888poker Millions Superstorm Series 2020 Has $8 Million GTD

The long-awaited 888poker Millions Superstorm series 2020 is currently underway with a total of 480 events to boot. This is the biggest series 888poker has ever had – with 8 million guaranteed across the board. Here’s what you could get in for.

It all started last Thursday, September 10th with 15 exciting tournaments to kick off the 888poker Millions Superstorm series. There will be events on the daily until October 10th with an additional 13 prime events taking place. It all leads up to the stormy $1 Million Main Event highlight on Sunday, October 11th - with buy-ins for $320. If that's too steep - no worries - there are plenty of other ways to qualify. But only if you’re an 888poker player so make sure you sign up via PLAY HERE below for a bonus.

888poker Millions Superstorm Schedule With 480 Events

With such a downpour of events, there’s really something for everyone. You’ll find two events running at 18:00 GMT daily in the client, which vary as the month goes on. And there are a total of 480 events to wade through. So have a look at what tickles your fancy from the events listed below. These also have a sidekick mini-event to go with them that will surely suit your budget. Buy-ins for the mini events are just $5.50, $22 or $55. As opposed to the bigger events which range from $53 to $530.

Weekly Dates 10/9 - 9/10
GTD Prize Pool
Thursdays 18:00 GMT888 Millions PKO 8-Max$160$50,000
888 Millions Mini PKO 8-Max$22$20,000
Fridays 18:00 GMT888 Millions DeepStack$55$30,000
888 Millions Mini DeepStack$22$20,000
Saturdays 18:00 GMT888 Millions 6-Max$109$30,000
888 Millions Mini 6-Max$22$20,000
Sundays 17:00 GMT888 Millions Sunday Special$215$100,000
17:30 GMT888 Millions Mini Sunday Special$55$50,000
Mondays 18:00 GMT888 Millions R&A $33$25,000
888 Millions Mini R&A$5.50$15,000
Tuesdays 18:00 GMT888 Millions High Roller$530$100,000
888 Millions Mini High Roller$55$30,000
Wednesdays 18:00 GMT888 Millions PKO$109$50,000
888 Millions Mini PKO$22$20,000
SUNDAY 11/10 20:00 GMT888 Millions Superstorm ME (DAY 2)$320$1,000,000

There are also 13 prime tournament events to round out the schedule every day. Mark your calendar for these events below because you can play any ones you want - as many times as you want! 

Daily Events (GMT)TournamentBuy-inGTD Prize Pool
13:15888 Millions $16.50 PKO - $5,000 GTD$16.50$5,000
14:15888 Millions $44 PKO 8-Max - $5,000 GTD$44$5,000
15:30888 Millions $88 PKO 8-Max - $10,000 GTD$88$10,000
15:30888 Millions $33 BIG Fish - $12,000 GTD$33$12,000
16:30888 Millions Mega Deep - $12,000 GTD$109$12,000
16:30888 Millions $22 PKO - $8,000 GTD$22$8,000
17:00888 Millions $7.50 PKO 8-Max - $6,000 GTD$7.50$6,000
17:30888 Millions Monsoon - $12,000 GTD$55$12,000
18:00888 Millions $16.50 BIG Fish - $15,000$16.50$15,000
18:30888 Millions $33 BIG Fish - $12,000 GTD$33$12,000
18:31888 Millions $5.50 BIG Fish - $7,000 GTD$5.50$7,000
20:00888 Millions $55 PKO 6-Max - $10,000 GTD$55$10,000
21:00888 Millions $22 PKO - $8,000 GTD$22$8,000

You won’t find the 888 Millions Monsoon $12,000 GTD on Sunday, October 11th.
Because this is when the 888 Millions Mini Main Event will take place with $75,000 GTD.

The 888poker $1 Million Superstorm Main Event

The $1 Million Main Event is a multi-flight one with a $320 buy-in. So right now, there are the Day 1s of the 888 Millions Superstorm ME happening. And they’ll continue running daily until Day 2 on October 11th, which starts at 20:00 GMT.

888poker Million Superstorm Main Event

888poker players who sign up through us can get part of the $1,000,000 pool by doing any of the following:

  • Buy in directly for $320
  • Win a ticket from 888poker’s $1M Giveaway
  • Play satellites to qualify with entry of just a few cents
  • Join Live Stream Contests for a Main Event ticket 

Live Streaming Throughout the Series

888poker is live streaming the following events on their Facebook and YouTube channels with David Tuchman and Nick Wealthall commentating. Plus many special guests and 888poker ambassadors joining. This is where you can join in the ticket giveaways and freerolls for the $8M Millions Superstorm Main Event. So make sure you’re tuned in on the following dates:

  • Sunday, Sep 13 - 888 Millions Sunday Special - $100,000 GTD
  • Tuesday, Sep 15 - 888 Millions High Roller - $100,000 GTD
  • Sunday, Sep 27 - 888 Millions Sunday Special - $100,000 GTD
  • Sunday, Oct 4 - 888 Millions Sunday Special - $100,000 GTD
  • Tuesday, Oct 6 - 888 Millions High Roller - $100,000 GTD
  • Sunday, Oct 11 - 888 Millions Superstorm ME - $1,000,000 GTD (DAY 2)

Millions Superstorm Freerolls

You can check out the three daily freerolls that award tickets into the $1M BLAST promo. Plus the Cash Freerolls and the Millions Superstorm Daily Freerolls for entry into the Main Event. You can win freeroll tickets by completing challenges, like:

  • Sports betting
  • Casino play
  • Tournament play
  • Winning a hand with QJ in cash games

More 888poker Promotions to Watch for

Aside from the $8M Millions Superstorm Series with a $1,000,000 Main Event, you can also get in other massive promos:

  • $1M BLAST: Not one, but three $1,000,000 BLAST prize pools.
  • $1M Giveaway: Win bonuses, tickets, and seats to our $1,000,000 Main Event!

So you have plenty of opportunities to start from the bottom or work your way up. Or just dive right in and play as many of the 480 tournaments on the schedule as you can. Just be sure to open your 888poker account below and claim your sign up bonus for a bankroll boost.

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2020-09-29 21:44:26

I won a ticket for $16.50 PKO 8-Max – 10 seats GTD in 888poker tournament. I don’t know what’s next.

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