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Hand of the Week: Bottom Set Runs Into Disaster

Statistically, you'll flop a set with a pocket pair one in eight times. If Dan Harrington knows anything about poker, you’re doing…

6 minutes to read
Hand of the Week: Nothing Says Success Like Success

German player Andreas Klatt raised a lot of eyebrows at the PokerStars Championship Monaco. First, he won the €1,100 buy-in,…

6 minutes to read
Poker Hand of the Week: Heavy Hitters Meet at Eye Level

The problem with playing big pairs in poker is they almost never improve on the board. Their relative value also…

6 minutes to read
Poker Hand of the Week: A Painful Fold on Poker Night

Poker hands often take turns in ways we don’t want them to. In a recent episode of Poker Night in America, Shaun…

7 minutes to read
Hand of the Week: Maria Has Guts, Tilly Takes Pot

Despite a recent #hashtaghiccup, Poker Night in America has come out strong for Season 5 with a string of good…

6 minutes to read
Hand of the Week: Tom Dwan Scoops $700k in PAD Blockbuster

This week saw the highly anticipated return of “Poker after Dark” – and Tom "durrrr" Dwan. Dwan used to be…

7 minutes to read
Hand of the Week: Fernandez Finds Farrell Problem

No matter how big or expensive a poker tournament - and no matter how many pros are in it -…

7 minutes to read
Hand of the Week: Bluff or Monster, Mr. Watson?

At the last big event of 2016 in Prague, David Peters just managed to snatch away the #1 spot on…

7 minutes to read
Hand of the Week: Hellmuth Flops the World, Loses Mind

Phil Hellmuth is the player with the most gold bracelets - 14 - in the history of the World Series…

7 minutes to read
Hand of the Week: Gabriel Paul Stars in "In Too Deep"

Being “pot-committed” is something you hear a lot in poker. It means having put so many chips into such a…

7 minutes to read
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