Californian history.

Take that One Drop. These numbers should be taken with a grain of fiber though.

The Breakdown

While fecal studies have advanced loads in the past century, it still isn’t an accurate science. Luckily there’s enough data on The Colossus to help reduce the margin of error.

On average, humans produce one ounce of poop per day for every 12 pounds of bodyweight.

Latin America149.691920.86%
North America177.9120,81593.03%

With worldwide body weight averages and Colossus country information, it was deduced that the average Colossus entrant weighed in at 175.64 pounds.

This would result in an average fecal production of 14.64 ounces per player per day, but the record books are only concerned with excreta created during The Colossus.

For simplicity’s sake, a steady deterioration rate was applied to each 40-minute level of day 1s to calculate the total amount of sea pickles produced.

Not surprisingly, Day 1s were responsible for the vast majority of poop created during The Colossus. With about 75 percent of production coming from Day 1, fecal formation steadily declined until Cord Garcia won the tournament and $638,880.

While almost statistically insignificant, the final nine players produced an estimated 1.22lbs of dookie during the nearly six-hour final table.

PlayerTime at Final TableTotal Poop (Oz)*
Cord Garcia5:553.65
Bradley McFarland5:553.65
Ray Henson5:043.13
Paul Lentz4:543.03
Kenny Hallaert4:192.34
Aditya Prasetyo4:012.48
Garry Simms1:090.71
David Farber0:310.32
Anthony Bland0:180.19
Total 19.50

*Numbers calculated using average European weight for Kenny Hallaert and average North American weight for the other players.

This brings the total up to 69,186.08 ounces, or 4,324.13 lbs.

While no other records of fecal production during poker tournaments could be found, it’s safe to assume that this is another record set by the 2015 Colossus.

Can the WSOP outdo itself next year?

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