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20 Questions with partypoker’s Tony G.

You asked, and Tony G. has answered.

Last month we solicited questions from readers across all of our international sites for partypoker's main man Tony G.

After compiling all of your requests we pared it down to the 20 most illuminating and/or random missives and passed it along.

Classic Tony G. Honesty

Like the gentleman he is the G. responded in kind and gave us some classic Tony G. honesty.

Read on to find out the biggest cash game Tony's ever played in, how much he's lost in a session and who he thinks ruins today's games.

1. What's the biggest cash game you've ever played in? Tell us about the underground Russian high-stakes scene we've heard you're a part of.

All I will say is that I was involved in a $3.15 million pot in a Russian PLO game. It was three handed!

2. How did you make your first bankroll in poker?

I actually washed car windscreens at traffic lights in Australia to get my first bankroll!

Still fresh from his windshield days.

3. You were very vocal about the Full Tilt situation at first but have said little in a long time. Are you no longer interested in calling Howard Lederer out because there's no more gain in it for you? And were you ever involved in a bid to buy it?

I did look at the possibility of buying Full Tilt but it didn’t really get anywhere. I think what these guys did was terrible for poker – they shouldn’t be businessmen. In the end it seems like everything has been sorted out but I do not forgive them.

4. How exactly did you get involved with the Lithuanian National basketball team and what exactly do you do for them? Also how much money have you taken off of them in poker games on bus rides?

I have been involved with Lithuanian national basketball for a few years now – I help with sponsorship and such I am the team manager. The Olympics was a life changing experience – a real highlight. Do any of them qualify to beat me at poker? What do you think? LOL

5. On The big game when you told Hellmuth you hadn't looked at your cards pre-flop all in but you did, would you have done that to any poker player or could you only do that to Phil?

I did apologise to Phil about this but he deserved it didn’t he?

6. Do you talk trash to put people on tilt? Is there anything you've said that's gone over the line and you regret it now?

Talk should definitely be used to extract information in poker. We also have to remember that as poker lovers we have a duty to try and take the game into the mainstream. 6 nits in headphones saying not a word do not do that.

Surinder Sunar
Still has a soft spot for Sunar.

7. What exactly are you doing at partypoker? Are you just a team pro or also a manager?

It is great being with partypoker – my role is of a sponsored pro. I have really enjoyed playing for them in the last few years but they deserve to get a big result from me. It is coming!

8. Can you sponsor our basketball team in Norway (BC Lebara Bergen, a team consisting of Lithuanians living in Norway)?

Send me more details on twitter – I am aware of this team but need to know more.

9. Which poker room do you prefer to play on, besides partypoker;)?

partypoker and obviously bwin. I also like Jungleman to play on any site which he makes me money on!

10. What is your favorite drink?

I like a good vintage port…with a cigar naturally. I like to do this in the Tony G room at Tony Resort…naturally.

11. What was your biggest poker loss in one day?

Seven figures! US$

12. Who do you think is the better poker player – Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu or Phil Ivey?

Ivey is the best I think. Hellmuth is the GOAT (greatest of all time) in tournaments. Daniel is awesome too.

13. Will you play the high-stakes games on Full Tilt now?

I haven’t as yet as I haven’t time but I don’t rule it out. I am better at live cash games though.

14. Is it true that Pokernews is now for a majority owned by PokerStars? If so, do you think it will hurt the credibility of PokerNews?

Not true – someone told me that rumor before but it is news to me.

15. You have missed the last two WSOPs. Any reason for that and do you plan to play next year?

Business really but I am looking at definitely playing in 2013. Sometimes I also find the complete grind very hard – I get distracted easily hence my preference for cash games.

Tony G
Knows a guy with heart when he sees him.

16. One of your most epic final table ever was the one at the WPT Paris 2004 against Surinder Sunar, when you trash-talked him like hell. Did you talk with him after the game, or even later on? If yes, what both of you did say to each other after that battle?

I congratulated him and say hi to him when I see him now from time to time. I tell him to get on his bike too!

17. Would you take a prop bet about trying to beat Felix Baumgartner, the guy who jumped from 39000m high?

Think that might be above me – would love to go to space though like Guy (Laliberte).

18. What is your biggest regret in poker?

That the game today seems so over run with nits – need the good all entertaining days back!

19. How does it feel to be seen as a bad boy? Is it funnier that being seen as a good guy?

I've got big heart but sometimes I get carried away with that and if I do cross the line I apologise.

20. Why did Greg Merson win the WSOP Main Event title?

Because he had heart, commitment, stamina and huge endurance. He was also a great player.

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