5 Poker Gadgets (or Accessories) You Need Right Now

Published On: 28 July 2015 / Modified: 19 December 2018
Created By: Sophie Jackson

Throw out your old, greasy, discolored deck of nudie cards and your wafer-thin, cheap, red-white-and-blue plastic poker chips.

There’s no room for mundanity in the first-class casino that is your living room (or swimming pool).

Bold, random and a bit ridiculous these poker accessories might even be enough to distract opponents from your weakest game play.

Futuristic LED Poker Table

Is there a poker scene in Tron? Maybe not - but this is what the card table would look like if there was.

Flashy, slick and color-changing this table provides the perfect ambiance to a dark room and is reminiscent of retro arcade designs.

Though these neon-blazed tables are yet to hit the market nothing beats customizing your own poker table. Especially not when you can make one yourself for under $300.

You don’t need a bunch of wood work experience -- just some spare time on your hands and a decent CAD plan. Impress your friends by hosting the most futuristic poker night ever.

Massively Oversized Playing Cards

giant house of cards

Go big or go home. At least that’s the attitude that inspired Vat19 to design the world’s largest playing cards.

The online shop’s weird-but-wonderful products range from nifty and genius to absurd and pointless. In the case of these playing cards the latter category probably applies.

Needless to say playing with this gigantic card deck is guaranteed to result in some laughs. Rearrange the furniture, make space on the floor and you’re ready for an oversized game of Texas Hold'em. Or perhaps, more fittingly, Crazy Pineapple.

Check out their awesome promotional video which should give you some indication as to why Vat19 might just be the wackiest team of innovators ever.

Pirate Gold Poker Chips

pirate gold poker chips 1

These unique pirate-themed poker chips are an awesome accessory with which to rejuvenate your poker nights. They even come in their own treasure chest with ruby replicas scattered across the top for a glimmering effect.

Australian company ‘Onepointsix’ designed these chips, each of which features a skull motif. Made out of artificially worn and heavy material the pirate gold chips have an amazing feel to them.

If you like the idea of becoming a poker pirate (and we know you do), order your own chest of treasure chips soon - these are limited edition!

Lady Gaga’s Video Glasses from ‘Poker Face’

lady gaga video glasses

The avant garde music video for Gaga’s euphemistic Poker Face features a lot of offbeat fashion, including a latex swimsuit and manga-style make up.

Most iconic, however, are the square video glasses that flash with text. The glasses are not only fantastically cool but a great choice of concealment if your own poker face isn’t too good.

On the other hand you won’t be able to see anything out of them. Not even your own cards. But you’ll look cool. Honest.

Making your own video glasses is surprisingly easy and doesn’t require much investment. All you need is the frame of normal glasses, two digital photo key chains and some glue!

Inflatable Pool Poker


Ever wished you could play poker in a pool? Of course not - why would that thought ever cross your mind?

Well, it must have crossed someone’s mind because you can now buy an inflatable poker table with floating chairs and a waterproof poker set.

Sun, cocktails, a swimming pool and poker – we guess the combination makes sense.


There you have it. Five awesome and totally affordable products that will stop people from falling asleep during your poker night! Step things up even further with a poker-appropriate playlist, a generous selection of drinks and the right kind of guests.

If we missed any quirky poker gadgets and accessories you've enjoyed, let us know in the comments.


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