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No-Limit Hold'em
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Question You’re playing in an aggressive six-max game online. In this hand it's folded to the button, who raises to $8. The button is your average TAG/LAG. He's a fairly good player and you haven’t ever seen him get out of line. You three-bet to $24 out of the small blind. The button calls and the flop comes down A7Q. What should you do? Correct Answer: Check/call Before you bet, ask yourself if you’re betting for value or as a bluff. With an ace on the board you are certainly not betting for value. Thus you must be betting hoping that he’ll fold if you bet. Because this is a three-bet pot, you have to treat this situation gingerly. You are not going to get any action out of the hands that you beat by betting. If you look at your opponent's range, only a small percentage contains aces. If you check, your opponent may check behind, or he may bet. There is a chance that he could bet his entire range when checked to, so a call on the flop is fine. This opponent is not going to follow up with a turn bet unless he has you beat, so play accordingly.
Bet Check/call Check/fold
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