Run-Good Event 2: More Bracelets than PH

16 September 2008, Created By: Daniel Skolovy
Run-Good Event 2: More Bracelets than PH

I woke up Saturday morning eager to get started on my regular sit-and-go grind. Normally I fire up 15 tables and play until my eyes bleed, but I knew I had to play the Run-Good Challenge.

So far in its short existence, the Run-Good Challenge (RGC) has proven to be just as much about the table chatter as the play, and I didn't want to miss out on another game of "Who can get the dirtiest word by the chat censor?"

I figured if I tried, I could successfully time my multi-tabling so I would only have four or five final tables going once the RGC popped up.

Unfortunately, I miscalculated - the RGC started a half hour earlier than I thought it did. Twenty minutes into my still-young sit-and-go session another window pops up. Sure enough, it's the RGC, and since my monitor can only handle 15 tables at once, it gets to overlap some other tournaments.

Not exactly how I hoped to start out. Regardless, let's get into some tournament discussion.

At my first table we have none other than PokerListings' own Matt Showell, Amy Calistri, Kid Dynamite, Pokerati Dan, and Yakshi, king of the deuce and new PokerListings blogger.

I really don't play any hands till we're at $50/$100, at which point I begin to open up and steal the blinds a little bit when in position. I take a few pots down with no showdown when this hand comes along.

The blinds are $75/$150 and it's five-handed. Folded to Kid Dynamite; he shoves all-in for $835 from the cut-off. I have $2,500ish chips in the big blind, and elect to call with A 9. The pot is already $1,060 and I have to call $685 more.

I have a good ace versus a short-stack player with less than 6BBs. Also, I've seen him push once or twice before. This leads me to believe he could be doing it somewhat light - and rightfully so; with 6BBs you should definitely be getting it in fairly often.

I make the call, getting 1.5-1, and it turns out to be a good one when he tables K 9. I am a 70-30 favorite to win but unfortunately for me the board doesn't cooperate. The flop comes K 5 J and I fail to improve on the turn and river. I double Dynamite up to $1,745 while I'm cut down to $1,720.

The very next hand Pokerati Dan limps off the button and I shove from the small blind with A T. Showell folds in the big blind and Dan sheriffs it up with K J.

The board comes and goes queen-high, with neither of us having a piece, and my ace-high is good for the double-up to $3,590. The "other" Dan is left with $380 chips.

The next hand I'm dealt J J and bust the other Dan on a 3 7 4 J 8 board.

That elimination takes us to the final table, where the Spaceman, Dr. Pauly, PokerShrink, Shamus and Change100 join us.

After a few hands of $100/$200 play it's folded to Dynamite in the cut-off, who ships all-in for $2,420. Obviously a card rack, I wake up to A K in the small blind and call. Everyone else folds and when I hit a king on the flop, Dynamite's A 2 is drawing all but dead.

Now by far and away I have the chip lead with $6,600. My nearest competitor is Short-Stacked Shamus in second with $2,640.

Next hand I get A T on the button. With two shorties in the blinds I shove all-in. The shortest, Spaceman, with $340, makes the call. I flop an ace to win the flip versus his 2 2.

We're now six-handed at $125/$250 with a $25 ante. I'm in the big blind with 8 6 and a $7,654 stack. Change100 ($3,695) limps the button and Showell folds the small blind.

I check my option and the flop comes 2 3 8; I bet $500 and Change100 raises to $1,400. I shove all-in and she snap-calls with 9 7.

I play this hand pretty atrociously. I figured she could have been raising on the come with the As, but there is no reason to put this many chips in with a weak one pair ever, especially on such a dangerous board. I should have folded to the flop raise.

Change100 was playing fairly tight and I had not seen her get out of line once. At very worst here she had an overpair.

Anyway, I am drawing very dead on the turn and she obviously holds for the $7,615 pot. I'm left with just under $4,000 due to being a bonehead.

Next noteworthy hand happens at $200/$400 with a $50 ante. We're still six-handed, so there is $900 in the pot before the cards are even dealt. It's folded to fellow PokerListings-er Matt Showell, who shoves the button for $1,500.

I am in the small blind and have K J. With better than 1.5-1 odds and a big suited king versus a button shove with less than 4BBs, I decide I probably have the best hand now and those times I don't, at least I'm getting decent odds.

I call and he shows Q 9. The flop comes T T J and I manage to duck and dodge his many outs for the win. This leaves me with $5,225 chips and Showell with a sixth-place finish.

Cut to three-handed play - now it's me ($8,670), Shamus ($6,110) and Change100 ($3,220). The blinds are $300/$600 with a $50 ante and I raise to $1,800 on the button with 5 5.

Shamus folds the small blind and Change shoves the big, for $3,220. There's no way I can fold after my raise, so I call and see that I am racing versus her A 8. I somehow lose the flip and double her up to $6,790, putting me as the small stack in a tight field.

That isn't the case for long, though. A few hands later, with the blinds and antes the same as the last hand, I'm in the big blind and Change100's in the small. It's folded to her and she shoves all-in for $6,740. I elect to make the call in the big blind with A 6.

To be honest, this is a fairly marginal call. I have an ace three-handed versus a likely steal. I might be ahead, but those hands that I am ahead to I'm likely only a 60-40 favorite. The hands I'm behind to, I'm very far behind.

This is a call for all my chips and should I fold, I will live to fight another day.

I elect to make the call because I feel I likely have the best hand here and if I don't have the best hand, no big deal; it's not like I can win the money anyway. So I call, flop an ace and hold versus Change100's K T.

Change100 is left crippled and I bust her a few hands later when she shoves 8 5 into my K K.

Going into heads-up play I have a 2-1 lead with $12,000 to Shamus' $6,000. I shove almost all buttons and small blinds with no showdowns until eventually Shamus plays back.

With the blinds $400/$800 and a $75 ante, I raise to $2,400 with Q 8 from the small blind/button. Shamus then ships it in from the big blind for $5,400. I'm getting 2.3-1 and, statistically, not allowed to fold ever. So I make the call.

He shows A Q and dodges the bad beat for a double-up to $10,860, leaving me with $7,140.

I shove my way back to the chip lead when finally I get A K all-in versus Shamus' 8 6. I hit a king on the flop and hold for the RGC Event 2 bracelet.

Another fun tournament. Despite the cramp it put in my regular Saturday multi-tabling, I'm looking forward to next week. I am thinking of going for a Bulls-like threepeat.

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