Huckleberry Seed Lets His Poker Do the Talking

Huck Seed

Huckleberry Seed was the World Champion of Poker in 1996, and he came close again in '99, finishing sixth. With a quiet and reserved persona, Huck lets his play do the talking.

As if his 6'7" stature wasn't imposing enough, his four WSOP bracelets and more than $3 million in career tournament winnings make everybody wary when he sits down at the poker table.

Seed: I Like My Chances in Any Event

I spoke with Seed as he was on his way to compete in the second day of the $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. event, and he told me how things are going for him this year and what makes him such a successful player.

Huck, are you happy with the way you've been playing at the WSOP so far?

Well it's not going too well, I have made the money twice. I got 11th in the Omaha tournament and 42nd in the $1,000 re-buy event but I haven't made a final table yet. I haven't really done much.

You're playing in the H.O.R.S.E. event - what do you think of that tournament and mixed games in general?

I've always made it a point to be a well-rounded player. You never know what game's going to be popular or what people are going to be playing.

Huck Seed and Mike Caro

Do you think that's true of most of the players in that event?

No, there's a lot of people who just like to play big and wanted to play it. Some people have never even played a hand of Razz until this.

Do you like your chances in this tournament?

I like my chances in any event.

I spoke to Howard Lederer about the changing image of the poker player in our society, and I'd love to get your opinion.

Huck Seed

It's basically the biggest change that it could possibly be - it's like going from one extreme to the other. Back then no one even knew what poker was, and if you told someone you were a poker player, you were basically a gambler trying to make up some sort of name for himself. Back then you couldn't even tell people you were a professional poker player, because they would just give you a weird look and stop talking to you. Now you're a giant celebrity, everyone's chasing you, and you're on TV.

Do you think poker players deserve the celebrity status they're getting these days?

Well you know, I've always scoffed a little bit at the amount of status that some people get. It's good to look up to people's accomplishments, but I think people overdo it a bit. But there's a lot of great people in poker, amazing talents, and people do amazing things, and they definitely should get the status that other people in other sports get.

Huck Seed

One final question, what are the qualities you possess that give you an edge over other players in the game?

I'm the Ice Man. I'm the guy who makes that last-second three [pointer] or holes it out from a hundred yards. I just rise to the occasion. The bigger the money, the more pressure, that's when I can focus the best and be more calm and relaxed. That's a good way to be in poker, the more pressure there is, the more you relax.

Thanks a lot Huck and good luck in your coming events.

Well it's easy to see that Huck Seed isn't lacking in confidence. His record proves that he also has the skill to back up that confidence, a combination that makes him extremely dangerous in any event. In our interview, Huck intimated how much he wants another bracelet and I predict that it won't be long until he has it.

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Shawn Wetzel 2008-07-23 22:06:00

Went to high school with this deadly competitor. We made each other better on and off the basketball court. Trying to track this cat down so we can get re-acquainted. Any suggestions? Can you forward my email to him at all? I have been unsuccessful trying his family as I don't know where any of them ended up beyond their Ivy League schools. Huckleberrry is my dad's favorite of all my former classmates simply due to his "edge" in whatever he approaches.

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