Sun, Sand Traps & $50k Guarantee for 888Live Marbella in April

888live Marbella

Perfect weather, dozens of golf courses, culinary paradise, a $50k guaranteed No-Limit Hold'em tournament plus a bounty freeroll and special prizes.

In April, you can get it all in the same place as 888Live hits the Costa Del Sol in Spain for 888Live Marbella.

If you went to 888Poker’s "Break the Ice" poker get-together in Austria last January you'll know the vibe to expect.

Main event winner Thorsten Facius cashed for $14,500 and there was a lot of fun to be had, both on the slopes outside and in the poker room.

Players revelled about it and called it a unique experience, and most will be there to again to “Swing into action” in Marbella.

What to Expect at 888Live Marbella

Sofia Lovgren
Expect a few big bounties to be had.

Moving from the Alps to Andalusia for the next get-together, here's what you can expect from 888Live Marbella:

The main event will be $550 NLHE with one rebuy and a guaranteed prize pool of $50,000. It starts on April 8 and runs through April 11.

There will, of course, be several side events but there are also additional assets if you're an 888 player. You’ll get access to the $5,000 bounty freeroll, for example.

There will be bounties on selected 888poker ambassadors and staff. You know Sofia Lövgren is one of them, right? Odds are good she'll be there.

The tournament director will announce the bounties on the day of the tournament.

There are also additional prizes everybody is eligible for. If you draw the main event’s first “8s full” house, you're a winner already.

The same happens if you find a Royal Flush or if you become the unlucky bubble boy of the main event or the bounty freeroll.

Satellites from 1c Running 24/7

Satellites for 888Live Marbella are already running on 888poker 24/7. The main qualifiers are every Sunday and Tuesday at 9:09 pm GMT.

You’ll find it under the "Tournaments" tab > “Live Events."

h10 hotel
h10 Hotel

It has a $160 buy-in and the winners get a $2,000 prize package including main event buy-in, 4 nights at the H10 luxury hotel, $500 travel expenses and access to all the nice extra activities and prizes.

Steps satellites start at only 1 cent, though, and you can win your way up to the main qualifier in just five steps.

Free Golf

The province of Andalusia is famous, among other things, for the perfect climate to play golf year round.

There are dozens of golf courses in the area of Marbella and the regional golf association is the most powerful in Spain.

888poker will give you the chance to hone your drive on one of the countless greens at the Costa del Sol.

Nothing is mandatory, of course, but if you’ve never held a golf club in your life you can't find a better place to try it out.

You’ll never find a cheaper way to try, either, as this is included and doesn’t cost an extra penny.

marbella nightlife
Marbella nightlife not too bad either.

Gazpacho, Tapas and Jamón

Andalusia is the most Southern of the Spanish mainland provinces and features everything you dream of for a quick spring break.

There are endless sandy beaches; it's called the “Coast of Sun” for a reason. Andalusia is also where world famous foods like iced Gazpacho soup and the incredible Jamón Iberico come from.

Sherry originates from there, as does tapas, Spain’s traditional small appetizer/bar snack.

The beauty of the city has inspired lots of celebrities to settle down there, among them Audrey Hepburn, Sean Connery, Brigitte Bardot and Richard Burton.

Take a look at this video to get an impression of what 888live is going to be like.

If you happen to win the main event you’ll also get a ticket to the next 888poker live event.

This will be under the big Northern sky of Estonian capital Tallinn in September, and that’ll guarantee another whole new experience.

888Live Marbella “Swing Into Action”

  • Dates: April 8-12
  • Main Event: $550 NLHE, 1 Rebuy possible
  • 4* hotel H10
  • Extra golf activities
  • Bounty freerolls and additional prizes

If you don’t have an account at 888poker yet, check out this page for an easy step by step video guide on how to register. For more info on 888poker, head to our review page.

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