Video of the Week: Doyle Stupefies Ivey w/ Kangaroo Read

Published On: 7 August 2016 / Modified: 14 December 2016
Created By: Rainer Vollmar
phil ivey4

Poker players who predominately play live will always tell you how important reads are at the table -- no matter how many hands you’ve played online or how well you play in general.

Pros like Jason Mercier, Luca Pagano, Theo Jorgensen, Lex Veldhuis, Chris Moneymaker and Daniel Negreanu have all explained to us in depth how they use live reads to make big decisions.

In this clip, however, Doyle Brunson takes his read to a completely new level. He doesn't read Phil Ivey’s hand; he reads his mind.

A Simple Mathematical Trick

In this week's video you'll see one happy Negreanu, one strangely indifferent Gavin Smith, a mind-reading Texas Dolly and a stupefied Phil Ivey.

In just a couple of seconds Doyle makes Ivey think of the exact three things he wants. And these are so disconnected from each other, it’s absurd.

In reality Doyle is just using a simple mathematical trick. He juggles a couple of probabilities and then needs a bit of luck, too. You can easily repeat it.

But the effect is amazing. And rarely will you see Phil Ivey in such a state of disbelief.

Everything is Important


Brunson and Negreanu clearly enjoy the situation very much; only Gavin Smith seems a little absent-minded.

Maybe the most important lesson here is that everything in poker is important, even the stuff that happens outside the game.

Because Phil Ivey will think back to this moment the next time he tries to bluff Doyle Brunson.


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fcbasel 2016-08-13 16:05:49

Simple trick. Once you get it to the letter D (which every number does) and ask for a country that starts with that letter, 99% will think of Denmark. The only other realistic plausible answer is Dominican Republic, since the only other D countries (Djibouti,Dominica, Dhekelia) are practically unknown to most everyone. An animal that starts with the letter K will also be Kangaroo 99% of the time, and a fruit beginning with the letter O will almost always be an Orange.



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