Is This the Most Interesting Hand in TV Poker History?

Tobias Reinkemeier

Say what you will about the hype-filled extravaganza that is the $1 million buy-in Big One for One Drop but it’s already produced two of the most interesting TV hands ever played.

First there was that whole AA vs. AA debacle with Cary Katz and Connor Drinan but in last night’s final-table episode there was a Tobias Reinkemeier miscue for the ages.

In the hand Reinkemeier got involved in a huge pot against Scott Seiver while holding A A against Seiver’s paltry K T.

Reinkemeier essentially slow-played his aces to a Q 4 2 J turn. The third club seemed to spook the German and when Seiver shoved all-in for 6.8 million chips Reinkemeier went deep into the tank.

Seiver Talks Reinkemeier Into Madness

Seiver levelled Reinkemeier by trying to solicit a call. Reinkemeier started to weigh his options and finally the always-talkative Seiver said “I better shut up now.”

We actually remember the hand clearly when we were in Las Vegas reporting because it took so damn long to play. It was more than 10 minutes before Negreanu finally called the clock and the media was starting to get antsy. No one had Reinkemeier on aces.

When Reinkemeier eventually laid it down, Seiver exploded. He couldn’t believe Reinkemeier would fold aces in that situation and almost appeared upset about winning the hand.

Reinkemeier actually had the last laugh as he finished fifth for $2 million while Seiver had to settle for sixth place and $1.6 million.

Here’s the complete clip of the hand:

Of course the poker world has been buzzing about the hand since the episode aired last night. Here is some of the reaction from notable pros:

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