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Aussie Millions
Hand of the Week: Massive Overbet Spells Disaster for Kan

This week's hand is a tournament hand that starts out slowly but turns into a spectacular battle you wouldn’t expect.…

5 minutes to read
Hand of the Week: The Curious Case of Tom Dwan & the Magic 6

Was 2009 the most glorious year in history for high-stakes online poker? Based on the volume of action and the…

5 minutes to read
Hand of the Week: Sahamies Hits Nuts, Blows Up Pot

One of the players in the ostensible "Champions League" of online poker for a long time is Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies.…

4 minutes to read
Hand of the Week: Tom Dwan, Profit Maximization Artist

Today we're going to dig into one of the finest cash-game hands ever. It was played in the year 2008…

5 minutes to read
Hand of the Week: An Incredible Call That Won $1.8 Million

Today we're dealing with a hand that did actually happen right this very week. Yesterday, in fact. It's from the…

4 minutes to read
Hand of the Week: Isildur1 Meets durrrr, a Star is Born

About five years ago, a virtually unknown player appeared in the high-stakes games online and turned the entire poker scene…

4 minutes to read
Hand of the Week: Fedor Holz Teaches a Master Class

At this point it feels like Fedor Holz has pretty much won everything he’s played this year. The Vienna-based German…

5 minutes to read
Hand of the Week: Mark Newhouse's 9th-Place Nightmare

"Marc Newhouse Finishes Ninth." That was the headline one year ago, and a phrase that haunted Mark Newhouse right up…

6 minutes to read
Hand of the Week: So Long and Thanks for the $1.3m Pot

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom has changed the face of online poker forever. For over five years he's been perhaps the most…

4 minutes to read
Hand of the Week: Curtis Rystadt Doesn't See It Coming

The WSOP main event is now airing on ESPN and, as usual, one amateur has taken the early spotlight. Also…

5 minutes to read
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