888poker Team Pros Nitsche, Lövgren, Glazier Shoot for Big 2016

Sofia Lovgren 2015 BOM 3

2015 was a very good year for 888poker and its elite team of sponsored players.

It established itself as the second-largest online poker site in the world and had tremendous success with its 888Live poker tour.

The 888Live and 888Live Local series, aimed squarely at recreational poker players, found big fields across Europe and expanded all the way to Australia and the hottest poker market in the world right now, Brazil.

In December the first Brazilian edition drew a record field of 1,404 players to make it by far the largest event of the 888Live series yet.

With even more exciting developments ahead for the New Year 888poker team pros Dominik Nitsche, Sofia Lövgren, Jackie Glazier and Nicolau Villa-Lobos look back on 2015 and share their goals for the year to come.

Sofia Lövgren

The long-serving Swedish ace of 888poker has put together a whole list of resolutions for this year.

Sofia Lovgren 0830
Goldmines everywhere!

But first, her recap of the highlights of 2015:

“Playing live cash games was by far the best, poker-wise, for me this year. This year I found some poker gold mines that I didn't know existed before!

"The value of the games you can find in some casinos is amazing.”

Her to-do list for the New Year:

  • Play a lot online on 888poker both cash games and tournaments
  • Play 20 live tournaments including the WSOP
  • Play in Macau and in Australia
  • Promote poker in the TV show Girl Got Game
  • Stay in shape

Dominik Nitsche

The German poker machine apparently considers New Year resolutions –EV:

On a mission for #4.

“I'm not one to make New Year resolutions as I find the idea of waiting for the New Year to come before making changes pretty silly.

"If there is something that needs to be changed, I like to do it sooner rather than later.”

The one thing that still is on his mind for 2016 is not a big surprise if you've followed Nitsche’s career:

“I want nothing more than to win my fourth bracelet and I can't wait for the summer!”

Jackie Glazier

888Live poker came to Australia in 2015 for the first time in the form of Jackie Glazier's own "Jackstar" event in Adelaide.

glazier vassilopoulos
Jackstar Live a major highlight.

It was the definite highlight of Glazier’s year, she says, and even more memorable as she managed to finish third in the event.

2015 also presented the biggest challenge in her career so far as she went on her worst downswing yet. But she’s proud of not letting herself down:

“I believe the way you handle this period will ultimately test your resilience in this tough profession.

"Even after such a disappointing year I am super excited about the future and confident I will have a lot more success in 2016.”

Her goals for 2016:

  • Increase volume of online poker hands
  • Spend more time Twitch live streaming
  • Win another WSOP bracelet
  • Win any open poker event
  • Reduce golf handicap to a single number

Nicolau Villa-Lobos

The highest-GPI-ranking Brazilian team pro with 888poker looks back on a busy, but also very gratifying year:

“Definitely, I learned a lot this year, and it made me really happy to see a lot of people in Brazil who admire my game and me. Lost count on the miles I traveled and, as usual, only great experiences.”

Nicolau Villa-Lobos

Villa-Lobos added 12 live cashes to his resume and he’s now ready to start giving back.

“Main poker goal is to spread knowledge. Really focused on the coaching program I will release next year.”

Like his fellow Brazilian teammates he’s looking at 2016 with mixed feelings when it comes to poker in Brazil.

On the one hand poker is growing in Brazil faster than anywhere else but on the other hand it’s unsure whether poker will be regulated this year or not.

“Brazil is going through the regulation phase and it's really hard to predict." says Villa-Lobos. It’s a “really important year for the Brazilian market, and I want to keep my spot.”

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