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RebelBetting: The Sports Bettor’s Ultimate Resource for +EV Betting

RebelBetting: The Sports Bettor’s Ultimate Resource for +EV Betting

RebelBetting is a modern-day sports betting dream, allowing recreational sports bettors to turn their sports gambling into legitimate investments. The site uses a variety of methods to help users gain a profitable edge against sportsbooks that leave a small gap. To understand why RebelBetting and other sports arbitrage betting resources are so profitable, you first need to learn what arbritage betting is, the other different type of profitable sports betting and what RebelBetting is as a betting resource. 

What Is RebelBetting?

RebelBetting is first and foremost a technology company that has worked to develop smart technology revolved around betting, with their customers being both sports bettors and businesses. The company has a strong background in both the gambling and poker world with the primary focus of making a profit in these niches. This can be shown through both the two founders, Lars Cardon and Björn Leyonberg being professional poker players before they created RebelBetting. 

RebelBetting has existed for over 15 years in the sports betting space, and ha shad a huge amount of success since they launched to the public. Co-Founder Björn Leyonberg said in an interview that the options for profitable sports betting resources were very slim. “Back then, the existing services that offered sports arbitrages were of very poor quality to say the least. We strongly believed that we could do it a whole lot better, and we did. 

“We were the first company in the sports arbitrage business that were completely transparent about the company behind the product, who we were, pictures of us, where we had our offices etc. This not only pushed us to work harder, as everyone knew who we were, it also built a good amount of trust between us and our customers.”

Over time RebelBetting has built a reputation for being the most famous sports arbitrage betting tool, which has helped sports bettors make up to 20% in profit as an extremely high rate. This is an amazing level of growth for an application that was made by two poker players that was initially meant for internal use and became the best tool in its market. 

Matched betting vesion 0.9.

Arbitrage Sports Betting

Arbitrage sports betting can sound like a complex process but is relatively simple to understand once you learn the basic mechanism. If you are betting on a sports match with three outcomes possible (home win, away win, draw) then you will have the opportunity to scan different bookmakers and their opinions or data on the outcome expected. You will quickly spot that each sportsbook will have different odds for each outcome and gives the potential outcome for a sports bettor to cover all potential outcomes and make a profit no matter what. Due to a profit being guaranteed, the return can often be quite low - that is why you will see sports arbitrage bettors place huge sums of money, as the return can around 1.2%. 

Sportsbetting. Different sportsbooks.

RebelBetting Sports Betting Tools

By using RebelBetting you will get access to two tools and services that will help you become a profitable sports bettor. They are:

  • Sure Betting

This is the process of covering all potential outcomes of a match and locking up a profit regardless of what happens. It is also known as sports arbitrage betting and helps you win every time you play. The lack of risk creates a steady stream of profits if you do it consistently and will vary depending on your starting bankroll. The essential zero risk and guarantee wins is mitigated by a smaller return on your profits, but as mentioned the more you put in Sure Betting, the more you will get out. This is a popular tool for sports bettors as over 125,000 users make money through it, and has even had a customer in Antartica, adding to their 140+ countries of operation. It is the most popular sports betting method primary because of the guaranteed profits, the tiny amount of risk and the zero variance involved. 

  • Value Betting

This is the sports betting method of identifying profitable sports bets by finding opportunities where bets give you more of a chance of winning than the odds attached. This allows you to turn the tables and actually gain an edge over the sportsbook. This can have a monthly return of invest of over 30% and has shown to return a 3% yearly return in profits per bets. RebelBetting have reported that 7.9 million bets have been placed through their Value Betting tool, with €6.5 million having been made in profits. The only downside to this process is that you could find yourself having downswings and hitting variance quite hard in some spots, so it is important you put aside a healthy bankroll and manage this correctly. 

Make Money Through Sports Betting With RebelBetting

It is incredibly bad for a sports bettor to lose money in today’s sports betting world, which is laden with so many tools and resources like RebelBetting which can help the average recreational sports bettor turn a healthy profit over a long term period. These kinds of sports betting resources make it incredibly easy for you to begin turning over a profit, as RebelBetting put up regular content on their YouTube channel which helps you get more advice on how to start but also reports on how other sports bettors are performing through the tools. There are many handy features on the website, including a tool that helps you work out how much money you can make per month when you calculate your starting bankroll, how many bets you can place in a day and how many days you want to bet on. 

With the 2022 World Cup fastly approaching, it gives every sports better the perfect opportunity to make a fantastic ROI on the soccer tournament through RebelBetting. The multiple games per day format allow you to place a huge amount of bets using both the Sure Betting or Value Betting tools, both of which heighten your chances of winning and make it hugely likely that you will make money compared to the average recreational sports bettor. Rather than taking potshots on who might win the overall World Cup, you can gain an edge over the bookmakers and put bets on individual games and cover all outcomes, as well as finding leaks in the market and getting an edge on the sportsbook. 

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