Day One Wraps

Sam Trickett ends Day 1 as leader

The final level is in the books for the Big One for One Drop Day 1. There were a few more elimination including Jason Mercier, Dan Smith, and Rono Lo.

It was a bad level for Germany as Niklas Heinecker was run out by Phil Ivey when his A 9 was dominated by A K.

The German group was a favorite selection to win but now just two remain of the starting six, Tobias Reinkemeier and Christop Vogelsang are left holding the flag.

Two Brits sit atop the chip counts with Sam Trickett leading the way followed by Tom Hall. Ivey isn’t far behind the leader but it is still a long way till the end.

Players return for Day 2 at 1pm for another nine levels.

Top 10 stacks per WSOP.com

    Sam Trickett - 13,400,000
    Tom Hall - 9,125,000
    Phil Ivey - 7,675,000
    Daniel Colman - 6,875,000
    Antonio Esfandiari - 6,725,000
    Noah Schwartz - 6,275,000
    Rick Salomon - 5,890,000
    David Sands - 4,615,000
    Phil Galfond - 4,390,000
    Daniel Negreanu - 4,270,000

Three Quick Exits

Noah Schwartz knocks out two

The last level of the evening in underway and there were three quick knockouts. Standard for normal tournaments but stacks are still relatively deep.

Max Altergott began his final hand with 1.9 million before getting them in with 9 9 racing against Noah Schwartz and A K.

Schwartz stormed ahead on the Ace-high flop and was the next sending Schwartz over 5 million.

Brian Rast was the next gone when he was all-in with the nut flush draw on the all-heart board. Talal Shakerchi had the second nut flush complete and stayed that way to send Rast on his way.

Finally, completing a bad level for Germans against Schwartz, Phillip Guissem lost a race to Schwartz to leave just 35 in the field. The hand moved Schwartz into the top five on the leaderboard.

    Top 5 stacks per WSOP.com

    Sam Trickett - 14,350,000
    Tom Hall - 8,2550,000
    Noah Schwartz - 6,455,000
    Phil Ivey - 5,800,000

Who's Missing?

Interested in knowing which players were in the inaugural event but missed this one?

Who Isn’t Playing the 2014 WSOP Big One for One Drop

We already knew Andrew Robl, Vivek Rajkumar, and Bobby Baldwin previous committed to playing then ended up passing. But it might be those half dozen anonymous businessmen who didn’t show which prompted some of the pros to skip as well.

Also, the Phil Hellmuth saga is a little more clear thanks to Twitter. The Poker Brat was ready to play but came up $130k shorter than necessary.

Top 5 stacks per WSOP.com

    Sam Trickett - 14,350,000
    Tom Hall - 8,2550,000
    Phil Ivey - 6,015,000
    Daniel Coleman - 5,020,000
    Daniel Negreanu - 4,500,000

Trickett Gets Another

Sam Trickett is running hotter than the rest of the room combined. Igor Kurganov was barely out of the door when he had another big hand, this one against Vanessa Selbst.

The two kept raising from the cutoff and button until Selbst was all-in with Big Slick. She needed help against Trickett’s two Queens and got there on the Ace-high flop.

The King turn snapped right back in favor of Trickett and Selbst was left with only two outs. Neither hit the river and Trickett moved over 14 million.

Selbst made history as the first woman to enter the Big One for One Drop but she ran into a Brit on a heater.

Tournament staff announced the official number and the winner is schedule to claim for than $15 million. The eight final table spots with pay with a min-cash worth $1.3 million with $4,666,662 going to the One Drop Foundation.

Big One for One Drop Payouts

    1st - $15,306,668
    2nd - $8,288,001
    3rd - $4,480,001
    4th - $2,800,000
    5th - $2,053,334
    6th - $1,680,000
    7th - $1,418,667
    8th - $1,306,607

Kurganov Out; Five Tables Remain

Igor Kurganov out early

The last second pump fake of Phil Hellmuth entering the tournament has been the talk over the last thirty minutes.

It is official, the total field size is 42 and they lost one more player before combining to five tables.

High-roller regular Igor Kurganov ran into the chipleader with a draw. He moved all-in with the overpair Queens and Trickett called with an open-ended straight draw.

The river finished off the straight to send Kurganov out of the tournament and send Trickett over 10 million.

    Top 5 stacks per WSOP.com

    Sam Trickett - 10,500,000
    Tom Hall - 6,150,000
    Phil Ivey - 5,200,000
    Daniel Negreanu - 4,515,000
    Doug Polk - 4,375,000

Hellmuth (Almost) in The House

The official count went up by one with the very late, very cool Phil Hellmuth. We saw him walk into the VIP registration area but he still taking his time taking his seat. Some rumors swirling about a delay in verifying his funds.

Update: The 13-time WSOP champion will not be in the field. He was at the cage but tournament staff said no one else was joining the tournament. Hellmuth will certainly have something to say about it later.

It’s hard to believe the most decorated WSOP champion would have a hard time selling action into the biggest buy-in No Limit Hold’em tournament. But even Phil Hellmuth can’t wait until the last minute to get the money.

Meanwhile, the top of leaderboard reads like a who's who of big money poker with Macau's Tom Hall between four top pros.

    Top 5 stacks per WSOP.com

    Sam Trickett - 8,800,000
    Tom Hall - 5,605,000
    Daniel Negreanu - 5,338,000
    Phil Ivey - 5,200,000
    Phil Galfond - 4,950,000

Back From Dinner

Players have returned from their dinner break. We'll see the extra time away from the tables and a little food puts them in gambling mood.

The tournament clock still shows 42 entered, with 40 remaining, and registration is closed. We are still waiting on official numbers.

Choi Sent Out

There is one less rich businessman in today’s big money event. Stanley Choi is just the second player eliminated from the tournament and he has an early jump on dinner.

Choi flopped top pair/top kicked with A K when he called all-in only to see Galfond had bottom set 6 6. He had a brief glimpse at redemption thanks to the K turn but the river blanked.

Choi plays in the biggest Macau cash games but does have some tournament success. He won the 2012 Macau Super High-Roller High Stakes Challenge for $6.5 million.

The hand pushed Galfond near the top of the leaderboard as the field heads off on a 90-minute dinner break.

Meanwhile, Phil Hellmuth is coming up with ideas while trying to find his buy-in and Sam Trickett knows who is in his corner.

    Top 10 stacks per WSOP.com

    Sam Trickett - 7,600,000
    Tom Hall - 5,10,000
    Daniel Negreanu - 4,475,000
    Phil Galfond - 4,350,000
    John Juanda - 4,200,000
    Phil Ivey - 4,070,000
    Doug Polk - 3,800,000
    Erik Seidel - 3,600,000
    Vanessa Selbst - 3,550,000
    Antonio Esfandiari - 3,375,000

Video: Guy Laliberté Wants a Businessman to Win Big One

Without Guy Laliberté there would be no $1 million buy-in tournament at the WSOP.

It’s pretty safe to say that Laliberté and the One Drop Foundation are the driving forces behind the massive tournament.

There’s a chance there might still be a super high-roller event but things change considerable once the founder of Cirque du Soleil gets behind a project.

Laliberté is hopeful this time around that a businessmen will win the massive tournament as most of the businessmen have pledged an even bigger part of their winnings to charity.

Laliberté himself would be a good bet to win the event as he made the final table last year, eventually finishing fifth to secure $1.8 million more for One Drop.

Regardless of who wins the Big One has already raised over $4.5 million for the One Drop Foundation, which aids water-based humanitarian efforts around the world.

Esfandiari Doubles and Seiver Bluffs

Scott Seiver bluffs a wizard

The tournament is five levels deep and some players are reaching a relative danger zone.

Jason Mercier, Dan Smith, and Igor Kurganov hold less than half a starting stack. Still more than 80 big blinds.

Defending champion Antonio Esfandiari was also low after the break but doubled when his pocket Fours outraced Dan Smith’s Big Slick. He flopped bottom set while Smith had top two. The hand moved Esfandiari back to 3 million while Smith shows on the list of short stacks.

Scott Seiver took a shot at high-roller master Erik Seidel on the other side of the room. He didn't win. Seidel picked up a nice hand with a pre-flop 5-bet but Seiver took it well.

    Top 5 stacks per WSOP.com

    Sam Trickett - 6,630,000
    Tom Hall - 5,980,000
    Phil Galfond - 4,050,000
    Guy Laliberté - 4,020,000
    Daniel Negreanu - 3,953,000

Video: David Einhorn Busts from Big One in Less Than One Hour

Well that didn’t go well as it could have.

As we’ve already mentioned businessman/philanthropist David Einhorn busted to Sam Trickett in the first hour of play thanks to flopping a set only to have Trickett turn a straight.

It’s particularly unfortunate because Einhorn was planning to give 100% of his winnings to charity, just like the last edition of the Big One for One Drop when he won $4.3 million for charity thanks to coming in third place.

Einhorn has a history of playing poker for charity and also finished 18th in the 2006 Main Event and contributed $659k to charity.

On the bright side every player who takes part in the Big One contributes at least $111k to One Drop so he’s still making a difference.

He’s also taking part in this year’s WSOP Main Event so he could still potentially win $10 million for charity.

We grabbed Einhorn before play began and talked to him about the Robin Hood Foundation, which aims to eradicate poverty in New York City.

Hall Moves Up; Hellmuth on Standby

Will we see Phil Hellmuth today?

You don't expect very many distraction during a event of this size with the tournament area segregated from most of the general public.

But you can always count on Humberto Brenes to shake things up. He was dressed in his best Costa Rican gear and happily running around the room after his home countries World Cup win. Brenes' distraction came in the form of a very loud vuvuzela.

No word on how the One Drop participants enjoyed the noise.

There's been a change atop the chip counts and Tom Hall is the new chipleader after taking a 500k pot from Phillip Gruissem without a showdown. The English ex-pat has nearly doubled his starting stack over the last two levels.

In participant news, it doesn't look like we'll be seeing Phil Hellmuth in the field today. Then again you can never tell with the Poker Brat.

Video: Tom Hall Brings Macau Experience to Big One

Tom Hall is business/poker player that shouldn’t feel too uncomfortable at the tables considering he plays arguably the biggest, consistently-running cash game in the world.

Hall is a regular in the big Macau game that’s been known to include Tom Dwan and Sam Trickett as well as businessmen Richard Yong, Winfred Yu and Paul Phua.

Despite playing in the first Big One for One Drop, Hall admitted he’s still nervous to play this year’s edition and even the Macau businessmen will be even though the money isn’t all that much to them.

In an exclusive video with the PokerListings team Hall talked about the politics behind the biggest cash game in Macau and why he feels the Big One for One Drop is a special tournament in the poker world.

Although Hall is known for his considerable cash game chops he’s only made one significant final table when he finished sixth in the WSOP APAC $50,000 Event in 2013 for $120,351.

He’s looking to obliterate that number with a huge score in this year’s Big One for One Drop.

Snacks and Swag

What kind of perks do you get for paying $1 million to enter a tournament?

Besides the (estimated) $20,000,000 prize at the end, players found some welcome gifts waiting for them at the start. A card protector, a patch, a water bottle, and 3 million stacks.

They also have an endless bounty of snacks, sweets, and fruit. No one is taking advatage of the cocktail service for booze.

Top five chip counts as they head off on their second break. Sam Tricket continues to lead thanks to his early elimination of David Einhorn.

Sam Trickett - 5,315,000
Tom Hall - 5,200,000
Brian Rast - 3,870,000
Noah Schwartz - 3,800,000
Guy Laliberté - 3,520,000

Video: Daniel Negreanu’s Big One Aspirations

There’s very little Daniel Negreanu hasn’t accomplished in poker but he was visibly excited to be taking part in another $1 million buy-in Big One for One Drop.

The PokerListings video team grabbed Negreanu shortly before the tournament began and talked to him about what the Big One means for poker and the world. 

The Canadian noted how special the event is because it brings together some of the sharpest business minds as well as the most elite poker players all for the sake of charity.

Last year Negreanu fell short of the money but he’s confident he’ll put in a better showing this time around.

It could have something to do with the fact that he just wrapped up a potentially huge bet when Phil Ivey won his 10th bracelet two nights ago. Everything's coming up Negreanu!

Check out the complete video below:

Welcome Back, Gabe Kaplan

Gabe Kaplan

Two more players entered the tournament, one expected and one surprise.

Gabe Kaplan hasn’t been seen around the WSOP this year but he turned heads when he took a seat.

The Welcome Back, Kotter star has six WSOP final tables to his credit but he hasn’t cashed since 2007.

A more familiar face was Erik Seidel walking on to the tournament floor; the high-roller legend is looking for his 43rd career cash of $100,000 or more.

Still no word on 13-time winner Phil Hellmuth. He was trying to sell action just a few days ago.

There are also a few names missing who were expected to enter including Andrew Robl, Bobby Baldwin, and Fabian Quoss. They have until 10:15pm to get in the game.

Slap Bet and Tequila

Daniel Negreanu in the Big One for One Drop.

Phil Ivey took the pressure off Daniel Negreanu when he won his 10th bracelet to collect on their bracelet bets. They had considerable action at even money one of them would win a bracelet. Negreanu came close in Event #13 but Ivey picked him up.

Now they are making tentative plans if they are the last two standing.

"If we get to heads-up we'll have to do some shots, but no tequila," said Negreanu.

"The last time Daniel had tequila was in Monte Carlo and he slapped me in the face three times, hard," said Ivey. "And I was there with a girl I really liked and it was embarrasing. She said 'Why don't you slap him back?' But I told her he was too little for me to hit."

Vanessa Selbst: “What More Could You Want?”

Vanessa Selbst4

The Big One for One Drop is a big deal to a lot of people but Vanessa Selbst is the only player that is making history by playing this year’s event.

Selbst is the first woman to play the tournament and will battle with the very best poker players in the world.

It’s not exactly new territory for Selbst as her record in high rollers is simply spectacular.

Earlier this summer Selbst won third WSOP bracelet earlier this summer in the $25k No-Limit Hold’em Mixed Max Event. She also final tables both the $25k and $100k high roller events at the PCA this year.

She has over $10 million in lifetime tournament earnings, which puts her in very elite territory and makes her far and away the biggest female winner of all time.

We chatted with Selbst just before this year’s Big One started rolling.

PokerListings: How are you feeling heading into this thing?

Vanessa Selbst

Vanessa Selbst: I’m feeling good I’m really excited. Obviously a lot of tough competition and high-stakes players. What more could you want? It’s a great tournament.

PokerListings: Is it a big deal to you to be the first woman to take part in this tournament?

Vanessa Selbst: Yeah. I think it’s pretty cool that I get to be the first. Hopefully more will join if this event continues in the future. Mostly I’m excited to just get out there and play against the best of the best.

PokerListings: What's it like to be such an inspiration to female poker players?

Vanessa Selbst: It’s cool. I’m just really happy that I get to play poker at the highest level. I know there are a lot of women who are aspiring to reach that level. I’m just happy I get to be an example for them.

PokerListings: What do you think of the field in this event?

Vanessa Selbst: Obviously it’s a very tough field but honestly I’ve beaten very tough fields. I have a really great record in high rollers. This tournament is no different. It’s just a little bit more money. I like my chances.

Discount Poker

Two players are in the field today on the cheap. Erick Lindgren and Connor Drinan both won seats in the last night’s $25k One Drop satellite.

They outlasted 88 other players including Jason Koon who went out on the bubble. JC Tran picked up $250,000 consolation prize for 3rd place but he’ll be watching this one from the rail.

Lindgren drew a table with Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu while Drinan is surrounded by 2012 Main Event winner Greg Merson, Scott Seiver, and defending champ Antonio Esfandiaro. There are no soft spots in a $1 million tournament.

Einhorn Out Early

New faces joined the tournament and there was surprising early exit.

Hedge fund manager David Einhorn finished 3rd in the inaugural Big One for One Drop for $4,352,000 but was the first gone this year.

Einhorn was in a big hand with 2012 runner-up Sam Trickett after he flopped a set. Trickett turned a gut-shot straight but all the chips didn't get in the middle until the end.

They each put in 500 big blinds on the river and Einhorn’s day is done early. One hour, $1 million, and one set of Jacks.

Four more took their seats during the first level. David “Doc” Sands, Igor Kurganov, Rick Salomon, and Ronald Lo are the latest to join the game raising the count to 41 players.

Greg Merson: “I Don’t Feel as Much Pressure as Main Event Final Table”

Former World Champ Greg Merson is no stranger to playing for millions of dollars.

Primarily a cash game player Merson won the 2012 WSOP Main Event for $8.5 million. He could potentially make an even bigger score in the Big One.

This is the first year Merson is playing the Big One and before play began we talked to him briefly about the pressure he feels playing a tournament with a $1 million buy-in.

PokerListings: How does this compare to the 2012 Main Event?

Greg Merson: I don’t feel nearly as much pressure as I did when I played the Main Event. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that it was on my mind for 100-something days.

I was playing so many tournaments over the last while that I didn’t even start thinking about this until the last few days. I was trying to stay focused on one tournament at a time. Now I’m really excited to play this tournament.

PokerListings: How do you feel about your chances in this tournament?

Greg Merson: It’s hard to say. So much of this is going to come down to your table draw and your seat assignment. That part of it is just random luck.

Are you surprised by the numbers?

Greg Merson: I’m surprised to see we got this many. I thought we were going to get somewhere in the mid-20s, maybe 30. I knew for the last week that some people weren’t going to play and that made several players drop out. I was certain it wouldn’t come close to selling out.

Big One Kicks Off

It took longer than expected but cards in the air for the Big One for One Drop tournament. Players stood for pictures, interviews, and several speeches before they were called out one by one to draw their seat assigment.

There are 36 players currently in the field with several more expected before registration closes at 10:15pm. They are scheduled to play 10 levels today with 3 million starting stacks and hour long levels.

    Table 347

    Seat 1 - Brian Rast
    Seat 2 - Jean-Robert Bellande
    Seat 3 - John Juanda
    Seat 4 - "Doc" Sands
    Seat 5 - Phil Gruissem
    Seat 6 - Talal Shakerchi
    Seat 7 - Tom Hall
    Seat 8 -

Table 349

    Seat 1 - Antonio Esfandiari
    Seat 2 -
    Seat 3 - Scott Seiver
    Seat 4 -
    Seat 5 - Connor Drinan
    Seat 6 - Dan Smith
    Seat 7 - Brandon Steven
    Seat 8 - Greg Merson

    Table 353

Seat 1 - Phil Galfond
    Seat 2 - Ronald Lo
    Seat 3 - Phil Ivey
    Seat 4 -
    Seat 5 - Stanley Choi
    Seat 6 - Cary Katz
    Seat 7 - Daniel Negreanu
    Seat 8 - Erick Lindgren

    Table 354

    Seat 1 - Max Altergott
    Seat 2 -
    Seat 3 - John Morgan
    Seat 4 - Paul Newey
    Seat 5 - Vanessa Selbst
    Seat 6 - Sam Trickett
    Seat 7 - David Einhorn
    Seat 8 -

    Table 356

    Seat 1 - Dan Cates
    Seat 2 - Tony Gregg
    Seat 3 - Jason Mercier
    Seat 4 -
    Seat 5 - Daniel Colman
    Seat 6 - Guy Laliberté
    Seat 7 - Tobias Reinkemeier
    Seat 8 -

    Table 357

    Seat 1 - Christop Volgelsang
    Seat 2 - Rick Salomon
    Seat 3 - Bill Klein
    Seat 4 - Igo Kurganov
    Seat 5 - Niklas Heinecker
    Seat 6 - Noah Schwartz
    Seat 7 - Isaac Haxton
    Seat 8 -

Fully Updated Player Lists and Bios for 2014 Big One for One Drop

41 players are now signed on for the second-ever $1 million poke
41 players are now signed on for the second-ever $1 million poke

We've now got names for 36 of the players signed on for the 2014 Big One for One Drop.

In addition to those names we also know that five more seats are locked up for wealthy businessmen who will remain anonymous until the tournament begins on June 29 in Las Vegas.

Right now there are 28 poker pros and 14 businessmen, putting the odds way in favor of the professionals at this point.

Additionally there will be three live satellites, each awarding one seat, which will play out during the next two weeks in Las Vegas.

To keep you occupied now, and to make sure you have all the information you need when the event starts, we've gone down the list and pulled together the must-know facts for every player.

Click here for the fully updated player list and bios for the 2014 $1m Big One for One Drop.

11 New Players Buy In Including Negreanu, Cates, Haxton

Daniel Negreanu among 11 new players registered for 2014 Big One
Daniel Negreanu among 11 new players registered for 2014 Big One

11 new players have committed to playing the second-ever $1m Big One for One Drop, bringing the total field to 44.

The current numbers mean there will be more than $36 million in the pot and over $4.5 million raised for the One Drop charitable foundation.

The new group of players includes poker greats Daniel Negreanu, Dan "Jungleman12" Cates and Isaac Haxton, plus wealthy businessmen Talal Shakerchi and John Morgan.

New Additions to 2014 Big One for One Drop

  • Daniel “Jungleman12” Cates
  • Daniel Colman
  • Tom Hall
  • Isaac Haxton
  • John Morgan
  • Greg Merson
  • Daniel Negreanu
  • Doug Polk
  • Scott Seiver
  • Talal Shakerchi
  • Anonymous Businessman

This year's Big One is capped at 56 players which means just 12 empty seats remain.

PokerListings.com will be providing special "On Demand" live coverage of the Big One for One Drop right here beginning June 29.

Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to pose your questions and make requests of our team of poker reporters.

PokerListings to Launch 'On Demand' Coverage for $1M Big One

Send us your tough WSOP questions and we'll find the answers.
Send us your tough WSOP questions and we'll find the answers.

On June 29 the World Series of Poker will host the second-ever $1 million buy-in poker tournament and PokerListings.com will be covering it live right here on this very page.

For the first time, PokerListings will be giving its readers the chance to participate in the coverage, ask questions and make requests, as well as comment and add to the discussion.

The PokerListings reporting team will be shooting video, taking photos and capturing all the action right here on the live updates page, so if there's something you've always wanted to know about one of these players, drop us a line and we'll do our best to find out.

Whether it's by Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, drop us a line and we'll pick the most interesting questions to include in our coverage.

Tune in June 29 for all the action and check back in the weeks leading up for more updates and player profiles.

33 Players Confirmed for 2014 $1m Big One for One Drop

Antonio Esfandiari will be back to defend his title.
Antonio Esfandiari will be back to defend his title.

We're less than a month away from the 2014 Big One for One Drop and so far 33 seats are reserved in the second-ever $1 million buy-in poker event.

This tournament has a 56-player cap which means there's still room for 23 other ultra-high-rollers to step up and take a shot at the biggest prize in poker history.

In 2012 Antonio Esfandiari won over $18 million for defeating 47 other players in the first Big One. This year's first-place prize is expected to be even bigger and if the event hits its cap, it will be well over $20 million.

This year's roster includes the best of the best high-stakes pros, including a huge contingent of German super-high roller specialists, as well as wealthy businessmen and even three live satellite winners who are yet to be determined.

Action begins June 29 so keep reading for the full list of names and check back for updates as we get closer to the event.

2014 Big One for One Drop Players

  • Antonio Esfandiari
  • Guy Laliberté
  • Bobby Baldwin
  • David Einhorn
  • Phil Galfond
  • Philipp Gruissem
  • Phil Ivey
  • Jason Mercier
  • Paul Newey
  • Bill Perkins
  • Vivek Rajkumar
  • Brian Rast
  • Andrew Robl
  • Erik Seidel
  • Brandon Steven
  • Sam Trickett
  • Noah Schwartz
  • Vanessa Selbst
  • Jean-Robert Bellande
  • Anthony Gregg
  • Fabian Quoss
  • Max Altergott
  • Tobias Reinkemeier
  • Igor Kurganov
  • Christoph Vogelsang
  • Niklas Heinecker
  • Anonymous Businessman
  • Anonymous Businessman
  • Anonymous Businessman
  • Anonymous Businessman
  • Aria Resort Satellite Seat
  • Bellagio Resort Satellite Seat
  • World Series of Poker Satellite Seat
Event Name $1 Million Big One for One Drop
Venue Rio Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas
Date 29 June 2014
Final Day 1 July 2014
Buy In $1,000,000
Entrants 42
Prize Pool $37,333,338
First Prize $15,306,668
Daniel Colman

Daniel Colman

$1 Million Big One for One Drop

Top Money Finishers Prize
1. Daniel Colman $15,306,668
2. Daniel Negreanu $8,288,001
3. Christoph Vogelsang $4,480,001
4. Rick Salomon $2,800,000
5. Tobias Reinkemeier $2,053,334
6. Scott Seiver $1,680,000
7. Paul Newey $1,418,667
8. Cary Katz $1,306,667

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