WSOP Asia-Pacific (WSOP APAC) News

The latest news and results from the World Series of Poker Asia-Pacific. Hosted every second year in Melbourne, Australia the World Series of Poker Asia-Pacific is the expansion of poker's best-known brand into one of the most important poker events in the Southern Hemisphere.

How Live Coverage is Redefining Poker Strategy

Live streaming and live televised tournaments have changed the way poker is played in a...

13 October 2014
Casey Kastle

Casey Kastle: “My Goal is to Wear Shorts 250 Days a Year”

It’s arguable that no tournament player has seen more countries than Slovenian Casey Kastle. He...

13 October 2014

Stuart Rutter

Stuart Rutter: Working with Prisoners the “Polar Opposite of Poker”

Stuart Rutter is one of the many poker pros who has started to look for...

9 October 2014 1
Brian Roberts

Brian Roberts: “Big Networks Aren’t Interested in Gambling Shows”

There was a time when poker fans were flooded with poker-related television programs. Brian Roberts...

8 October 2014

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