Omaha Poker Strategy

Want to make the switch from Texas Hold'em to Pot-Limit Omaha? Here's how you do it with expert tips from some of the best Omaha Poker strategists online. Start with our exclusive How Not to Suck at PLO series for best results.


How to Not Suck at PLO: Play Tight, Play in Position

In Omaha, pre-flop play matters slightly less than it does in Hold’em. But like Hold'em,...

26 March 2012
omaha bracelet WS

How to Not Suck at PLO: Play to the Nuts

Two key lessons to learn when starting to play Pot-Limit Omaha: Don't play it like...

19 March 2012

Omaha HU WS

From Hold’em to Omaha: The Fine Edge

The second of two articles, this article focuses on some of the numbers and probabilities...

12 April 2010
Richard Austin

From Hold’em to Omaha: Hand Value

What you need to know to move from Hold'em to Omaha, part one of...

1 April 2010

Pot-Limit Omaha: Starting Hands

Regardless of your playing style, success in Pot Limit Omaha depends largely on the starting...

30 March 2009 24

Pot-Limit Omaha: The Combo Draw

If the action on a poker table can be described as a war, when it...

25 March 2009 11

Pot-Limit Omaha: Flopping Two Pair Part 2

Now that we've explained some of the numbers and probabilities to do with two pair...

19 March 2009 1
Nasr El Nasr

Pot-Limit Omaha: Flopping Two Pair Part 1

Players new to playing Pot-Limit Omaha are often unsure about how to play two pair...

17 March 2009 10


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