Sports Betting Tips: Champions League (Feb 17th)

Sports Betting Tips: Champions League (Feb 17th)

Unibet has stepped forward and added several valuable double bets for this week's champions league games.

The different doubles:

1. PSG win by 2 goals or more and Mbappe + Messi score over 1.5 goals together @ 6.25

In short, a bet that of course runs itself, so to speak. We believe in PSG since before and spice it up here with the minus line. Should the minus line be reached, the probability is very high that both Messi and Mbappe are the main characters in the show. Especially since Neymar is unsafe for games. Super fun and spicy simply!

2. Inter win and Liverpool make over 9.5 fouls @ 6.0

As you heard in the CL magazine and in our betting tips on Youtube, I strongly believe that Inter will have a good game at home at San Siro and that the team should be able to win doesn't feel at all unreasonable even if my main bet is +0.5. Here the team needs to win and then Liverpool should foul over 9 times.

Liverpool has an average of 10.7 fouls in the Premier League where most games are less charged than here and also Liverpool has a 12.5 line on fouls ahead of this game in the regular market.

If we get a match picture where Inter go for the win then Liverpool will most likely foul more than usual as well.

3. Adiyemi & Lewandowski score over 1.5 goals in the match and in total it will be over 4.5 goals in the match @ 4.0

This match is expected to be pretty well derailed. Bayern are involved in 5-goal games time and time again and Salzburg are a team that only have one position, and that is the gas at the bottom.

When these two met in Salzburg last year, the game ended 2-6. If we're going to work in 5 goals, the likelihood of Adeyemi and Lewandowski scoring at least 2 goals in total in the match is huge. Five goals is of course not something that just gets done, but if any of the matches in these quarterfinals have the potential, it is undeniably this one.

Goals, goals, goals work!

Champions League

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  • Company: Unibet

Insights via Bengan from The Gambling Cabin Sweden.

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