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Unibet Poker is on the rise.

While numerous competitors have fallen off in recent years, Unibet has been trending the opposite way with a focus on recreational players, fun games and a tremendous amount of value for new players.

This all translates very well in their mobile app, which is now downloadable for Android and iPad.

At the center of Unibet’s software is the ability to change your identity up to three times a day. That might not sound like much it instantly protects new players from experts using tracking software.

Having an anonymous identity translates into softer games and that’s something that pretty much every poker player can get behind.

The mobile version of Unibet Poker includes support for cash games, Sit & Go’s and big Multi-Table tournaments.

If that’s not enough to keep you entertained you can also check out the various missions and achievements that Unibet has been designing lately. Most of the missions are fun to play and have real-money benefits if you complete them.

Unibet actually offers a ton of promotions for new players, which makes it a great deal easier to build a bankroll from almost nothing on the site.

The mobile Unibet software makes it easy for players around the world to get in a few hands while waiting for the train or just killing time in general.


Max Bonus€200
Regular Bonus€150
Match Bonus100%


Unibet Mobile offers a full assortment of Sit & Go’s and Multi-Table Tournaments. While you’re not as likely to play a long multi-table tournament on the go it’s still a nice feature for those that have an extra-long commute.

Meanwhile the Sit & Go’s are fantastic on the go. Unibet has plenty of action in the lower stakes so it shouldn’t take very long to find a Sit & Go if it’s under $5.


An underdog in the online poker world, Unibet has surprisingly great software.

Unibet’s graphics are truly in the league of their own with a huge assortment of avatars and a variety of different tables to customize your playing experience.

While serious players might brush aside some of the rather busy graphics, it tends to attract brand-new players and that’s good for everyone.

Fortunately the mobile software is right in line with the full desktop software and you’ll have access to almost every feature that’s on the full version.


The soft games on Unibet are one of the primary attractions and you’ll certainly have access to them on the mobile client.

Just like the desktop software you’ll be able to change your identity up to three times a day, which makes it almost impossible for serious grinders to employ table-selection strategies to hunt you down.

There are some great spots on Unibet and it always seems just a little be software than almost every other site. It could be the attached sportsbook or casino but people on Unibet love to gamble.

  • Freerolls for new players
  • Solid, independently-designed software
  • Very wide variety of non-poker games available
  • Available for OSX and Windows
E-mail[email protected]
Hits & Misses:


  • Easily completable "challenges" with actual awards
  • Lots of soft small-stakes tournaments for beginners
  • Available for OSX and Windows


  • Telephone support not available 24/7
  • Only Hold'em and Omaha available
Deposit and withdrawal methods:

Deposit Options: BankWire, PaySafeCard, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, Visa, Citadel Instant Banking

Withdrawal Options: BankWire, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, Visa

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