Video of the Week: Even DNegs Goes on Tilt Sometimes

Published On: 10 December 2016
Created By: Rainer Vollmar

Daniel Negreanu has been at the top of the poker world for many years. With $32 million in tournament winnings alone he doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone anymore.

But even a great player isn't immune to making mistakes, like in this example from the archives of High Stakes Poker against Erick Lindgren.

Instantly Recognizable

You’ll immediately recognize the sonorous voice of Gabe Kaplan and know we’re watching an episode of the fantastic show High Stakes Poker.

All the top names of the poker world have been guests in the show; in this one we’re looking at a battle between Daniel Negreanu and Erick Lindgren.

Pre-flop Negreanu makes a rather standard raise to $2,000 while both players have more than $100,000 behind.

The flop is a dream, particularly for us as the audience, as both players hit a monster. Having flopped the nuts Negreanu starts immediately to bite away from his opponent’s stack with his smallball poker.

The turn, however, is not his friend and his hand loses quite some value. Still, there’s no real reason for him to change his play as he might well be paid off by a worse hand.


Incredulity on the River

When Negreanu tries to value bet the river Lindgren doesn’t waste much time to put him all-in, which sends Negreanu into an emotional outburst. This was also the session in which Negreanu lost (famously) to Gus Hansen’s quads and he’s had enough of it.

When he gets raised by Lindgren on the river he basically knows that he’s beat and he should just fold. Instead he takes four minutes trying to find a hand that can raise the river and that he can beat.

In the end he gives away $73,000 in a situation where he knew the flopped nuts were now worthless. Even mediocre players won’t be able to put Lindgren on a hand that’s worse than Daniel’s, and it begs the question if even DNegs goes on tilt sometimes.


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