Promotions Guide

For Beginner

Sports betting online is bigger than ever, with hundreds of betting providers offering plenty of action across a diverse range of sports. Whether you are a total newcomer to online sports betting or an old pro, this guide to sports betting sites best promotions is sure to land you plenty of added value in your day to day sports betting.

  • Sports betting promotions cover a wide range of sporting types
  • Promotions can add plenty of extra value to your betting strategies
  • Be sure to sign up for promotional emails so you don’t miss out on any new promotions
  • Some promotions will actually put money back into your pocket
  • Free bet promotions are a great way to test out a new sports betting provider, risk free

What Exactly Are Sports Betting Promotions?

While you might already be familiar with sports betting bonuses and how they work, promotions are a little bit different. Whereas most bonuses are intended to draw you to the betting provider and get you to sign up (and start betting with them), promotions are designed to keep you betting with them.

Promotions run the gamut and can cover an incredible wide and diverse range of sports and betting types. A great example of this is soccer, one of the most popular (if not the most popular) sports available at top betting sites. If you are an avid soccer bettor, you can expect to find the best betting promotions, specifically aimed at enhancing your soccer betting.

How do You Get Betting Promotions?

Offering a Bonus

Finding current betting promotions is easy enough to do. In fact, most betting providers are only too eager to keep you happy and betting with them. Of course, using this to your advantage is all part and parcel of a solid sports betting strategy. If you are new to sports betting online and are looking at how you can collect betting promotions new customers can use, the following should be of use to you.

Signing Up for a Free Account

By far the easiest and quickest way to get your own sports betting promotions is to simply open an account with a betting provider. In fact, opening several betting accounts is best, as it not only gives you access to better odds, but also a more varied range of betting promotions. Opening an account is very simple and the entire process is so streamlined it usually takes less than three minutes before you are up and running.

Online sports betting on a mobile

Making the Right Bets

Most sports betting sites will run promotions based on specific bets or markets. This is especially true ahead of a major event like a world cup or a major horse race. With some promotions you will need to make a qualifying bet, usually before you actually get the promotion. In this case, simply follow the T’s & C’s to unlock your promo offer.

Playing on Your Mobile

Again, betting providers will usually offer additional promotions in order to promote their brand-new mobile betting site. In some cases, you may land an exclusive promotion if you sign up via your mobile device.

Promotions Types

Different betting sites will offer different betting promotions. Some of these will be exactly the same, just with a different name. For instance, you’ll find an accumulator promotion at one site, and a combo promotion at another. These are exactly the same thing, just with a different name. The following lists most of the popular promotions that you will definitely find at leading online betting sites.

Money Back Specials

Simply place a bet on selected and, if your bet should lose, you get cashback, usually in the form of a free bet or two.

Bore Draw Money Back

Should a soccer match end in a nil-nil draw, you could get a cashback on your wager, great if you picked a 2-way bet or didn’t put anything on a draw result.

Accumulators (Combos)

As we touched upon earlier, accumulators (ACCA’s) also known as combo bets, are among the most popular of all betting options at online sportsbooks. You’ll find accumulator promotions that will give you a bonus on your payout if all of your picks come in (win). You will also find acca insurance promotions which will compensate you in the event that one of your picks loses. This usually takes the form of a free bet.

Enhanced Odds

Enhanced odds, also knows as odds boostersare available across a wide range of sports but are especially popular in soccer. As the name suggests, bookies will boost the odds on certain games or matches for a number of reasons. These can be because the match is being held in a specific town or country, or simply because they need to drum up more interest in a dull match-up.

Best Odds Guaranteed

Best Odds Guaranteed promotions can be fantastic if you’re looking for value. Many good sportsbooks will use this promotion on certain events. What it means is that, if you place your bet at certain odds, and those odds happen to drop, you will still get your payout on a win at the higher odds.

Free In-Play Bets

Here you can claim certain exclusive promotions such as no risk bets. These are usually only available on certain sports or events, and only available once an event has commenced in the In-Play (live) betting platform.

Free Bet Promotions

These often form the basis of a welcome promotion for new players. Contingent on signing up with the sportsbook, you can get a free bet, simply by placing a qualifying bet at given odds.



Cashbacks are available across a wide range of betting promotions and are usually returned to you as free bets in your account.

Refer a Friend Promotions

One of the easiest ways to boost your bankroll. Simply refer a friend to your betting provider and, if they sign up and place a bet, you get a percentage (or free bet) added to your account.

Final Thoughts on Promotions

Promotions can be a fantastic way to enhance your online sports betting experience and boost your playing bankroll for comparatively very little effort. Always be sure to read any and all terms and conditions that come with a promotion first, before committing to it.