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For almost two decades was and is one of the leading online and live poker news platforms. We were in Las Vegas when the legendary WSOP 2006 happened, we suffered through the Poker Black Friday in 2011 and we were there when the first fully legal Online Poker Room in the US opened.

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Here’s where we delve a little deeper into the poker world with breakthrough features, opinion pieces, in-depth interviews and sit-downs with your favorite poker pros from around the globe.

What's the Actual Worst Hand in Poker?

What’s the worst hand in poker? Not enough thought has been given to this topic so let’s run through some…

6 minutes to read
Top 5 Live Poker Etiquette Mistakes

If you've never played live poker before, you probably aren't familiar with all the nuances and quirks in the book…

5 minutes to read
How to Play Poker with Your Rock Band Drum Kit

About five months ago we did a blog showing how to use your Rock Band guitar to play online poker.…

5 minutes to read
5 Mental Mistakes That Kill Your Poker Win Rate

Mental mistakes are the single biggest factor keeping a 1BB winner from truly beating the game of poker. In golf…

6 minutes to read
Onlline Poker
9 Essential Health Tips for the Online Poker Grinder

Before we get started, let's be honest for a second. Poker players, as a whole, are not the most physically…

9 minutes to read
Leak Finding Using Hold'em Manager

Hold’em Manager is a great program for keeping track of your wins and losses but it can do much, much…

10 minutes to read
Tom 'durrrr' Dwan v. Barry Greenstein in Biggest Pot Ever Played On TV

High Stakes Poker Season 5, Ep. 6 aired last night and, as expected, upped the bar for television poker again -…

4 minutes to read
HUDs Up: How to Interpret Your Opponent’s Poker Stats

The information on the HUD tells you precise details about your opponents' playing tendencies. And understanding these stats can make…

11 minutes to read
In Defense of Limit Poker

Okay, I know I better duck now … or, to protect my ego, not read the comments this column will…

5 minutes to read
The Perfect PC Setup for the Online Poker Player

My father once taught me a very important lesson: Always use the proper tool for the job. If playing online…

12 minutes to read
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