Poker is a Horrible Form of Income for Planning Anything

Published On: 15 April 2013 / Modified: 21 June 2018
Created By: Courtney Gee
Courtney Gee3

Last time I talked about earning money for a three-month trip to Malta. Because I wanted to give notice to my landlords at the end of the month, I had to make all the money necessary for the trip in March.

The pressure was on.

I’m not saying it’s Murphy’s Law or anything, but let’s just say that March did not go well.

By the time the 25th rolled around and there was one week to go, I was running ~$8k below expectation (based on my lifetime EV ROI for the stakes I was playing). Coincidentally, I needed an additional $8k by the end of the month to give my landlords notice.

At this point I started considering what I would do based on how the last week of the month went. I didn’t NEED $8k, it was just something I wanted.

I could still go to Malta and have more than enough bankroll to play comfortably, but my liferoll would be stretched just a bit thinner than I preferred. Plus I could still play a couple weeks in April before I had to pack up and leave.

And that meant I’d probably make money, right? Or I could lose money instead…

Bankroll Nit AND Liferoll Nit

In the end I learned that not only am I a bankroll nit, I am also a huge liferoll nit. My expectation for the remaining week of the month was only around $3k, and I just couldn’t convince myself that I could go to Malta $5k short of what I wanted.

Malta: So close, but so far.

Sadly, I decided to scrap the entire idea and stay home for the summer.

The other thing I learned is that poker is a horrible form of income for planning anything that requires money you don’t already have. I am pretty sure I’m never going to plan for earning a certain amount from poker ever again!

I’d been trying to accumulate the required money since the start of February and felt very sure that I’d make it because I didn’t even have to run at expectation to do it.

But then, lo and behold, I didn’t run even close to expectation for either month and all of a sudden, my plans were out of the window.

The Funny Thing Is ...

The funny thing is that I ran hot the last week of the month. I didn’t end up with the $8k that I originally planned for, but I was a lot closer than I thought I would be and I probably could have gone to Malta after all.

The problem was that by the 25th I had been so convinced that it just couldn’t happen that I had already started planning for being home in the summer. I told my friends and family that I was staying home, so go ahead and include me in that barbeque/wedding dinner/road trip.

I made plans to go to Montreal in May. I rearranged my entire office and decided to buy a new bed. It seems so stupid that I did these things, but I was honestly just doing everything I could to make myself feel better about not being able to go.

So when I looked at my balances on Sunday March 30th and saw that it wasn’t as financially risky to go as I thought it would be, I just couldn’t pull the trigger. I didn’t give notice to my landlords and that was it.

Aussie Millions 2013
Aussie Millions instead?

Home for the summer.

Plan B: Australia

Because I want to travel for three months but also need to be home for August, I’m going to have to wait until after the summer to relocate.

This isn’t the worst thing in the world since the weather in Vancouver is quite amazing July to September. I’m thinking of leaving in October or November, which gives me plenty of time to prepare.

I also had the idea that I might want to go to Australia instead of Malta. I like the Australian time zone, and it would be during their summer months. It would also mean that I get to go to Aussie Millions in January, something I’ve always wanted to do.

Since I want to purchase my flight as early as possible, I’m probably going to make my decision for where to go within the next month. If you have travelled to Europe or Australia (or both!) and have some input, please leave a comment!

I’d love to hear opinions on where to go and where to live. You can also contact me by email if you’d prefer to stay anonymous; my contact info can be found in my other blog.


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Mr. Mister 2013-05-08 03:27:26

All of it seems like a toss up (to me). I'm not too sure I could give you advice, but I know that you have a poker itch. So, instead I'm welcoming you to email me about a place in Vancouver that is cheap, underground and lots of fun to play at (if you're tired of the casinos). Great atmosphere and great people.

Message me if you're interested. < lol, I know.


taktlos 2013-04-20 13:06:43



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