5 Reasons I Hate Google Chrome OS

Published On: 14 January 2010 / Modified: 31 July 2018
Created By: Sean Lind
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In case you haven’t heard (really?), Google has re-invented the wheel, and is gearing up to release their brand new Operating System.

Until this year (it’ll like be released in the second half of 2010), there have been three choices for operating systems:


  • Windows (PC)
  • OSX (Mac)
  • Linux (Geek)

Yes there are hundreds of different flavors and versions, but there really are only three main OS’s being used by any sort of numbers.

That is until Google announced they’re going to change the world with Chrome OS. 

Since it’s not out yet, it’s not possible to tell you everything about it, but we already know a lot. Here are the facts:

  • Open source, this means it’s free.
  • Is built to run on specific hardware with no local data storage.
  • Requires the internet to function.
  • No programs are installed locally; all applications used must be Web Apps.
  • There are no program updates, patches or viruses, since nothing is actually stored on your computer.
  • You can never “lose” data, since it’s always stored on Google’s servers.

Well, instead of writing out all the facts about Chrome, just watch their video:

Here’s a video showing an early “concept” version of Chrome. The actual version is planned to look and function almost exactly like you see here.

So now you know what Chrome OS is. Here’s why I hate it:

5) Privacy

I just had a huge argument with a good friend of mine about this issue. The problem I have is this: Once you’re using Chrome OS, Google now has access to, indexes and stores everything you do in your life. This means they have 100% full access to:

  • Your email
  • Your documents
  • Everything you ever search or do on the web
  • Every conversation you ever have with any other person online
  • All Personal information you put online
  • Phone calls (assuming you start using Google’s phone services)
  • All images you have or view
  • Every video you ever search for, or look at online

Now to me, this seems like a gross violation of privacy. My friend’s argument is that even if you don’t use Chrome OS, the same stuff is already happening to you.

Go read the privacy agreement you accepted with Facebook, you’ve given them access to everything but your second born … your first born belongs to them.

Lots of programs you have installed already have the ability to scan every file and process on your computer and send back the information to the owners of the product.

So his argument is “You’re already screwed, so why not get screwed while using a product that actually works?”

My argument is this: Other companies are being sneaky, or are outright stealing information on you. With Chrome OS, you’re offering to give it all to them. Seems like lying down without a fight.

There have been many claims and theories about Google having a connection with the FBI, CIA or other government agencies, but as of yet it has never been confirmed as fact.

Who knows, maybe Google saves records of everything you ever do on your computer just for fun (they say it’s for targeting specific advertising to specific users).

4) Auto Updating

Although some people call this a perk, the fact that since every program you’re using is a web app means you never have to update any program, ever. Once there’s an update the program will be updated. You’ll never have to actually do anything yourself.

Unfortunately, this isn’t really a good thing. Not every update makes a program better; in fact some updates make programs significantly worse. But most of all, I don’t like the idea that absolutely everything I do on my computer is out of my control.

If they decide they don’t like your favorite web app and remove it, too bad, it’s gone. Although this may never actually be a problem it still bugs me.

It’s like when I yell at my roommate when he puts my chef knife in the sink. I’ve never cut off my fingertip before, but just knowing that it could happen upsets me.

3) Forced Google Gears Monopoly

The world erupted in a cry of “monopoly” and “un-ethical business practices” when Microsoft first packaged Internet Explorer with Windows.

They said that it created a monopoly, and killed the business of any other browser, such as Netscape (which was kind of big back in those days).

Now with Google OS, you literally cannot use any browser other than Chrome. You can’t use any word processor other than Google docs (until someone else builds a web-based office suite). In fact, at this point, you can’t do ANYTHING on your computer, unless it’s made by Google.

Not only is this about 18 million times worse than what Microsoft did, no one’s putting up any resistance.

Sure, Chrome OS is free, so it’s hard to say that anything it does is un-ethical, but let’s be serious. If no one who purchases a Chrome OS Netbook has the ability to use any browser other than chrome, that seems like the definition of a monopoly.

Finally, Chrome doesn’t even work for some web pages. About 10% of the work I do on the internet is incompatible with Chrome. As much as I like the browser (yes I’m a hypocrite), I can’t function online if it’s my only choice. Yes, these incompatibilities are a result of poorly written code, and web pages using non-standard compliant functions.

City roads aren't supposed to have potholes either, but that doesn't mean you should build a car without struts. I wish everyone who wrote web pages did it correctly, but until that wish comes true, I need access to a browser that actually works.

2) No Local Files

It seems really nice that you never have to backup your data, can never lose data, and any computer you ever sit at (using Chrome OS or the Google web apps) will have access to all of your data.

Seems really convenient right?

Here are the problems:

  • The hundreds or thousands of songs you’ve downloaded (and paid for, obviously), are no longer of any use to you. You can’t store them on your computer. To use them you need to carry an external hard drive, and you have to find a web app which will read that HD and play the songs. As of right now, I don’t know of any such app.

  • Every video you have, same problem you’ll have with music. There’s no such thing as an in-browser VLC media player.
  • Also, if you can’t store local files, it’s no longer possible to have a database on your computer. This means no more poker hand databases, or player notes.

1) No Local Programs

It’s not really important that you can’t store a local database of poker hands, since you can no longer install any programs. This means a couple of things for us poker players:

  • You can only play on sites which offer in-browser online play.
  • It’s impossible to use Poker Tracker, Hold’em Manager or any other poker database/HUD/stats tool.
  • You can’t save player notes on any site which stores these notes on your local drive. As far as I know, all poker sites operate this way.

Even away from the poker world, no local programs means: No local games (shut down your COD:MW2 or WOW account), Photoshop, Video Editing, Winamp, iTunes (ohh yeah, you can’t update your iPod or iPhone anymore), Skype, Outlook, Thunderbird… basically everything you use on your computer every day, well you can’t anymore.

Unless the only things you ever do on your computer are: Email (online email only), Internet browsing and occasional word processing (you must have constant, reliable, internet connection) then Chrome OS is not for you.

In short, Chrome OS is probably the perfect operating system for your grandmother, or your step mother who has never turned on a computer before. But for anyone who uses a computer, plays games, or more importantly plays online poker, stay far away.

Before I sign off, I do want to mention that I absolutely love the idea of Google Chrome OS. It's a huge step forward in how we believe computers should function, and it truly has the ability to change the world via the technology we use every day. I'm glad they came out with it, as I believe it's the first step towards a rather awesome future of technology.

Unfortunately, these first steps are almost certain to include a stumble or two. Until everything we do on a computer embraces the idea of constant connectivity, and 3rd party data management, Chrome OS will never be the best OS choice for the serious computer user.



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old guy 2012-12-15 08:34:08

The problem with the Chrome OS, Windows 8, and the other "cloud computing" solutions is that we have done it all before and it was determined that it was not that good of an idea. It was called mainframe or centralized computing. Everything is great when it works, but if the connection goes down, then nothing works. The thing that some people don't realize about "cloud computing" is that Google owns thousands of square feet of Data Center space and pays millions in energy costs to hold your data in multiple locations to sell it to the first person that asks for it.

Angryperson 2012-07-01 10:48:22

It deleted all my bookmarks and i can't gettem back. i had over 200

GoogleLover!!!!XXOO 2012-05-04 22:49:21

Wow. I can't believe you would say this about the best company in the world. I hear they build chrome on top of the backs of 1000s of dead babies! Isn't it wonderful they recycle dead fetuses. I am sure you didn't know this but now you do it will definitely change your mind. How can you hate a green and clean company that cares about the environment so much? Down with dead babies! Up with Google! Chrome rules.

In all seriousness. I hate chrome. And for more than 5 reasons. Blah.

leanne 2012-04-03 21:16:53

i hate google chrome - it confused me from the beginning. It was not user friendly - i couldn't figure it out. It always confused things. i hate the big round disc for the logo. i will change browsers before i use it. and what does chrome mean anyway?? I don't get it. It was never easy to use

gigi 2012-02-03 16:55:25

why don't you just shut the ****up! I can't find a thing..
I know you control us but you suck!

Joe 2011-07-28 19:10:46

You're reasons you hate Google OS are garbage.
5 was: I don’t care if people steal from me, just don’t tell me about it. I don’t like an honest thief.
4 was: I don’t want my programs to auto-update, on the off chance they don’t work (by the way, I’m about to tell you that there are no programs, and that nothing that updates is useful. But I still don’t want them to update).
3 was: Google monopoly. Yea sure is, if you buy one of the TWO netbooks that run it, or you go get it for FREE. They have a real strangle-hold……. Look up what a monopoly is.
1 &2 were the same complaint. Nothing Local, which would be bad. IF THAT WASN’T THE POINT.
If you wanted Google OS to catch up to the abilities of 2-3 decade old operating systems, on its launch, then yea you hate it. What a fail list.

Chris 2011-04-05 02:54:06

Chrome is the best browser. DIE IE DIE. I'm tired of writing alternatives for that stupid browser. these are terrible reasons to hate google chrome. fail overall.

No thanks 2011-03-04 00:54:38

This would be great on a netbook honestly. My boyfriend has to spend near two hours commuting on a bus. Having an OS like this would definitely help his small netbook run more smoothly. Right now it's so sluggish. This would be great even for someone like my dad who only uses a pc to surf the net, and skype. Plus this might even prevent him from infecting his PC since he tends to download programs to help speed up the PC, to clean up registry etc... I've told him to not touch his new pc at all :P We'll see how long that lasts

FKhyber 2010-10-25 05:48:50

Sounds complicated and dizzy especially with the viewer comments, but it more depends on your working situation, if you are involving with Internet a lot i think it is good to use it and if you are not using internet much more like we don't use it in our country (Afghanistan) because we don't have it, it would be to our benefit to stay with windows ... but i like the idea.

Aspie 2010-10-06 20:30:54

Um, Google Chrome is not an OS, it's a web browser...

I only use Mozilla Firefox, it's the best and has the best security, and way better becuase it's more user friendly.

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