The 5 Best iPhone Poker Apps of 2013

Published On: 5 August 2013 / Modified: 27 November 2018
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As we've now passed the halfway point of the year we figured it was about time to check in with an updated list of the best iPhone poker apps we've found so far in 2013.

From the brand new version of Appeak Poker to the second chapter of the Governor of Poker saga, we've got five of the best current iPhone poker apps reviewed and linked below.

Share your thoughts in the comments and load up your iPhone via the direct links to the AppStore below each review.

#1. Appeak Poker

Appeak PokerSoP

Long considered one of the best free poker apps for Android devices, Appeak is now fully compatible with iPhone and iPad thanks to a major update.

The update brought the game to a brand new level by adding new features, fixing some known bugs and refreshing the game interface with new and fancier graphics.

The super essential Texas Hold’em app is today a more “mature” one offering players No-Limit Hold’em cash games or sit-and-gos at four different stakes.

Purposefully created for beginner poker players, Appeak till offers some of the most challenging poker tables for veteran players in an atmosphere and client similar to that offered by real-money online poker sites.

A high volume of players, daily free chips and a new Facebook app are enough to keep Appeak on top of our list for 2013 so far.

We Like: If you like fast games, this is the app for you. Tap on the Apps icon on your home screen and you'll find yourself with two cards in front of you at the table in literally no time.

We Don't Like: We've all been playing Hold€™em for years so it might be about time more apps open their doors to some other poker variations. This isn't an issue only affecting Appeak though.

Download Appeak Poker (Free)

#2. Fresh Deck Poker

Fresh Deck Poker LogoSoP

Our first new entry in our list of the best iPhone poker apps Fresh Deck Poker is a surprising application every social gaming lover should install on the iPhone.

Less focused on hardcore poker lovers (we'll explain more in the We Don't Like€ part of our review) than Appeak, Fresh Deck Poker offers great support with an enormous number of downloads and a lively Facebook page with over 300,000 members.

As you can see from the pictures the game offers some of the best graphics around and continuously runs different promotions with the precise aim of never letting players' bankrolls run too thin.

Like Appeak, Fresh Deck Poker is also available on Facebook through a dedicated app.

We Like: Great graphics and the fact that Fresh Deck Poker for iPhone was nominated for €œbest poker game€ by Electronic Gaming Review.

We Don't Like Why are those slots even there?! The game would play great if it weren't for the weird inclusion of slots games at the table.

Remember: if poker is a skill game and not a game of luck, a poker player is not a gambler.

#3. All In Poker

All In Poker LogoSOP

Around since mid-2009, All In Poker for iPhone is one of the underdogs that deserves way more downloads than what it has so far.

All In Poker mainly suffers from poor graphics -- and for the fact that you have about the same chance of finding it in the AppStore by typing  poker€ in iTunes than you have of bumping into Phil Hellmuth at your next condo meeting.

That said, the game is great. It's easy to play, includes both cash games and sit-and-gos and can be played against real players (Internet connection is required) and against a not-too-bad AI for some good offline games.

Besides that what makes All In Poker one of the best poker apps for iPhone in 2013 is the number of game offered.

Hitting right on the weakest spot of all the other apps All In Poker features Hold’em, Omaha, Seven-Card Stud, Six-Card Stud, Five-Card Stud, Five-Card Draw, Razz and Badugi.

We Like: With 8 different poker games, All In Poker is by far the most complete poker app available in the market. Even its basic interface isn't too bad. After all, all we care about is the way we can use it for playing poker, right?

We Don't Like: All In Poker isn't free and downloading will cost you $4.49. Although we personally find it ironic people will happily pay $600 for a smartphone and then complain about $5 for an app, we know many will never give it a shot because it's not a free download.

#4. Jawfish Poker

Jawfish Poker Logo SoP

Now that we've covered both the best app for playing Texas Hold’em on the iPhone and the most complete one, it's time to introduce the fastest poker app out there: Jawfish Poker.

Although this game won't likely take off with "real poker players," thousands of players appreciate its "€œAll-in or nothing"€ concept.

Designed by former professional poker player Phil Gordon, Jawfish Poker offers heads-up games in which players can choose only whether to go all in or fold.

No need to think of bet sizes or preflop/postflop strategy here: just sit, look at your cards and decide if you want to put your stack at risk.

It's probably a level below the other apps in this list overall but the heads up tournaments are generally fun and perfect for those little breaks we all have during the day that are too short for a proper sit-and-go but still long enough for some poker.

We Like: Playing on Jawfish Poker you'll get some "help" from Gordon through his in-game commentary and a series of poker tips he sends to your email every now and then.

We Don't Like. All in all, the graphics are fairly underwhelming and a game offering only heads-up tourneys where you can only shove or fold won't keep you glued to your iPhone screen.

#5. Governor of Poker 2

Governor of Poker 3

Way different from all the other iPhone poker apps in this list, Governor of Poker 2 is an arcade game well worth the $3 for its full version.

You don't need to be online to play and it combines a nice storyline - save poker from being banned in the state of Texas - with some of the funniest and more challenging offline Hold€™em tables available for iPhone.

Governor of Poker comes with a very well made cartoon-ish interface and does its best to keep players in the game by mixing up a set of rewards, scenarios and adventures one can unlock only by showing its skills at the table.

We Like: It might not be the most objective parameter to consider before downloading this app on your iPhone but, should you ever cross us on an air plane, you will find us playing Governor of Poker 2.

The game is fun, The AI level - especially after playing a few tournaments - becomes more challenging. As we said it can also be played offline and you can put it €œon pause€ in case the pilot asks you to switch off all electronic devices. A life saver.

We Don't Like. Like All In Poker, Governor of Poker 2 costs some money. The download itself is free but after a couple of tournaments you'll be asked for $ to keep playing. A lot of players won't like this but if you really want to play some poker against less predictable real players then this app is just not for you.


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Governor of Poker Team 2014-09-12 09:54:40

Thanks for the great review!
Governor of Poker Team

Scott 2014-03-15 22:57:04

None of them let you play for real money. These are all free-play poker games. I love Fresh Deck and think it's WAY better than the best, even better than Zynga Poker. I play on my Android phone and my iPad. Here's where I downloaded them:

Google Play:


GH 2013-08-21 13:45:19

I dont get it, which one will let you play for money?


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