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No-Limit Hold'em
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Question Live $1/$2 game. Play is fairly bad and average player is pretty fishy.You jack your AK to $12 from UTG. Folded to a bad player on the button who calls. Heads-up flop of 37A. You bet out $18; he calls. Turn 8. You bet out $40. He calls again. At this point you're fairly sure he has a draw. River 3. What do you do on the river? What should you do? Correct Answer: Check If you're fairly sure he has a draw, the best way to play this hand is to check to induce a bet from him. If he does have that draw, he’s not going to call anything. This is an excellent move to pull off occasionally in this context. Your opponent knows the only way he can win is by betting, so often if you check to him he’ll make a bluff at the pot which you can snap off with a call.
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