2014 Spirit of Poker Awards Rising Star Nominee: Yngve Steen

Yngve Steen
Yngve Steen at 2014 WSOP Main Event

One of poker’s most promising players, Norway's Yngve Steen more than earned his nomination for the PokerListings Spirit of Poker Rising Star Award over the past year.

Steen crushed the Norwegian Championships in Dublin and was named "Player of the Championship" for winning one event and final-tabling two others.

He was so strong, even, that Elisabeth Hille said she hoped to never sit at the same poker table with him again after being destroyed in the final of the heads-up championship.

Not impressive enough? Try a near miss for his first WSOP bracelet last summer (he finished 4th in a $1,500 event) and claiming the overall leaderboard title in the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP).

While his accomplishments may have been overlooked by the general poker-playing public, PokerListings Editors noticed his talents repeatedly and he was among the first on our 2014 Rising Star nominee list.

PokerListings Norway's Thomas Hviid reached Steen by email during the WSOP Main Event - where he unsurprisingly also ended up in the money - to find out more about his fantastic year.

PokerListings: You've been nominated for a 2014 PokerListings Spirit of Poker Award. How does it feel?

yngve steen5
"I have always just been very fascinated by the game."

Yngve Steen: It is very nice that somebody has noticed my results so it feels very nice!

PL: How do you feel about your experience playing poker over the past year?

YS: 2013 was a very good year for me, live as well as online. 2014 also started really well with a deep run in the PCA Main Event, a title and two final tables at the Norwegian Championships and a couple of final tables at side events at the EPT.

PL: Can you tell us how you started with poker?

YS: I was invited for a 100 NOK poker game by some friends and although I was really bad at it I instantly became fascinated by the game.

Then I started reading poker books and watch poker on TV and then I began to play a lot online.

PL: Is there anything/anyone that's had a lot of influence on your development as a poker player?

YS: No, nobody in particular. I have always just been very fascinated by the game, which has led to reading and watching a lot about poker and thinking about new strategies.

PL: You've had great results both online and live. Which of the two is closest to your heart?

Thor Hansen
Thor Hansen the definition of Living Legend.

YS: It is very hard to answer, they have each their pros and cons. Online poker is nice because you can play when you want and you don’t have to leave friends and family, but the level is often tougher than playing live.

In live poker you travel around to many places in the world, meet new people and experience some interesting things which you would not have done by just playing online.

But it is very expensive to travel around to the big tournaments so you are under a lot of pressure to deliver results over the short term, which is not so much fun.

PL: Who would you vote for in the other categories of the PokerListings Spirit of Poker Awards?

YS: In the Living Legend category, without blinking I voted for Thor Hansen. A more Living Legend you won’t get!

For Most Inspiring Player I voted for Shannon Shorr. He is a very nice guy who has delivered stable and good results for about 10 years live and online.

PL: Give us a good reason why people should vote for you.

YS: I have delivered stable and good results both online and live and I am motivated to continue doing it :-)

The 2014 PokerListings Spirit of Poker Awards will be handed out during a live ceremony at the €500,000 Guaranteed Battle of Malta Nov. 6-9. Vote for Steen and your favorite nominees right here before August 26!

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