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No-limit Holdem
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Question In your six-max game online, blinds are $1/$2, and it’s folded around to a player on the button who raises to $6. The small blind folds and you call in the big blind with a $192 stack. The flop comes 34Q. You check and your opponent bets $9. What should you do? Correct Answer: Raise If you’re going to be defending A-x suited in the big blind you absolutely have to make moves on certain flops. If you just play it for flush value or when you flop an ace, too often you're going to be check-folding or calling down with dominated aces. If, however, you make some moves you give yourself more ways to win. This flop is a decent enough one for you to make a move on. You have a gutshot and an overcard as well as a backdoor flush draw on a board your opponent is going to c-bet into with 100% of his range. A raise here will win you the pot very often, and when it doesn’t there are many cards that can improve your hand on the turn.
Fold Call Raise
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