Money Bubble Doesn't Burst

Rick Salomon leads going into final day.

The remaining nine players gathered around one table with only eight of them set to make the money. There were two short-stacks so the possibility existed for a quick end.

Paul Newey had the smallest stack but he found a perfect spot to add chips on just the third hand of play when he picked up A A and four-bet shoved. It was less than a min-raise and Tobias Reinkemeier called with Q Q.

There was no sweat on the board and UK businessman had a double to stay alive.

Next on the short list was Scott Seiver who ended up all-in with K Q against Daniel Negreanu’s 6 5. Negreanu paired on the flop but Seiver added an open-ended straight draw on the turn before getting the Q on the river for his double.

Two big pots in 13 hands and play settled down. The level ended and tournament staff informed the players they would bag their chips. After just 30 hands they were told to return on Day 3 to play out the bubble.

The players were unhappy with the decision but were eventually overruled by the WSOP staff.

Nine players will return with only eight of them in line to cash in the tournament. Rick Salomon will be their leader and Newey will come back with less than 10 big blinds.

    Chip Counts per WSOP.com

    Rick Salomon - 23,575,000
    Tobias Reinkemeier - 22,825,000
    Daniel Colman - 22,625,000
    Daniel Negreanu - 20,700,000
    Cary Katz - 9,125,000
    Scott Seiver - 8,250,000
    Tom Hall - 7,775,000
    Christop Vogelsang - 7,075,000
    Paul Newey - 4,050,000

Esfandiari Title Defense Falls Short

Antonio Esfandiari
Esfandiari out in 10th.

There will be a new Big One for One Drop champion as Antonio Esfandiari goes out in 10th place. He was among the leaders for much of the day but just missed the final table.

Esfandiari was on the feature table when he three-bet for his final 5 million chips after Tobias Reinkemeier opened.

The bet was called Esfandiari needed help with A 5 against A J and found nothing on the flop. The J on the turn locked the hand up for Reinkemeier and Esfandiari was done.

Reinkemeier takes a turn on top of the leaderobard as the tournament was paused as WSOP staff redraws for the unofficial final table. They are now on a $1.36 million money bubble and none of the remaining players cashed in the inaugural event.

    Chip Counts per WSOP.com

    Tobias Reinkemeier - 22,700,000
    Rick Salomon - 20,100,000
    Daniel Colman - 20,000,000
    Daniel Negreanu - 17,800,000
    Christoph Vogelsang - 13,100,000
    Tom Hall - 11,700,000
    Cary Katz - 11,700,000
    Scott Seiver - 6,100,000
    Paul Newey - 3,370,000

Steven Gets Short; Eliminated in 11th

The field pumped the brakes to slow down and there was little action until Brandon Steven ran into Christoph Volgelsang just before the break.

Steven was knocked down to just two big blinds but managed a few double ups before moving all-in looking for another.

Steven was holding just 1.35 million and Cary Katz called in the dark. He was ahead with Q 9 against Katz’ T 7 and stayed that way until the 7 spiked on the river.

Steven fell just three spots shy of earning his biggest career tournament cash. His November Nine bubble in 2010 remains his best score at $635,011.

    Top 10 stacks per WSOP.com

    Rick Salomon - 21,400,00
    Tobias Reinkemeier - 17,100,000
    Chrisoph Vogelsang - 15,025,000
    Daniel Colman - 13,300,000
    Daniel Negreanu - 12,900,000
    Tom Hall - 11,400,000
    Scott Seiver - 11,100,000
    Cary Katz - 9,975,000
    Antontio Esfandiari - 5,500,000
    Paul Newey - 5,120,000

Goodbye, Mr. Kotter

Gabe Kaplan

Gabe Kaplan was a surprise entrant during this year’s Big One for One Drop tournament and he came just a few spots short of the cash.

The Welcome Back, Kotter star and former WSOP commentator was rarely heard from throughout the day but finally had to take a stand.

Kaplan was a sentimental pick for a lot of fans but he ran out of time. He moved all-in with A Q and Rick Salomon called with 6 6. Kaplan was unable to win the race and was sent out in 12th.

Salomon added to his stack and moved near the lead after running a huge bluff on Chris Vogelsang for a 4 million chip pot.

    Top 5 stacks per WSOP.com

    Tom Hall - 21,800,000
    Rick Salomon - 21,700,000
    Daniel Colman - 15,600,000
    Cary Katz - 12,500,000
    Antonio Esfandiari - 11,200,000

Ivey and Galfond Eliminated

After very little movement, there were a few minutes with a lot of action. Now the field is short two Phils.

Ivey put a jolt in a slow week of poker leading up to the One Drop tournament when he captured his 10th WSOP bracelet. He also settled a lot of bracelet bets placed against himself and Daniel Negreanu.

Ivey lost most of his stack earlier in the day when he doubled up Christoph Vogelsang and was never able to get them back. He is now gone in 13th.

Ivey check-raised for all his chips with a flush draw against Cary Katz who flopped trip Queens. Ivey didn’t make his flush while Katz filled to a boat to knockout a dangerous player.

Galfond was all-in on the feature table just a few minutes later. He doubled up Paul Newey earlier in the level and put his chips in drawing dead.

Galfond shoved after an all-club flop with Q T and Daniel Negreanu was holding an unbeatable K J. Esfandiari was in the middle and called Galfond’s bet but let it go after a re-shove from Negreanu.

Galfond was sent out while Negreanu picked up his chips plus an extra 1.8 million from Esfandiari. Enough to knock the former champion out of the lead.

Only 12 players remain leaving the field just four eliminations from the money.

    Top 5 stacks per WSOP.com

    Tom Hall - 21,800,000
    Rick Salomon - 15,000,000
    Daniel Colman - 14,800,000
    Cary Katz - 12,500,000
    Scott Seiver - 11,800,000

(Video) Doug Polk Says Everyone in One Drop is Worse Than Him

Most poker pros believe they're the best players in any game they happen to find themselves in but few say it with the confidence of Doug "WCGRider" Polk.

The high-stakes online pro has had a huge summer, winning his first WSOP bracelet and cashing for $600k in the Bellagio High Roller, and today he took a shot at the $1m Big One for One Drop.

We spoke to Polk on a break from the world's richest poker tournament and he made no qualms about who he thinks the best player in the tournament is.

He must have gotten unlucky to bust.

20 Million Chip Man

Antonio Esfandiari
Esfandiari continues to lead.

Our defending champ Antonio Esfandiari continues to dominate but the field is not getting any smaller. He has climbed over 20 million chips while others are struggling.

Phil Ivey and Phil Galfond, two of the best players in the field, are the two shortest stack remaining.

Galfond lost most of his stack when he doubled up Paul Newey. They both hit an Ace-high flop but Galfond was behind with A Q against A K.

The hand knocked Galfond under 2 million while Newey climbed over 10 million.

Ivey’s drop hasn’t been nearly as dramatic, instead losing a steady string of small pots after doubling Christoph Vogelsang.

They have played over 100 hands since getting down to two tables with only Trickett going out since the dinner break.

    Top 5 stacks per WSOP.com

    Antonio Esfandiari - 20,000,000
    Tom Hall - 17,900,000
    Rick Salomon - 13,100,000
    Christoph Vogelsang - 10,600,000
    Daniel Colman - 10,000,000

Brandon Steven: "The Money is Great But I'm Here for the Bracelet"

Brandon Steven wants this bracelet. Bad.
Brandon Steven wants this bracelet. Bad.

This is Brandon Steven's second time playing the $1 million WSOP Big One for One Drop and once again he's pledging his winnings to charity.

The businessman from Wichita, Kansas, finished seventh in the $111,111 One Drop High Roller last year and bubbled the final table of the 2006 WSOP Main Event.

Steven said in this interview that he's been very fortunate to win a lot playing poker but it's the bracelet that he's really playing for.

Trickett's Early Exit

After his huge run on the first day, no one could imagine Sam Trickett finishing nearly a full table from the money. That is exactly what happened.

Trickett''s count was sliding down from the start of the day but he had a great chance to double when he was dealt A A. He fired on the flop then the river but it was too late.

Negreanu called a pre-flop three-bet with J 9, flopped a Nine, and rivered Trip Nines. “Kid Poker” took his time before making the river call but was correct in the end.

Trickett at one time held a massive chiplead but is gone in 15th place while Negreanu moves up to 12 million.

    Top 5 stacks per WSOP.com

    Antonio Esfandiari - 16,400,000
    Tom Hall - 16,245,000
    Rick Salomon - 13,100,000
    Daniel Negreanu - 12,100,000
    Christoph Vogelsang - 11,000,000

On Demand Coverage Part II

Rick Salomon
Who is Rick Salomon?

Welcome to another round of On Demand coverage of the Big One for One Drop. You can submit your question via the On Demand coverage page, Twitter, or Facebook.

Gary asked: Any idea why Calvin Anderson didn't play this? Got to be a favorite even in this crowd.

PokerListings: Calvin Anderson would have been a great addition to the field with the summer he's having (three final tables and a bracelet). He might prefer non-Hold'em games since only three of his 17 WSOP cashes are in NLH. We will try to track him down.

Sweathog#1 asked: Does Gabe Kaplan make some kind of absurd tv syndication money how is he playing this?

PL: Can't imagine his residual checks for Welcome Back, Kotter cover the buy-in but he's been elusive on the breaks. Kaplan does have past results to prove he knows the game but he was a complete surprise entrant.

Kyle asked: Who the f$%^ is Rick Salomon?

PL: Fair question. Rick Salomon is known to most of the non-poker world as the guy in the Paris Hilton sex tape and the current husband of Pamela Anderson. He was also married to Beverly Hills 90210/Charmed actress Shannen Doherty. Salomon plays some bigger cash games, has a few tournament results, and reportedly owned an internet gambling site.

@wiggdog asked: First question who is the chip leader still? And what is Tom Durr doing there railing not playing have you spoke with him?

PL: Tom Dwan hasn't been seen around the Rio this summer at all, wheter in events or on the rail. It's a little surprising but 'durrrr' hasn't cashed in a WSOP event in more than three years. Chip counts are posted below.

Top 5 stacks per WSOP.com

    Antonio Esfandiari - 16,500,000
    Tom Hall - 16,245,000
    Rick Salomon - 11,200,000
    Chrisoph Vogelsang - 11,000,000
    Tobias Reinkemeier - 9,730,000

Back From Dinner

The 15 remaining players are back in their seats after a long dinner break. They already seem more animated then when they left.

No limit on the number of levels played tonight and they will keep going until only eight remain.

    Top 10 stacks per WSOP.com

    Antonio Esfandiari - 17,100,000
    Tom Hall - 16,245,000
    Christoph Vogelsang - 10,305,000
    Rick Salomon - 10,075,000
    Daniel Negreanu - 8,760,000
    Brandon Steven - 8,730,000
    Cary Katz - 7,990,000
    Paul Newey - 7,670,000
    Tobias Reinkemeier - 7,520,000
    Gabe Kaplan - 7,475,000

Gregg Eliminated; Vogelsang Rising

Christoph Vogelsang
Vogelsang makes moves.

Christoph Vogelsang was quiet throughout most of the day but made noise as they approached the dinner break.

The German picked up a big double when his K K beat Phil Ivey’s T T in a hand which moved Vogelsang near 9 million while Ivey dropped down to 2.4 million.

Vogelsang finished his great level on the final hand before dinner. He shoved from the small blind with 3 3 and Tony Gregg called in the big blind with A 2.

Gregg famously played and won last year’s $111,111 version of the One Drop while also having a stack in the $25k 6-Handed event. He was unable to duplicate his success this year and was out in 16th.

Vogelsang moved into the top five counts and Ivey is now the shortest stack of the 15 remaining.

Players are now off on their 90-minute dinner and break and will return to play until they form the final table.

    Top 10 stacks per WSOP.com

    Antonio Esfandiari - 17,100,000
    Tom Hall - 16,245,000
    Christoph Vogelsang - 10,305,000
    Rick Salomon - 10,075,000
    Daniel Negreanu - 8,760,000
    Brandon Steven - 8,730,000
    Cary Katz - 7,990,000
    Paul Newey - 7,670,000
    Tobias Reinkemeier - 7,520,000
    Gabe Kaplan - 7,475,000

Negreanu Double and Hall Regains Lead

Daniel Negreanu doubles up

Daniel Negreanu doubled at the feature table in a hand which could have ended badly for “Kid Poker”. He was all-in against Daniel Colman with A A against T T and the flop got everyone’s attention.

Colman flopped a set of Tens but the A all but locked up with hand for Negreanu. No miracle came and Colman was knocked down to a mere 5 million.

Negreanu and Colman weren’t the only two making moves. Phil Ivey and Tom Hall clashed on the outer table in a hand big enough to move Hall back to the top.

Both players had more than 2 million each in the middle after the Ten-high flop before checking it down on the turn and river. Hall showed J J which was good enough to send the pot his way and move him about Esfandiari.

    Top 5 stacks per WSOP.com

    Tom Hall - 16,500,000
    Antonio Esfandiari - 15,900,000
    Rick Salomon - 10,700,000
    Sam Trickett - 8,520,000
    Cary Katz - 8,400,000

Polk Sent Packing

Doug Polk
Polk out in 17th.

Doug Polk won his first WSOP bracelet earlier this year but will have to wait for another chance to win his second.

Polk is a regular in the biggest online cash games but had his first taste of live tournament success when he won the $1,000 No Limit Hold’em Turbo event.

Polk’s run in the One Drop came to an end when he open-shoved for 1.7 million with A 8 and was called by Phil Ivey with 9 9. He found a little life when he paired his Eight on the flop but the board ran out a straight for Ivey.

The hand sent Polk out of the tournament and dropped the field to the final two tables. The clock is paused while WSOP supervisors redraw.

    Top 5 stacks per WSOP.com

    Antonio Esfandiari - 15,200,000
    Tom Hall - 12,700,000
    Daniel Colman - 11,580,000
    Rick Salomon - 11,000,000
    Phil Ivey - 9,500,000

Drinan Gets Aced

Poker can be cruel and catching a bad beat during a $1 million buy-in tournament will leave a scar.

Cary Katz and Connor Drinan played a huge pot on the feature table which is 100% guaranteed to make the ESPN broadcast.

They were quickly all-in for an 11 million chip pot but they they both rolled over pocket Aces. The drama didn't begin until the flop and the crowd began to get excited the dealer spread K 5 2 to give Katz a backdoor flush draw.

The situation escalated when the 4 came on the turn and Katz was freerolling the river. Spectators around the main stage were on their feet and moaned after the brutal 2 river. Drinan had just a few thousand less than Katz and was gone from the tournament.

It’s the kind of beat that can stay with you for life and it happened to Drinan in the world’s biggest buy-in tournament. He won his way into the tournament via the $25k satellite but that won't make a difference to him.

Katz now sits among the chip leaders.

    Top 5 stacks per WSOP.com

    Antonio Esfandiari - 13,500,000
    Tom Hall - 13,250,000
    Daniel Colman - 11,810,000
    Sam Trickett - 11,600,000
    Cary Katz - 9,590,000

Antonio Esfandiari Makes Noah Schwartz Disappear

Sometimes it feels like the One Drop series of tournaments were made exclusively for Antonio Esfandiari to torment the rest of the poker world.

Noah Schwartz just felt the pain of running into Esfandiari’s extraordinary run-good in the Big One for One Drop.

Esfandiari flopped a straight with 8-7 and Schwartz made the mistake of moving his entire stack in the middle with top-pair, king kicker.

The Magician is up to 12.4 million chips.

For those keeping track at home Esfandiari won the last $1-million Big One for One Drop for $18 million but also finished fourth in the 2013 $111k One Drop High Roller for $1.4 million.

They’re going to have to rename it “The Big One for Antonio Esfandiari” if things keep going at this rate.

Nineteen players remain in the quest for $15 million and the title of One Drop champion. Here's a shot of Esfandiari's bracelet from last time around:

Former FTP Trio Eliminated

Erik Seidel, John Juanda, and Erick Lindgren were once Red Pro teammates on Full Tilt Poker but they have gone in different directions since Black Friday. Now they have joined each other on the rail.

Seidel is a high-roller king over the last few years but was unable to earn his 43rd career cash over $100k. He was knocked out by Gabe Kaplan in a tough post-flop hand.

Seidel quickly called all-in with bottom set of deuces but Kaplan was better with a set of fives. There was no miracle on the turn or river and Seidel was gone.

Lindgren was in the One Drop tournament at a discount after winning his seat in the $25k satellite. A win in this event would have gone a long way to digging him out of his well-publicized gambling hole.

Lindgren was eliminated after he dropped to 700k and shoved into the J J of Tobias Reinemeier.

Juanda’s day was also finished after making a move with a short stack. He open-shoved with T 2 and his old friend Phil Ivey took care of business with A 8

We have seen more action today than anticipated but expect it to slow down as the day moves along. Only 20 players remain with the final eight getting paid.

Colman Moves Ahead

Dan Colman2

Daniel Colman is not a household name for the casual poker fan but he has the results and bankroll to play this big.

Colman is an online high-stakes cash game grinder with some tournament results as well. He has a WCOOP title, a SCOOP runner-up, and third place finish this summer in the $10,000 Heads-Up Championship.

Colman’s biggest tournament cash came just a few months ago in the EPT Grand Final Super High Roller for $2.1 million. He belongs in the field and has taken over the chiplead.

Most of his lead is courtesy of a 6 million chip pot in a three-way hand against Noah Schwartz and Sam Trickett without a showdown.

    Top 5 stacks per WSOP.com

    Daniel Colman - 13,500,000
    Tom Hall - 11,900,000
    Antonio Esfandiari - 9,920,000
    Sam Trickett - 9,700,000
    Rick Salomon - 8,730,000

Greg Merson Eliminated

Greg Merson was the only WSOP Main Event winner to enter this year’s Big One for One Drop tournament though that almost wasn't the case. Phil Hellmuth was $130k short of joing the field but couldn’t pull the money together at the last minute.

Merson was unable to run up his stack over the first two levels of play and fired his way out of the tournament. He bet out on all streets with an unimproved A K and Rick Salomon knocked him out with top pair holding Q J.

Merson elimination drops the field down to 24 players and WSOP supervisors are doing a redraw for the final three tables. Updated table/seat assignments to come shortly.

The Doctor is Out

David "Doc" Sands eliminated on Day 2

David “Doc” Sands was among the top ten chip counts to start the day but did not enjoy his time at the feature table.

Sands lost several large hands early, including a 1 million chip pot to Gabe Kaplan, and he was all-in shortly after the first break. His shove with K J was easily called by Doug Polk with A K.

Sands was drawing dead on the turn when Polk hit an Ace to send the pro out.

There was some controversy just before the first break with Erik Seidel being moved to another table then back again while missing an orbit of blinds.

WSOP staff would not comment but Seidel seemed content with Tournament Director Jack Effel’s explanation.

On Demand Coverage Part I

Jean-Robert Bellande
"BrokeJRB" is still broke.

PokerListings On Demand coverage

We are taking your questions and requests on our On Demand page. Leave a comment/question and we will track down the answer. We will investigate all reasonable questions.

You can also send us requests or find us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

cd asked: Is JRB really playing this thing? Really? He came in, sat down, and took a seat? I don't even think I can believe it. Can u confirm?

PokerListings: You can believe it. Not only did he play, he made Day 2 but was eliminated early. JRB was clearly a fan favorite.

cartman asked: is durr playing

PL: We have not seen Tom Dwan at all this summer. A little bit surprised he missed this high profile event.

cap60c asked: what kind of kicks dies ivey have

PL: This took a little research and good camera work. He is on the ESPN main stage sporting the Louis Vuitton Tower Sneaker Boot.

Phil Ivey and his Louis Vitton

Three Quickly Gone

Talal Shakerchi
Shakerachi 1st out on Day 2.

There were a handful of players looking for a good start to their day with the shorter stacks were trying to get back in the game for a quick double.

Talal Shakerchi was the near bottom of the counts at the start of the day and the UK hedge fund manager took his shot against Scott Seiver.

His A Q looked pretty good at the start but Seiver easily called his shove with A A for the early exit.

It took a while for them to heat up but two more faces followed Shakerchi out of the tournament.

Guy Laliberté tried to hang on for back-to-back One Drop final tables but was undone when his Queens were beaten by Isaac Haxton’s trip Tens holding A T.

The biggest applause for an elimination came on the outer tables when fan favorite Jean-Robert Bellande was knocked out.

Bellande was out-flopped by Connor Drinan with A 6 going down against K J. “Broke JRB” had a dream to change his nickname but it will stick around for a while longer.

Also moving south is Sam Trickett, although he has a lot more room to work it back. Among the hands during his bad start included losing with pocket Jacks against Phil Galfond’s JackAce.

Trickett has only dropped into second position but not the start he wanted.

    Top 5 stacks per WSOP.com

    Tom Hall - 11,000,000
    Sam Trickett - 9,400,000
    Antonio Esfandiari - 8,700,000
    Phil Ivey - 7,500,000
    Noah Schwartz - 6,900,000

One Drop Founder Dropping

Guy Laliberté was the first to drop below 1 million chips for the day though Jean-Robert Bellande is not too far ahead. The One Drop founder lost an early 400k pot to Rick Salomon to go low.

2012 WSOP Main Event champion Greg Merson is taking an aggressive approach to his short-stack. His three-bet shoves are picking up the blinds and antes but he is still near the bottom of the leaderboard.

The bigger during the first level is Macau regular Tom Hall. He has moved over 10 million mostly thanks to a huge pot against John Juanda with a flopped full house.

Other big movers in the early stages of the day including Scott Seiver, Connor Drinan, and Pamela Anderson’s husband Rick Salomon.

    Top 10 stacks per WSOP.com

    Sam Trickett - 13,750,000
    Tom Hall - 10,100,000
    Phil Ivey - 6,990,000,000
    Antonio Esfandiari - 6,970,000
    Daniel Colman - 6,500,000
    Rick Salomon - 6,300,000
    Noah Schwartz - 6,275,000
    Brandon Steven - 4,670,000
    David Sands - 4,570,000
    Erik Seidel - 4,125,000
    Tobias Reinkemeier - 4,125,000

Day 2 Underway

Day 2 of the Big One for One Drop is ready to go with 31 of the 42 starters remaining. Tables are no longer separated from the rest of the Amazon Room and they’ll be playing in front of the crowds including the ESPN main stage.

Sam Trickett was the run-away leader during Day 1 but has a tough table draw. He’ll start the day with seven of the top nine chipstacks sitting around him with an average stack of 6 million.

Erik Seidel drew a table on the other side of the spectrum. He is the table leader with 4.25 million but the table average is just 2.5 million.

Guy Laliberté, Jean-Robert Bellande, and Scott Seiver are the shortest to start the day but still hold ~20 big blinds.

They are scheduled play down to the official final table or 10 levels, whichever comes first.

It took longer than your standard restart with ESPN rehearsals, television logistics, Kara Scott interviews, and a huge crowd of fans. Jack Effel finally has the players in their seats and they are underway.

    Top 10 stacks per WSOP.com

    Sam Trickett - 13,400,000
    Tom Hall - 9,125,000
    Phil Ivey - 7,675,000
    Daniel Colman - 6,875,000
    Antonio Esfandiari - 6,725,000
    Noah Schwartz - 6,275,000
    Rick Salomon - 5,890,000
    David Sands - 4,615,000
    Phil Galfond - 4,390,000
    Daniel Negreanu - 4,270,000
Event Name $1 Million Big One for One Drop
Venue Rio Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas
Date 29 June 2014
Final Day 1 July 2014
Buy In $1,000,000
Entrants 42
Prize Pool $37,333,338
First Prize $15,306,668
Daniel Colman

Daniel Colman

$1 Million Big One for One Drop

Top Money Finishers Prize
1. Daniel Colman $15,306,668
2. Daniel Negreanu $8,288,001
3. Christoph Vogelsang $4,480,001
4. Rick Salomon $2,800,000
5. Tobias Reinkemeier $2,053,334
6. Scott Seiver $1,680,000
7. Paul Newey $1,418,667
8. Cary Katz $1,306,667

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